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  1. What's the original song besides the Song of Prayer? I can't pick out anything.
  2. The first time I listened to it, I thought it was repetitive, while still loving the second part of the original playing and the solos and stuff. I listened again and everything manages to be new with each phrase...except the second to last one...that's the only one where I felt repetition. That was the only bad thought coming to mind, other than the possible "I wish this was longer!" The good I had in mind: 1.)It's from the main booster tower theme, which I've been waiting for a mix for a long time. 2.)Most everyone has said everything else I was going to say. I wonder if that guy who mentioned 70s California would have kept it if djp hadn't mentioned Pulp Fiction or surfing. It seemed to be the only purpose for deleting it. Why someone wouldn't want more of its style if they were to do those two mentioned things I don't know.
  3. Starts out with a nice singular instrument playing, then abruptly adds a voice, which was kind of unexpected in a bad way. Strings come in to compliment the voices. Seems ok, kind of slow at start. The synth coming in isn't that cliche, but I'm not one to really flinch at synths unless they don't sound right with the mix, and would let someone else decide for the subject of cliche anyway. Soon after the synth does its little thing, drums present, 4/4 beat, but definitely not overpowering, and with other drums going on to blend it together into a nice flowing piece with a harmonic melody. I like it. Nothing is annoying, and all the holes are filled. It seems like there's two parts to this mix even though the harmonic melody just comes back after the short break, which invites all those variation junkies to come for a visit. It is definitely an improvement upon the 8-bit wonder sounds and is a fresh song that I've never heard before and don't think has been mixed. I would so no reasons why this wouldn't be on OC. Oh yeah, I have some of other Ubik mixes from VGmix 1.0, and they are also great and would gladly like to see every mix he has done =)
  4. http://remix.overclocked.org/detailsong.php?songid=128 I only notice it at the very end. And as you also said nothing really jumps out at you. At a second listen, I can tell the beginning arpeggio/wtf/Idontknowanythingaboutmusic was definitely inspired from what the original track had to offer. It is very minimal. I would have thrown something else in there. But as I look at the winamp visualization (not the big massive ones) acting smoother than normal for some reason I realize at the same time everything is really smooth, mixed at the perfect volumes and such, especially with the drums. It sounds like some longer than normal demo song you would find in a mixing program.
  5. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/lozuw.mid How could anyone not notice this song? An excellent addition to OCR.
  6. Yay! A delta mix on OC! The first listen, I wasn't sure about the drums, but once the whole thing was over I didn't seem to care anymore. The solo during the last half is like djp on crack! It's like it sounds like your average solo most of the time, but then parts come which sound like it would be part of the original song. Great listening.
  7. I agree on the samples being rather loud/MIDI. I haven't noticed bad samples in a NoppZ mix yet (not even in The Endless Search), but they detract from what would be a great arrangement. I'll still listen to it, though. It's as if I want it to sound better with each listen.
  8. Maybe it's just because I've heard this melody so many times that it doesn't effect me anymore, but it seemed a little bland for me since the melody is played like 20+ times. I'll give it some more listens tomorrow, as perhaps I was just playing too much Ragnarok Online and that somehow effected me.
  9. *Listens* Wait, I've heard this before. *Checks Madara folder in VGmix section* ... it's Yura!! Wow, I didn't know that. I only read the dictionary definition of a duet just now, but I can guess the use of it in this song relates to the two different styles incorporated. Starts out in a style which has strings of despair, having nothing really to depict it as great (whoever heard of a song starting out with your favorite part anyway?), just nice. Then the second style at 0:36 comes around and there's a nice military flair to it that keeps it going. Luckily I happen to really like the melody. After a good dosage of that, it goes back to the beginning "nice" style until it reaches a climax in the string style (2:10) (meaning the climax doesn't correspond to the military part) which it greatly needed. I brought all these to attention to make note of how it has a solid structure. It doesn't go all over the place or have any meaningless repetitious phrases. I hope to see more from Yura/EgM, specifically Y's 'Beat of Terror'!
