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  1. I'll do Funny Love -- it's one of my favorite songs in the universe.
  2. Well, I AM the guy who did "Home Again" LOL!
  3. Disgusted and honored! Thanks for the heads up, spleen.
  4. Very kind words. Thanks so much, Nathan. I can't keep up with these whippersnappers on this site, so I'm glad that someone still likes something I made.
  5. You bitches better play some Dale North. j/k oh, and here: http://www.destructoid.com/video-games-live-gets-overclocked-33916.phtml
  6. You're just so far off the mark that it's just annoying now. Look, I would tell you if I tuned this. The issue here isn't even the tunning, but is more about you THINKNIG THAT YOU'RE CORRECT when you have no way to know. WHY would I lie? About 'nasal tone': Fuck me! I apologize wholeheartedly for how god/momma/science made me and how my voice changes depending on range. Actually, a popular and often recommended vocal technique is to project sound through the nose and facial bones when you know you're about to hit notes in your higher range - it gives a better sense of control and tricks you
  7. I don't want to drag this out, but: I know what autotune is. Ver 4 sits right here on my shelf. What I'm not sure you know is that it's usually used in a manual mode by mix engineers - the autotune 'sound' (the 'snap' as some call it) comes from an automatic setting that's a bit insensitive to gradual pitch changes and vibrato. When it is used in manual mode, only notes/syllables that need to be repitched are changed, and this is done in a graph where you can make sure there are no artifacts - and be as precise as you want. Moves within two steps are invisible, and while I may be a bad singer
  8. First off, thanks for the compliments. They're greatly appreciated. Souliarc, nothing was automatcally tuned in this song. Actually, most pitch correction in popular music today isn't done automatically, but manually. Furthermore, the quality of a voice has little to do with the imprecision of pitch, and more to do with the performance, technique, and tonal qualities. That being said, I know I'm a terrible singer. I've corrected many a vocal passage in my day, just as I've quantized many a beat, and fixed many a performance mistake in a roll editor. I record and re-record again. Such is the
  9. very very very very very coool, and add a few more 'verys' for originality. I think this is great stuff. Cheerz to Zyko for pushing the envelope- and doing it rather well. for every person that dosen't like it because its 'different', you'll have others like me liking it that much MORE because its different.
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