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  1. My first reaction to this was to scream in pain and fear. Then I realized I had my speakers turned way too loud. After turning them down, I was able to relax into properly listening to this piece. And you know what? It's not my thing. I can't really comment fairly on this piece, because while I can tell that it is a solid mix, I just can't stand listen to it. Which is okay. Mazedude does not make music for Zipp. Though I really like his incredible Chrono Trigger Zeal mix and some of the songs off the American Album (that was Mazedude, right?) most notably K-Pax for Evermore.
  2. You know, I was listening to this piece today, and suddenly I loved it. I don't know what happened, but I've listened to it like five times in a row. That happenes occasionally with some songs I don't like at first. I'll be listening and suddenly I see the genius in them.
  3. No, you don't suck. He was fairly tough. That's just a matter of doing it enough so you learn his patterns and can tell what move he's gonna pull out next. Like most of the DMC fights.
  4. That's terrifying. Good thing I never cared to go back and play the SaGa series after the PS1 games were so awful.
  5. Well, try to get you Sphere grid completely equipped. Then you can start removing the weak speheres (like Strength+1) and replace it with a better sphere ( Strength+4), but since that includes SOOOOOOO much work with all the leveling up and stuff like that, I'll rather pass and leave it to the game nerds. Yeah, i wasn't really interested in beating them. That's why i don't think they count. They are not required to beat the game, so one solution is just to not fight them. I think the guy on the first page hit it pretty good. That boss in time lords is ridiculous hard. But then again, that'
  6. Taucer and trix is a match made in remix nirvana. Not to leave out the others, but I've been waiting for a Taucer trix mix forever. I hope they do another one soon.
  7. You know, I don't think there's any boss in any game past the NES that's defeated me forever. I mean, there's those ridiculous special bosses in FFX, but I don't really think they count. Generally, if I don't beat a boss, it doesn't mean it's too hard for me to beat it, it means I'm too bored of the game to try. In games with levels, you can always level more, rendering bosses stupid easy. In games without levels, it's generally bad controls that make a boss hard, like that stupid star in Mario Party 3. The final boss in Max Payne 2 really bugged me though.
  8. I'd just like to add to my earlier comments that pixitricks is an inspiring young artist whose voice carries with it an otherworldly weight that cannot be denied nor ignored. The presence in her songs is unique.
  9. I always wanted more of the original music with this track. I felt like it deviated from the original track too much, and I disliked the metalic synth drums. Best part by far is the Lisa remix.
  10. I always wanted to hear more of their stuff, more than what was just on OC, that is. Because this and Cataclysmic Clash are both excellent.
  11. The opening entertains me every time. And the OC references they make are very well done. I also like the pidgeon spanish, or at least that's what it sounds like. And then we hit the mix and I just can't stand it... ... naw, just kidding. The mix is great, with great flow, powerful sax, and good feel. An excellent mix, one of the OC classics.
  12. A nice working together of the Rydia and Chocobo theme, with a reggae feel no less, mon. It's got a lot of character, and I always liked that in a piece. The transitions are well done, too. Unfortunately, it's a little too straight forward, so by the end you're a little bored with it.
  13. Yes, smooth and smarmy it is. However, it is also rather boring and not great for anything besides ambiance. There's no "voice" so to speak. Not actual singing, that's not what I mean. I just mean there's nothing that really happens, no instrument to speak to you and tell you something, a story, as so many of the remixes here do.
  14. I'm in agreement about the vocals being a bit... sub par. I think this is a hard piece to sing to. I liked the vocals, and find myself singing them in the shower, but my singing in the shower sounds about as good as they do in the remix. I give you credit for coming up with vocals and for singing them yourself, but they are simply out of tune in places which jars me out of liking the piece as much as I would've. I have no complaints about the style, though, and I won't go so far as to say your vocals suck. They were, as I said before, shower quality The arrangement is a new one, and I li
  15. This is one of the older remixes, right? I personally don't like this one very much. It came about at a time when Shael was still figuring out his style and I'm glad this didn't become it. On a seperate note, was it him that did the Groin song? Now that's a classic for reasons that are utterly unknown to me. Defenitely a classic.
  16. Did I not review this one yet? This track took a while for me to listen to, I was never drawn in by the begining sound, but once I started listening, I couldn't stop. It's one of my favorites now, and I think probably the best work Pixie has done on the site (though I love Zelda: Prayer). I'm in love with your voice, Pixie. It's got a wonderful ageless and fantastical quality to it. EDIT: By the way, the link doesn't work for me T_T
  17. We're trying to move away from the arguement concerning whether the word should be replaced or not. Let's not go back there. It was one the legends of Jazz who said that a song is good music if you can't help but tap your foot to it. The fact that I started singing this out loud at my place of business when in fact I really dislike rap is a sign that this is a good song. It's a little dated in style, and I actually think that the random useage of Mother Fucker detracts more from it artistically than Nigger, but it's a good song nonetheless.
  18. What, from Mario RPG? You just need to level a bunch. Then he's easy. As for the Metroid Prime 2 boss... yeah, that thing was difficult. I put the game down for a couple months before coming back, I was frustrated. I was glad in the end, though. The bosses which kick our asses are always the most gratifying to beat.
  19. Hardest fight of all time? It's gotta be one of those early NES bosses. Some of the ones from Guardian Legend I still can't beat without Game Genie. Also, that goddamn train boss in Spy Hunter 2.
  20. I got this off of VGMix about a week ago and have listened to it at least once a day since. Great mix from a fairly ignored game. It was, of course, ignored for a reason, but the music in that game was pretty top notch, for not being Uematsu. In any case, this improves on a great song. Love the mix. Haven't listened to the one off OC yet, but I personally liked the pimping of your website.
  21. Ach! It's brilliant! Such a good song, remixed so well! I thank you for staying so close to the original, and not letting the drum track dominate. You've sped it up, but it still makes my heart ache. Good good sound, and some fine playing. 5/5
  22. Taucer and the Prophet,an excellent combo. I was one of those who was strongly in favor of their last submission, "A Star Freezes Over", and still believe that it should've been let in. In any case, I strongly suggest that people who haven't heard it go check it out. Is it still available on VG, Geoffrey? But no matter, this piece is just as beautiful. Like I mean, "make me want to cry" beautiful. And such an excellent choice of songs to cover. There's that wonderful sax, played by Prophet, I believe. And listen to that guitar! The only thing this needs now is Pixie to do some vocals. T
  23. That theme reminds me always of the Zelda two world theme. It has some similar aspects to it. Anyways, this piece is great. I was reading Atlas Shrugged when it first came out, and now it will always be ingrained in my mind as that famous musical piece they are always talking about in the book. Beautiful build up here, nice sounds, my only compaint is that it's not long enough. You really could've done more with this than you did. Your Actraiser piece was superior because of this. A solid 4/5
  24. My first couple listens to this song (okay, my first couple hundred listens to this song) were great and it was hilarious and stuff. Now, it's still hilarious, but for some reason gives me a massive shaking headache. That does drop it down a notch, I'm sorry to say. So, 4/5. Yeah. Oh and by the way, I saw that FF video finally, and didn't think it was the greatest ever, and onnly mildly amusing. The best part, for me, is probably Selphie going wack on sugar. That WAS great.
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