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  1. Error? What error? I have GH3 and I have no problems.
  2. I am a big fan a RvB. A couple of my friends are too. I'm sad to see it come to an end but I guess all great things end sometime. Life will never be the same without me waiting for the next RvB episode.
  3. You said it. I agree with all of that except for the smoke monster being "Jacob". It is a great guess and you could be right but for now I'm going to tell myself "it's all magic". Mikhail is awesome. Zapped by death fence, harpoon of death shot into his heart and now the grenade of no return has blow up in his hand. If he is still alive he should have no left hand. I am completely confused about who dies in the future and has nobody come to the funeral viewing. It could be a lot of different people. Locke, Ben and Juliet are my best guesses. My second guesses would be Hurley and Sayid but I'm not sure. They can't all be rescued when this show is planned to go for another 3 seasons. Maybe the smoke monster will show up and destroy the helicopter and the boat.
  4. Those quotes are from their first album. They were younger then. If you listen to the new album you can tell they have grown up and they put more thought into the lyrics of the songs. I am a big LP fan. I got my copy of Minuets to Midnight yesterday because I pre-ordered it from their website. I got the CD/DVD copy and there is a video of them making the new album. They wanted to try something completely new because their other stuff was getting too easy for them and others to copy. I think this new album is good. It isn't their best work but it isn't crap either. The only song that I don't like too much is "Valentine's Day". I don't know why you people hate emo. It was a big debate when Spider-Man 3 came out and now your calling LP emo. What is wrong with emo? Well I guess that is another topic or another day.
  5. I'll be going tomarrow. Should be a good one. The newspaper gave it 4 out of 4 stars.
  6. I agree with avaris, http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01545/# I'm wondering if some of you even know what the definition of romantic is. Atmuh and Skrypnyk, those songs sound like something from the circus.
  7. How can it be Diablo 3? Didn't I destroy all three soul stones in Diablo 2? Has Diablo found another way to come back to life? It would be nice if it was Diablo 3, but I doubt it.
  8. Two words, Animal Crossing. This game for the Game Cube has the graphics of a game from the 64 and is only interesting for about 1 hour a day. But because the days in the game are exactly like days in real life I want to play everyday. During the game special events happen only on certain days and I don't want to miss these days either. Also because the game time is exactly like real time the store is only open at certain time of the day. So to recap... This game is not great but is very addictive.
  9. At first I saw that this was from Mario Paint. I have never played the game myself, but I expected the music to not be good. However, once it got done downloading I absolutly loved it. Very nice work.
  10. Wow. The whole song is great. The first part of the song sounds like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie. I give this song a 9 out of 10.
  11. great job! at the beggining i thought that the song was going to be full insturmental. when the words came in i was blown away. the only thing that would make this song better to me is, no words. still, great song.
  12. I love the beginning intro to halo, so obviously i love the song. at least i hope it's the beginning intro...but nevertheless the song rocks.
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