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  1. Let's reconceptualize Dr. Mario into a realistic, medical simulation game, where Dr. Mario is a real, fat Italion doctor from New York City, who falls into an open incision and comes out in the... uh... inside a dude. He's immediatly set upon by viruses, that he throws pills at in an unsettlingly realistic treatment of violence and death. He wanders through this alien world, wondering if he's gone out of his mind or died and gone to hell, and is attacked on all sides by monsterous viruses. The viruses would be something akin to the alien from the movie Alien, who are attempting to kill Dr. Mario's patient because his asexual race can only procreate by implanting their parasitic eggs into unsuspecting host bodies, who slowly waste away under the ministrations of the prenatal viruses. There'd be a disturbing silhouette cut-away rape scene. It would be even better if they could work in an eerie, string-quartet version of the "game over" theme during the cut-away. Nurse Luigi would die at some point, and Dr. Mario would go find a Toadstool drug dealer who'd get him hooked on "Pills," a super powerful amphetamine, which Mario uses to plow through the virus' subjects in a violent haze, impervious to pain. At one point, Mario would use his cigarette lighter to ignite an ultra-flamable "fire flower," a native species of the Mushroom Kingdom, and throw it at the virus' castle. I'd call it "I, Dr. Mario" and the box art would be the title in gothic lettering, with a photo-realistic image of Dr. Mario, filthy, sweating, bleeding, wounded, stubbly and half-insane, staring horrified into an open wound, with bottles of pills and mushroom stems strewn about the floor of his run-down, Brooklyn apartment.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Konami_games looks like i'd better get started edit: oh this was in the first post edit: fuck yeah Mahjong Fight Club fan art here we come
  3. I will create a wallpaper of every konami character ever
  4. No need to throw insults around; certainly he only had the social health and well being of OCR in mind.
  5. this is big important news that deserves a thread and possible several fad threads with similar thread titles that may in fact overcome this original thread in number of posts
  6. Hmm, good point. That chipmonky part does seem to throw off the balance a bit. I'll try something different with it that blends a bit more. As for the ending, I chose to take the term "mashup" a bit more literally this time. I appreciate the serious criticism.
  7. is this strictly mario 1 or does it encompass the entire series
  8. Linku~ If any of you acute listeners can correctly name all of the tracks I used, I'll send you an autographed copy of the Robo-Nupu album.
  9. i won a doubles tournament as jigglypuff a couple weeks ago. i consistently had like 4 more kills than the next person. not that i'm bragging or anything
  10. chthonic 0: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=9868 shpladoink: this should play in the mall in gta4 chthonic 0: it is so awesome i nominate drumultima for most vibra phones 2007
  11. Bongo Bill and I managed to get into the beta. I think it was only like the first 2500 or something that happened to check their buy channel at midnight yesterday. Pretty great fun so far.
  12. I haven't gotten this problem, but what does the error message say?
  13. I was digging around on newegg a couple weeks ago and couldn't find a single sound recording card. I figured they'd have a decent selection at least. Yeah it isn't a problem when I'm listening to loud music, but I listen to a lot of classical stuff too, which has more highs and lows on the volume scale than a lot of the other rock and shitty techno or whatever else I have on my playlist. It just grates on my mind to hear beautiful violins or whatever, and then *click WHIRRRR beep beep beep bzzzzzzzzRR* I suppose what bothers me is more the fact that it was perfectly clear before, then something happened, and now it isn't. The E-mu 1212 that was mentioned above looks like it only has two inputs, but the next step up in that series is going for around 350 US DOLLARS. http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=237&subcategory=239&product=15163 Is that what I'm going to have to pay for the kind of input capability that I want? I really know nothing about these input cards or what they normally go for, so more comments on that topic would be simply delightful. :] Granted, the piece of hardware I linked to comes with a bunch of cool-looking software too, but most of them appear to be dumbed-down "light" versions that I would have to pay extra to upgrade. edoot: oh, i guess the 1212 has ten more inputs than i thought it did. but what does it mean when it says it has "12 inputs and 12 outputs, plus MIDI I/O", but only two physical input jacks?
  14. but one might argue that the holocaust was at least successful to some extent
  15. Just tried all combinations of enabled spread-spectrum, and the beeping and static is still there. It's especially beepy during startup of windows. I suppose because it's initializing the wifi adaptor. Well looks like I'll be getting that audio card. Does anyone have suggestions for a good one that is under $150? I'd prefer it to have at least 4 inputs, as I'll be recording guitar and keyboard and microphone stuff, and I'd like a quality that is better than crappy monophonic $10 microphone sound. Thanks for all the help, guys.
  16. *reads up on what enabling "spread-spectrum" does* I see... Okay I just checked and both CPU and PCIE are set to spread, but SATA spread is disabled. I don't think this would make much of a difference since most of the recurring sounds that aren't plain static are coming from the mouse (usb) and my usb wireless adaptor.
  17. I suspected this was the problem at first, since I often switch between my speakers and headphones through the same jack, and have to set the output volume a lot higher for the speakers. But, as I said, everything is muted and I still hear the static and buzzing. [quote name=''[\()/];247794']Since you have onboard audio' date=' the interference is coming from the board itself. The separate soundcard fix works, but if you have a powerful graphics card next to or near the soundcard this can happen too.[/quote'] Is an nvidia 7900 considered powerful enough to cause disruptions? I just find this whole thing a bit odd because these sounds just started showing up a few days ago. I don't know of anything that would have caused it to start.
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