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  1. I've been on OCR for over a decade now          - _ -

  2. Hey you know what's awesome. They upgraded the OCR forums, which means that we can have cool avatars now. So yeah, sup!

    1. Lemonectric


      Oh, I hadn't realized cover photos were a thing too! Nice.

    2. TheMaverickk


      Interests: TheMaverickk's artwork. 

      You are too kind. After I finish my paintings I will get back into digital art for OCR. If you ever want like a profile pic one day shoot me a message I think it's fun to draw up people for kicks. 

  3. I see everything, and it both makes me so happy to see this finished, and simultaneously sad because I couldn't bring this project to fruition. ; _ ; There are a lot of feelings inside of me as I listen. It is a beautiful remix of that happy village theme.
  4. Haven't seen any word on this being up yet. It's a bummer cause I'll be with out internet access starting tomorrow. So I'll have to give it a listen after Christmas has come and gone. I'm sure it will be good as usual though.
  5. Dear god Shulk. He deserves to be in there now as a full fledged Smash Bros. representative. My full list though; 1. Shulk 2. Pit 3. Quote ALTHOUGH.... one character that should've been on this list is Shovel Knight. I would've voted Shovel Knight as my third choice had he been on there. So next time don't forget him.
  6. Just found out it was released. Can't seem to see Volume 8 up... no tab for it, and the album cover icon doesn't link either. So right now all I can do is admire the cover art.
  7. I just hope someone does a Christmas take on Winter's White from Earthbound eventually for one of the the releases.... A guy can dream. That said I disappear again....
  8. Hey Hylian,

    I'm sending a message cause I wanted an update to the Season of Lime project. I'm just finishing up Double Trouble right now, tonight finally. It's sucked up most of my free art time over the year. I've got sketches for the Season of Lime up and I'm going to put them into photoshop soon.

    I still plan on doing Season of Lime, I just need to push and get these few things out of the way. Hopefully you will hold out for me though. Just send me a reply on OCR, or send me an e-mail.

    Cheers for now!


  9. I hope you got my message about address details. Everyone else has been bragging about their physical copies, it's leaving me feel left out *tear*

  10. Golden Sun is on hiatus for the time being. Or at least until I can get a few things in order. Unless of course you have more free time now from the FF project. At which point it would be great if you want to rally the troops a little and everything.

    I can discuss details of everything if you'd like. Needless to say that it's just had to take back burner for the time being which is a major shame of course. Yet not forgotten or not abandoned.

    Needless to say I can't do it alone, if you want to chat though add me on Skype or something ; the.maverickk@hotmail.com