  10. This is great. The second half is way more enjoyable at a listen-at-one-segment-at-a-time song, but the first half is basically a build to it. I wish there were two versions of this: this one and a "short edit" or whatever. I would always hear this in my mp3 player before I could tell you more than half the names of the OC songs if they played and that "funky beat" sample sounded like this was from a very weird game. Turns out I was right! Definitely try this out...don't let the date posted fool you. Oh BTW "The Dead Guys" have some more mixes on http://remix.kwed.org/ and I'd have to say this is the best out of all of them.
  11. I didn't like the theme when I very first heard it, then it grew on me. Then today I download the Chocobo Racing PSF at Zophar and it happens to have an arrangement of Hey Cid! or whatever. I'm automatically reminded of this and all the sudden I really like the melody. Maybe it's just at its peak right now because of nostalgia's sake, as I probably won't feel as "psyched" about it tomorrow. Another thing I didn't like about it when I VERY FIRST heard it was the game sounding samples. Back then I thought those were bad or some crap and my mind was splashing against my ears at the time. Now it's all about hearing the really nice transitions and the great old school melodies. No one is joking when they emphasize on the transitions and how great they are. I can't think of anything bad to say about it, and you know what that means! It's time to play that game of "Do You Like the Genre/Style of this Mix or Not?" that everyone knows and loves.
  12. I really liked this for a long time - mainly because I'd never heard the awesomeness that is the Punch-out!! melody before. It was a gradual thing that made me get turned off to it, however. The first sign of wearyness I felt was way back when when I felt something out of place at 1:37 when the big part comes in with that constantly looping drum and there's this repeating snarish type thing. Having not listened to music in nearly as much duration as now, it was only this one time in the middle of the many occasions I would listen to this that I felt weird about that part. Anyway, now I hear it every single time and I can't focus on the melody anymore. Now that newer Punch-out!! mix by Game Over is out I'd listen to that over this. Don't be discouraged - maybe you won't feel the same way since it is only one little sound that prevents me to rush to play this. If you feel the same way, you can always listen to Scott Peeple's Doom ReMix. That one is way superior to this in terms of non-repetition.
  13. I always thought this was crap. That is, until today when I listened to it again and, for some reason, I absolutely fell in love with those quarter note "BANG BANG BANG"s present at 0:37-0:38, then continuing for the rest of the mix. It still has that "crap" quality to it, but I could just imagine the funniness in playing DDR to this song: using 3 jumps, one for each bang, constantly throughout the mix. The thought of someone jumping like a mofo to this cracks me up. At 3:17 the bass seems to be dropped on each bang, in which, while creating a difference in the song it very much needed, got rid of the enjoyment factor. 3 cheers for cheesy songs!
  14. This is great...it keeps making me think of that secondary melody in Anxious Hearts from Final Fantasy 7. This would go awesomely with that! I was thinking about that bastardization thing. It's like this is all The Wingless's work and there's only a few notes present in the original melody. This is perhaps the only song I've ever thought that besides the Soul Blazer mix by Israfel. Maybe some new forte is turning around in my mind telling me that all good songs come with a good hearing of the original throughout, though I normally don't mind if this happens or not. Ah well - a new song is never bad, especially if it's like this. I happen to like the last quarter with the alteration of the melody.
  15. 2:02-2:17 is my favorite part because it sounds SO much like Rayza's trademark-ish sound that I absolutely love. Don't really know what else to say except...I don't mind techno as long as there is a good melody present, which this has a little repetition on, but is enjoyable and good nonetheless. Besides that I'd have to say this mix is worth it just for 2:02-2:17.
