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  1. A very good mix... I love it. It has that oriental flavor to it... but, it's almost... I dunno, Native American in it's feel at some points. Anyone else notice this? Also, having recently picked up the DVD "Hero", this gave me flashbacks... there's some music in there that's very similar, IMHO. Or maybe it's just the deep percussion with the chanting. Oh yeah, gotta love the chanting. Although it's been said many times before - this was a truly AWESOME remix. But I would expect no less from OCRemix. Peace out, yo. -Keithius
  2. Very well done. I liked the use of clocks in this mix, very well done - top-notch samples, I must say. The voice samples were cool too, cute and appropriate. And the use of other CT sounds just brought a big grin to my face. All around a fun, great to listen to mix that makes us CT fans smile.
  3. I really liked this song, despite a few things wrong with it (nobody's perfect). From only 12 seconds into the song the theme suddenly came back to me, and it gave me shivvers - it was NIIIIICE. In my head I could imagine the opening credits to some movie starting to roll, like maybe the logo of the film company fading away as the screen says "XXX Pictures Presents... A YYY Film..." and so on. Very nice. I love music that brings images to my mind. Then, right at 26 seconds, that small orchestral "rush" would bring to mind the title of the movie being faded in and out ... Then, as we move past 1:00 the tension begins to build, you know something dramatic is coming up, and then... 1:32... wow! Of course at this point I hear the bane of many remixers... horns. Trumpets, trombones, etc. IMHO there is no substitute for real live horns. Synthesised (and to a lesser extent, sampled) horns simply sound "off". Pianos can be synthesised quite nicely, as can drums and other percussion type things... but the one thing that almost always grates on my ears is horns.... alas. As the "bombing run" theme develops though, it turns very nice. The horn distortion isn't as bad here, and it sounds very "live orchestra" at this point. I like it very much, it just screams "action sequence." Now I'm no remixer myself so I can't go into as much detail and depth as others might, but honestly the things I've mentioned so far are the really only negative portions to this mix. Overall, I rate it VERY highly, it definately gets added to my "orchestral" CD which I listen to in the car. To remixer Jeremy Robson, great work, and I look forward to "Part II"
  4. I like this a lot - very nicely done. Oh yeah, and it does remind me of the Terminator theme too
  5. My take on this song: I love it Simply beautiful - no, really, I mean that. Captures the "spirit" of Chrono Cross wonderfully, in my opinion. I personally have no problem with the fade out at the end - it kind of leaves a little mystery in my mind when this piece fades out, it's hard to explain. Whenever I hear this, it brings definate images to my mind - mostly of Serge on his boat in the ocean, wind blowing and sea spraying. Very well done.
  6. Wicked good remix, DJ Crono. Major kudos for this one.
  7. I absolutely love this. It is so much fun to listen to - I can't hear it enough. Truly the work of a master - I'm duly impressed that this was done in one sitting. Of all the remixes on this site, I'd give this one a standing ovation. Bravo.
  8. Very tasty - I like the style, I like the source material... mmmm yummy. Very good job on this one, I must say.
  9. I generally only comment on songs that I really, really enjoy... so I guess it's redundant to say that I really, really enjoyed this. -Keithius
  10. I wouldn't say that I enjoy disco or really anything much from the 70's, but this totally breaks the mold. I just can't stay angry, depressed, sad, or anything negative when I listen to this, it's just so... upbeat! A totally cool mix that I can't recommend enough. I especially like the last minute and a half, when everything comes together, you just can't help feeling like jumping up and down, bopping your head side to side... It's just great; I can't say any more than that. Hey, if I bothered to write a review for it - it HAS to be good!
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