  11. We would love to have you on board, since this project is just beginning, you can also choose to join a little later and everything.
  12. Go for it, during the process of preparing this game I played through both over again just to get a good feel for the songs and atmosphere. I would enjoy some sort of example of work you've done. It really helps to see where your musical style lies. If you have nothing posted anywhere already whipping up a quick demo is great. Bonus points if you got instrument training as well. I'd like to expand the amount of variety we have in sound.
  13. Well there's a possibility of splitting the two songs up, but if you can give it some thought and listen to both songs, and consider whether it is something you are able to do or not. Forcing medley's is not something I wanted to do originally, but in order to try and cut down the number of tracks we try to produce, I'm trying to encourage some creative mixing with some songs. Although within reason of course. Again just think about it, brain storm a little, and if it can't be done then we could split them up, just let me know and everything. I'm all for flexibility.
  14. Confirming that I've put you down for "On that Night, 3 Years Ago". Thank you for joining the project, I encourage you to join the project forums one day, but it's not critical at this point. I can't wait to see the wonderful bass powered solo too considering the work I've heard from you EDIT: Also just thought I'd ask, you are aware that you have to work in Satorus + Menardi's theme into the song right? Shouldn't be a problem for you though considering that Satorus and Menardi is totally a song that like wise has a lot of bass in it. Part of the reason why I put the songs together.
  15. Well I've gotten some bites in other sites so I consider that a good thing.
  16. Welcome to the Golden Sun ReMix Project! This project seeks to recreate, and reinterpret the wonderful and exquisite soundtracks found in the original Golden Sun, and it's sequel Golden Sun: The Lost Age. With careful coordination and passionate work, the hope is to represent the music found in both games. This thread has been created as a meeting point for the project on the OCR forums, and with the hopes of finding more people who are passionate about both music and the Golden Sun series. Although if you've never played any of the games, you are more then welcome to still be apart of the project. Project Status: Currently Unofficial Current Stage: Launch & Recruitment Project Guidelines Hello there, I’m TheMaverickk. This project came into fruition after I talked about possibly heading it, and my pal Brandon Strader threw it out there that I should certainly go for it. The Golden Sun series is one of my favourite RPG series of all time. I have fond memories of reaching the end of the game only to encounter the “To Be Continued” ending, and then waiting 3 years for it’s wonderful sequel. This is a title I’m quite passionate about, and not just because the games were great, but have one of the most powerful and moving soundtracks in a game ever. I started recruiting and inviting people to be involved with this project around April. The project has slowly been growing with some WIP’s being produced and one song even being completed. The one detail about this project that I have been adamant about is that both the original Golden Sun, and it’s sequel, The Lost Age, be covered. One with out the other would feel incomplete, much like as if you were to play only one of the two games. Between both titles the diversity of musical styles and sounds are amazing. It is that diversity I hope to recreate in new and exciting ways, to do the Golden Sun series justice. With E3 2010 drawing near, Golden Sun is sure to be on every ones mind as new details surface about Golden Sun DS. So there has never been a better time to show love and appreciation to this epic adventure game. Claiming Tracks: I’ve sent out invitations to people across the ReMixing community (stretching from OCR, VGmix, and all you hooligans who hang out on the Shizz) and those people have first choice on tracks. If you didn’t get a personal invite though, don’t worry because at the end of the day the people who are even more valued are those passionate ReMixers who love Golden Sun as much as I do and come here and claim the track they want with a determined look in their eye. If you want a track, it’s a pretty simple process of posting which track it is you wish to claim. I’ll be checking back frequently and updating the list with songs as they are claimed. There are a few conditions to claiming and it goes as follows; If two people claim a track, I give first dibs to who posted first. If you claim a track, I will send you a message to confirm a track claim I should also note is you haven’t noticed already is that the track list lists certain songs together (as indicated by having a “+” symbol). Those who claim these tracks are expected to represent each of the tracks in their ReMix. If songs have been combined, it’s for one of several possible reasons. Either the songs carry a similar melody (Kart and Agatio’s main theme is sped up into the Karst and Agatio Battle Theme), the songs represent a certain event in the game (Colosso Starts and Colosso Battle Theme), or I simply felt that the songs carried a similar atmosphere or tone. The purpose of combining tracks was to make sure every track is represented in some way, while cutting down the amount of songs needed to complete the project. Songs potentially can be broken apart, but I would like to encourage ReMixers to take on the challenge and work within these guidelines. You are more then welcome to claim more then one song, but I’d like to recommend that no one go over working on 2 songs at a time. If you can adequately complete 2 songs and want to take on more you can, but again finish what you start first. Additional Points If you have any questions or things to suggest regarding the project, please feel free to contact me with a PM. When working on the project I will say that the best way to keep in touch is by using the Unleash the Alchemy forums, or to PM me on OCR. Keeping in contact through Instant Messaging isn’t the best since I’m barely on it, but I check forums and messages pretty frequently. Contacting me by e-mail should be a last resort in general as there is always a chance your letters will be lost into the junk pile. Also I’d like to keep as much of the project under wraps from the public until it is ready for release. So I’m asking that you refrain from submitting songs into contests like Dwelling of Duels, or to be judged for OCR ect ect. If you really really really want to though, at least let me know and talk to me about it. The goal should be that when it’s released that people be surprised to hear ReMixes that they haven’t heard already. Source Soundtrack; The soundtrack of the Golden Sun series was created by Motoi Sakuraba. If you would like to hear the original sound track you can go to the following websites; Golden Sun Realm Golden Sun Syndicate Just Google them and you should find them. Project Tracklist 01 - The First Book (Title Screen) 02 - Page One (Menu Screen) 03 - On That Night, 3 Years Ago + Saturos and Menardi Cyril the Wolf 04 - An Adept's Home 05 - Sol Sanctum + Sol Sanctum Erupts 06 - The Angarian Journey 07 - Battle! [isaac] - Brandon Strader 08 - Happy Towns - Patrick burns 09 - Hopelessness 10 - The Royal Palace 11 - A Little Friendship 12 - Mysterious Caves 13 - Battle! [boss] 14 - Forest's Requiem - MichealTheCrow 15 - Winterly Imil 16 - Battle! [saturos] - ThePlasmas 17 - Ready for a Challenge 18 - Oriental 19 - Kalay 20 - Altin Peak's Flood 21 - Desert Heat 22 - Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea - Bonkers 23 - Crossbone Isle 24 - Tolbi 25 - Colosso Starts! + Battle! [Colosso] 26 - In the Presence of a Lord 27 - Suhalla Gate 28 - Tunnel Ruins 29 - Venus Lighthouse - LuketheXjesse 30 - Battle! [saturos and Menardi + Fusion Dragon Medly] 31 - Alone + Final Beacon Medley - TheMaverickk, Demonstray, MichealTheCrow 32 - Victory! + Fallen Heroes (Game Over Screen) 33 - The Second Book 34 - Battle! [Jenna] + Battle! [Non-Adept] - M-H 35 - Traversing Weyard 36 - Battle! [Felix] 37 - Drums of Daila + Kandorean Temple Entrance + Kandorean Temple Labyrinth 38 - Little Madra 39 - Beneath the Surface + Cavernous Shadows 40 - Alhafra 41 - A Full Moon in Garoh - Nario 42 - Air's Rock 43 - Scaling Mountains + The Nocturnal Ritual + Inside the Great Gabomba 44 - Full Speed Ahead! + Battle! [ship] 45 - Izumo in Despair + Gaia Rock 46 - A Festival in Izumo 47 - Apojii Islands + There Goes Briggs! 48 - Aqua Rock 49 - Yallam 50 - Yepp's Song 1 + Yepp's Song 2 51 - Taopo Swamp 52 - Freezing Kalt (also SE Angera Islet) 53 - Tundaria Tower + Ankohl Ruins 54 - The Sea of Time + Battle! [boss] 55 - Ruins of Lemuria 56 - Mystical Shaman Village 57- Jupiter Lighthouse 58 - Agatio and Karst + Battle! [Agatio and Karst] 59 - Sorrow and Regret 60 - Walking Forward With Determination 61 - Magma Rock 62 - Mars Lighthouse - Demonstray 63 - Enemy Appearance + Battle! [Dragons] 64 - Trouble is Brewing... + Battle! [Doom Dragon] 65 - The Golden Sun Rises - Demonstray First Deadline: WIP 50% - August 31st Staff: Project Founder/Director: TheMaverickk Co-Director: Brandon Strader ReMixers: Patrick Burns Micheal the Crow M-H Nario LuketheXjesse Demonstray The Plasmas Video Editor: Opening Website: Opening Teaser:Here some of the work that's already been done... * I really need a video editor, if you have video editing skills and the spare time it would be great if someone could fix the YouTube teaser. It wasn't supposed to get squished, and it may have not been edited to the best quality. I did it relatively quickly myself and I still have much to learn about video editing. If you want to video edit, your first task will be to fix the trailer which I'm well aware is not the best it could be. Official Unleash the Alchemy Project Forum
  17. I'd say if you wait and be patient that a Jet Force Gemini project will likely get underway in due time. I am personally a huge fan myself and want to see the game get some proper cred. You guys should just keep an eye out in the future... although I can't say it will be as immediate as you may be looking for.
  18. Hey thanks for the spiffy compliment on my page I appreciate it.