  16. I love how you throw in that random solo in for no good reason. I haven't heard the original, but from the melody (I'm assuming you sang the exact tune with no variation) it doesn't really please me. I was just going to post the top sentence, but I saw there were actually people who took the time to actually say something about it =) I'd listen to anything else any day =) NOO WHY MUST I PUT SMILEYS! I'M NOT REALLY HAPPY IT'S ALL JUST SPECULATION! BELLICOSE!
  17. I liked it when I first heard it, but its true power didn't get unleashed until I started to make steps in DWI for it. At some point I just kept on playing it...over and over again. Everything's good sounding up until 1:13 when it turns into TOTALLY AWESOME and then becomes one of my favorites from djp at 1:49 and keeps this way until 2:44 when the brass swells and I'm exploding eight times over. The part at 1:49 I think is a variation of the original melody but I don't really remember the original fully. Variated or not, I have caught myself whistling that part randomly in the day with extreme enjoyment. As I said earlier, making the steps made me like the song. It must have been the movement of my fingers on the arrow keys that made me think I was emulating djp jamming on the keyboard. It's a really good song to move to, but not necessarily with your whole body. I suggest tapping YOUR fingers to the rhythm and each time the attack of the notes occur!
  18. I just finished 4 areas with an emulator, meaning beaten 4 of the bosses. This plays in the first area and the 5th area. So, it's not just the water music. Maybe there's even more of the stages that I don't know about it. Oh well, now I can name the Socket originals for the original name database that's in hiding right now. Socket - 'Area 1' Socket 'TripTheLightFantastic' by djpretzel Socket - 'Area 5' Socket 'TripTheLightFantastic' by djpretzel Please don't comment on any of this. Carry on with the reviews.
  19. I think what really makes this track different from djp's is that choir solo. IT'S SO AWESOME!!! No one has mentioned it here either! The two really compliment each other's. I wouldn't give it a ten, maybe an 8, but I can see how others could give it a ten.
  20. Listening to it... Whoa, sounds like your Phantasy Star II mix a little. Probably just that one sample. Call me crazy, but the main melody sounds partly like that one song in that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants that I've seen like 5 times the only 5 times I ever watched the stupid show where he's singing about being the loser on the beach. This is good web surfing music, not something I say much with djp songs, since there's a lot more emphasis on the effects and the controlled reverb and not much on the melodies. I've never heard of this game EVER! But I'm going to check it out now. Can't really say much right now for some reason. EDIT: Upon further listening and analysis, this is probably the only mix djp has made without some solo or drastic arrangement of the original melody.
  21. This is the weirdest piece of audio I've let myself hear in awhile, perhaps ever. It's as if you took a Ricky Martin song, added some techno synths to it, took away all of his vocals except for one note and stretched it across a random piece of the song occasionally and ambiently, while maintaining a vibe of rap, and putting it all under a sea of reverb. The melody present at 0:52-1:04 and 3:10-3:22 (and yet another time later) is my favorite part. At 1:40-2:07, there seems to be a shift away from the direction of the normal - not quite sure why it's in there; could be taken out and I wouldn't care. More people should listen to this.
  22. If you're looking for originality, you've come to the right place. It's almost like there's some telepathy of minds lurking around at OCR since Quinn Fox's Smooth Alexander also likes to totally rework the battle theme of a Final Fantasy. I can understand the second sentence at the beginning if I'm wearing my headphones with the sound turned all the way up but the first sentence I couldn't repeat for the life of me (it sounds like "reach [something] into the heavens" where the something could either be "up" or "not"). The understandable part: "When it's time for this planet to die, you'll understand, we are absolutely...nothing." This 'Mix is all over the place. Very Unique. I can't say I like it personally, but the way he sets up the genre and keeps it from repeating too much is amazing and is why I don't skip it in the playlist whenever the time comes when I have to do homework for 7 hours and Final Fantasy comes, perhaps giving me a reason to like it personally. Some songs were just meant to be heard. We haven't heard from Lau in awhile. I wonder... One final announcement - at 5:11 there is some distortion: minus 244234 points out of 92423525!
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