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  1. Agreed, except the Axem Rangers. I had to work for it, but I beat them the first time.
  2. I had a harder time beating Phantom Ganon in OoT. The first part wasn't too hard, but whacking his magic back at him was a bitch, especially when he hit it back to me 5 times in a row.
  3. wtf is wrong with you? That boss Atma was an easy win. That is if your level 40.... There was also the Vanish/Doom trick that worked on almost every boss.
  4. I am going to start off, by agreeing with the others; the end solo does indeed rock. I would have, however, disallowed posting of this until something was done about that god awful organ. After hearing the excellent treatments to the theme in Wicked Orchestra and WickedestChild, it made me cringe to hear the drowned out organ. This would be a solid remix otherwise.
  5. HELLZ YEAH, a very nice remix on the Chaos theme, one of my fave VG songs of all time, there is finally a mix to do it real justice. Kaijin's "A Temple of Chaos" is awesome, but its way too short. When I first heard this I was like, what the hell final fantasy song is this, then it came in, and it was sweet. I know I suck at writing remixes, but i just wanted to say how sweet this track is.
  6. Very good stuff Zircon, catchy, lush, original. Hows that for an adjective trifecta? Nice stuff though. Makes Ears Happy.
  7. Nice and spooky, the disco thing is misleading, I didnt understand the lyrics, they seemed a little out of place, it also drags a little at around 2:30, the song could use a little trimming, but overall not too shabby.
  8. I dont get the average reviews, this is some sweet stuff. Probably the best Flash man treatment I have seen, and while I wasnt too fond of Bubble Man's music in the game, every Remix of Bubblemans theme i have heard is pretty good, (my fave being Disco Dans wantstogetfunkedup) Great job Quinnfox
  9. dear lord, i could bring myself to read past page about three or so, with all the idiots fighting soo hard to "prove" that this song is about system of a down, i think i lost a few IQ points in the process just by reading their words... anyways, this is a great song, on of the all-time OCR classics HALLELUJA
  10. the composition is a little chincy(real word?) but overall this is some wicked stuff and a great concept. even if the execution is a wee bit off, its just real fun to listen to, good work, i look forward to more mixes like this one
  11. this a great piece, i can just vibe to this. i give a 9/10 for overall good sound and for breathing so much life into the original
  12. I saw this thread on the front page and decided to add in my two cents. It probably doesnt need to be said that this is just amazing. I think it says a lot about this site, UnMod notwithstanding, when a professional whose own music has been Remixed makes a contribution. My skin crawls everytime I hear this. It was easily my favorite song from the FF6 sountrack. I have heard some impressive Remixes of Terra theme, but this one just blows them away.
  13. very nice. i only recently started playing terranigma, hopefully illl get to hear the original before too long
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