    I wish I would've had more time to work on the art for the album, overall I think that Essence of Lime as a whole will be the more original and higher quality end piece in terms of art in my opinion. I just have to throw myself out there though.

    Which reminds me the final touches for the back covers will be done soon... I'm going to start sketching out some stuff for our extended project soon ;)

  19. I noticed there was no subtitle to this album, for some fun I thought I'd throw out some nifty ideas; DKC3 - Gone Banana's DKC3 - Monkeying Around DKC3 - Barrel of Primates Well just thought I'd get the ball rolling on possible album subtitles to really add character to the project. I may be up for doing the art for the project, but I'd say I'll wait till the projects at least half way done. I'm personally going to be heading up something that is going to be very time consuming in the next few months so we will have to see. EDIT: Actually I'll take up the project as long as I'm not expected to to have a completed product for at least a year. I actually just had a brilliant brain storm in terms of cover and art for this project. If you want to hear it PM me or message it, just trust me when I say it would fit and do Donkey Kong Country justice.
  20. Ever heard Muda Morning done by cacomistle, chronolever and TheBeautyofGrind. Great song ... had it on my alarm clock to get me up in the morning Set the tone of my day right.
  21. Why did you have to take it down off of YouTube?I would think that this is something that they would allow. Mind you I didn't see the video.
  22. There's only one criticism I could make about the song... and that is that I've heard it before. It was in DoD's Sidescroller month last year. It was awesome then, and it's still awesome now. I personally know I was secretly hoping for a new take on the Mines track, as it's one of my favorites. I am curious to the changes to the song done to Trapped in the Minds, it seems to have been subtly changed to be a bit more a bit softer and a little more hazy and more atmospheric. Anyhow I know this album has been in work for roughly 2 years though and obviously some songs have been released individually starting in 2009. Still good though, can't argue with the quality of the song work. In the end it is about the product as a whole though. Which I think is a fantastic mix! If you have a song that good you may as well make sure it gets a proper release.
  23. At the end of the day reviews are simply that. It's not like this review should keep people from listening to the album and discovering it for themselves, as it's being released free of charge across the internet. Also at the end of the day I can see where personal taste cuts into the opinion, and the reviewer obviously prefers certain sounds over others. In any case press is press. Perhaps a few more people will check out the project then they originally would've thanks to that article. Once the album is up and out then I'll post about it on some sites as well. Can't wait for the listening party! Not sure where it is though... someones hiding the location from me I bet.
  24. For everyone to enjoy! To commemorate the completion of this project, I give you victory fanfare music for all to enjoy. Diddy's Victory Dixie's Victory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylzHypw7XM0&feature=related Now it's only a matter of time until the listening party! I'm bringing the rum and coke! Sadly I think I can only share with myself unless Microsoft enables MSN to send physical objects through computers.
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