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  1. everything was kind of a bore again, it was all about games that weren't interesting to me really, they glossed over zelda and mario very quickly, and they did saturate the show with GTA3 and Madden. And if they were talking about the emotional content of games they could've payed some attention to final fantasy 7 (although the Aeris thing maybe a giveaway if broadcast on TV) What was also really funny to me is that I like Parasite eve, but I knew it didnt have a snowballs chance in hell of being highlighted. But it kind of did, there was a couple of frames from that scene where Sheeva mutates and the FMV of the building exploding after the plane crash at the hospital
  2. I think they'll gloss over the games that would be interesting to some of us in favor of more widely known games that may have less of an impact on the development of videogames
  3. hm...i do notice that, disney shows on TV are terrible and instill terrible morals that no one can relate to They seem to put a bit more thought into their movies though
  4. Did anyone see this documentary? Since most of it was about games before my time I thought it to be a bit boring (although its only the first episode in the series), but what is everyone elses thoughts on this?
  5. I agree, I think one track from DSOP was rejected to be posted on OCremix, but nonetheless I enjoyed the track in question. Besides, this is free music, although quality is a nice thing to have, I think the "Remix: THASAUCE" approach to this would be good considering the anticipation of this album ("THESAUCE" approach meaning choosing a remix based on how enjoyable it is to listen to rather than the type of content)
  6. theres nothing really there, the first download all the links are broken and the update rar for XP has an XP file in it that I dont know what to do with the windows update hardware wizard isnt doing anything either
  7. wait ur right, its whenever I even OPEN a torrent file. the problem still persists. It ceases for a little when I repair the connection (I use a wireless). I think the card is "Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter"
  8. whenever I open uTorrent, it causes the computer to spaz out. It freezes for mayeb 5-10 seconds, then unfreezes for about another 5-10, then freezes, and the erratic pattern continues for a long time. At first I thought it was the "ccApp.exe" portion of Norton Antivirus (just uninstalled), but now i know its a different problem. Has anyone experienced this problem before and knows how to solve it? Or is another torrent downloader what I need?
  9. Close topic, it seems videora has updated ALOT recently
  10. I know videora is very popular, but when my friend used it for some of his movies, the audio was a bit off from the video. Is that only a problem with big movies? Or is there another converter thats better? Or at least is there a dependable mpeg and/or avi to mp4/quicktime converter
  11. according to AVIRA is a tad better than AVG, which should I go with?
  12. Ok, so i got a new computer and Norton was on it already. I know from testimonials here that norton isnt good but I thought "it must be exaggeration". It isn't. "ccApp.exe" freezes up my computer alot of times and Norton is just plain annoying to deal with all the unneeded bells and whistles. If i am going to uninstall Norton, should I replace with good ol' AVIRA? Or is there some hip new free AV software out? Also, if I want a firewall (zonealaram for instance) has anyone had any experiences with them going haywire or messing up their comp, not working correctly, conflicting software etc. I've never used it before and I want to be careful Also, if norton is to be uninstalled, is it one of those programs that leaves an annoying part of itself behind in the registry or any other hidden place? If so, should i take the steps to expunge it?
  13. the simple solution may be "print screen" but for some reason it doesnt work. I use windows media player to play the videos (AVI format) whenever I port the screen to paint, the movie itself stays in the same place and won't move, also when I save it, the image (movie portion) is gone whats a better way to screen capture?
  14. ah, in that case I should just get a wi fi card any suggestions for what kind?
  15. I think I installed both, first I installed the 3rd party software, but my internet didnt connect. Then I used the new hardware wizard (but I selected yes, it came with a driver disk) and then it started detecting my connection. But when I used an application that used the internet (AIM, firefox) it froze
  16. I got a NETGEAR wireless USB adapter. I installed the driver on the CD and when I tried to connect to the internet it freezes. I did some research, some say netgear is the worst thing out there while some say it's good. I'm not going to do anything with it yet for fear of frying my computer with constant restarts (like last time) so any thoughts?
  17. Personally, if a remake came out I wouldn't get it, unless they did more than make clouds pop-eye arms more realistic (graphics). If its exactly the same thing, who would get it? Of course the graphics are pretty to look at, but the story you'd know, you'd know how to beat it, etc. etc. Of course they're making that FF4 remake for the DS (are they still?!) but I think thats because the new generation may not care for mediocre pixels and graphics (although they could've gotten the advance version)
  18. probability of afore-mentioned things happening? D:
  19. the damn thing is giving me permissions issues when I try to acess thye stuff on the drive besides the share and system folders, how can I disable the protection? Would this disable the access denied?
  20. ok, i'm getting another computer on the grounds that the other owner and I have deemed it inconvenient to share, so i am getting another computer. Would it be appropriate to slave off of that?
  21. is this something I can do off the command prompt? since i can't get past start-up? still, I don't know whether to use the slave or the linux disk, i'll try to slave at first, then i'll exhaust other options.
  22. change of plans, my cousin who is a technician says that repairing anything might rewrite parts of the sector which would cause some loss of data we want to recover. I am planning to slave the drive to a laptop and transfer it to a 300 GB external drive. However, the other owner of the computer is getting a linux disc, trying to replace windows or something (who knows) and trying to get it to boot up enough to get the data off. which alternative is better?
  23. ah, good. You mean those disks that are like maybe 100 something dollars with the windows on them? (although i can't really think of anything besides that, that would qualify as a boot disk) i'll try that and report back whether I sucessfully backed up everything and reinstalled
  24. enlighten me edit: by boot-disks they mean floppy disks, my computer has no floppy drive
  25. I do not, for in-place reinstall i also heard you need "boot disk" or something or other to prevent some kind of password issue