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  1. Not that it matters too much, but the 60 gig PS3 is actually $500.
  2. You see the first video of White Knight Story from TGS last year? Holy shit!
  3. I guess it bugs me that herein lies a PS3 thread and all anyone wants to do on it is bitch about Sony. Can someone say something positive? I can think of things but every time I say them I get ripped into by Sony haters.
  4. What's the opposite of a fan boy? Bitching about the PS3 is clearly "what's in" right now. Hell, it has been since the beginning.
  5. How did a pretzel learn how to be a dj anyway? Happy birthday, dude. You've assisted in revolutionizing the video game music industry as we know it.
  6. Luckily, you don't need to read too much with 360 games
  7. Ignorant? Because I gave my opinion? Because I don't like Wario Ware? Because I'd rather not partake in XBLA? I am so done with you. You don't have to respond like a dick, by the way.
  8. Whoa. What a jerk. I'm just saying I don't care about high scores.
  9. What an irrelevant thing to say. Also: you're right, Wario Ware does not appeal to me. Maybe if they were better games...
  10. The Virtual Console sounds better to me (by the way, $5 for an NES game, $6 for Turbo GraFX 16 and SNES games, $8 for a Genesis game and $10 for an N64 game). I don't really care about high scores. I can't imagine too many people do. High scores and arcades are so '80s.
  11. That is easily the sweetest deal I've ever heard of.
  12. Um, yeah, I think so. Don't you have some other platform to play it on? Like a PS1 or 2? There have got to be 360 games you want to play too, right?
  13. Yeah, why did they put Disgaea 3 on the PS3? It looks like a PS2 game.
  14. I guess as long as it doesn't feel like a direct Jacob's Ladder rip-off, I'm down with it. Actually, that's not true. After listening to the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack earlier today, I decided that no gaming franchise has managed to mix music, gameplay and mood as masterfully as the Silent Hill franchise. When you hear a song from a Silent Hill game, even if you aren't as familiar with the score as others, you can say, "This totally sounds like Silent Hill." Akira Yamaoka practically created a new genre of music and it's become synonymous with series. If he becomes less a part of the games' dev
  15. How many are they freaking going to make? Jesus Christ. A 40 gig for $400 would be worth it though...
  16. I'm incredibly leery about SH5. The more I read about it, the more it sounds like they're gambling with the franchise. 0rigins looks pretty awesome though. A handheld survival horror game, if done correctly, could be the scariest thing ever.
  17. You're not the only one. People just like to bitch.
  18. Only Smash Bros? How can that be? I thought it was full of neato stuff. Like inFamous! That game came out of nowhere and looks awesome.
  19. Woot! PS3 thread craziness!
  20. Well, if we can't talk about the console's price or games on said console's thread, than where the hell do we talk about them?
  21. After this I'm done arguing: E3 '07 showcased almost nothing for the Wii. The Zapper? Useless. That balance board thingie? Who cares? Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 are the only awesome things coming out for the Wii this year. The 360 has Bioshock, Halo 3 and Blue Dragon. Let's be honest here, Blue Dragon doesn't feel right for the 360. It's never been the expansive role-playing game console but, who knows, maybe this'll make way for other cool RPGs to come. I'd also like to point out that Blue Dragon alone is selling 360's in Japan; about 380,000 consoles sold versus 200,000 copies
  22. There are a zillion things I want to say here. First off: the Wii is only selling because it's cheaper than the other two and it's more family oriented. There aren't that many good games on it. Let's be honest here; most are games with the whole motion sensitivity gimmick just tacked on. I'm digging the Virtual Console more than the actual games myself. Source: "In the quest for supremacy in next-generation gaming consoles, Microsoft (MSFT) had a big advantage by releasing the Xbox 360 a full year ahead of competing devices from Sony (SNE) and Nintendo (NTDOY). But hardware failures on t
  23. Sure the 360 is 200 bucks cheaper (now only $100 though), but you have to buy accessories up the ass. A charger? $25. Wireless adapter? $100. HD-DVD player? $200. New 20 gig HDD? Another $100. Xbox Live? $50 a year. Plus the HDD is 40 gigs smaller and the PS3 frickin' utilizes Blu-Ray. So, assuming you want your Premium 360 to be up to par with Sony's 60 gig console, it'll set you back $975, and that's just for one year of online play. 360 sounds twice as expensive to me. Did I mention the 360 has a 33% failure rate? Has anyone heard of a PS3 Red Ring of Death? PS3's also support SD cards! The
  24. This all reminds me of one time someone said something and everyone believed it and started bitching about it when, in reality, it turned out to not be true. I can't argue with people about the PS3's price because they're usually too young or don't have a job/don't have much income or would rather buy a console with a 33% failure rate.
  25. Well, sweet Jesus, that's damn awesome. Hey, has anyone heard about the first broken PS3? It was user error. I guess some guy put duct tape over all the vents because he was afraid of dust getting in his console. I'm still in tears.
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