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  1. Fine... I'll be on again soon. Got some new sneaky tactics to INSTAKILL PEOPLE! I'll show ya, but you have to stand still and listen to me... The BR is waaaaaay too good for this. I can show how to do it, since now I know. And the plasma pistol + grenade combo? Screw that. If you dodge, I can get you with a cluster grenade instead... 2 grenades thrown at ONCE. But, you still need a PP for it to be done. You have host you say? Fuck you! I can reload faster!You shall see, I've just gotta get the timing down and put all of this into my usual game playing. Thank HBO for the video showing how to do all this... Sad thing is, most of it works.
  2. Well, ranked Clan matches are going bye-bye... There goes my dream of hitting a 10 and making us look good amongst other clans =(
  3. Would you rather convert to Mac, the Satan of computers?Of course not.
  4. Technically tomorrow is my last day of school due to exams... But only if I finish all of them. If not, then Wednesday for me. And seeing how I just have a little more to finish on this oil pastel, I may hafta stop by then and get it done. Graduation party will be either next week, or sometime after June 10th. Gotta make it so my friends can go, and some have a band trip to attend to Disneyworld in florida (or whatever disney thing is there). HALO AND PIZZA AND DDR AND MUSIC FOR ALL! And general partyness. But only if you come. Most likely at the Garage in springboro... I'll send directions and date when I get the place rented out for the night and invitations sent out...
  5. Been awhile since anyone posted, this is for thread life.
  6. Hah! I remember when Aquas first broadcast this on Radio PSI on starmen.net! Hilarious, and really well wrote. Gotta listen to this if you have any shred of love for Earthbound.
  7. And if I have anything to do with it, I'll make that Halo 3 clan since I am an Overlord =) If any of you complains about anything, I'll do something so horrible it'll make the Nazis look like the little rascals. Anyways, I'll start playing a bit more often. New spiffy H2 headset so I can talk once more. And try to get us to a 10 at least...
  8. Should have messaged someone whose always on. My headset broke last night (damn plastic...) and I'ma get a new one sometime soon. Along with RE DS... I need more Resident Evil goddamnit!
  9. 360 lags melee attacks. That's all I'll say, other than I'm not playing Halo at Devin's anymore due to that screwage there. ... I think the clan is a little dead. We need something SHOCKING to happen!
  10. No work tomorrow so I'll most likely be playing all day or something... I'm speeding through RE1 since I dun have the rockets/deagle yet... A little under 2 hours and in the catacombs I am. Wow I'm good ^.^ Sorry to hear that Marius =/
  11. Still, I wanna see our rank in the double digits. Just to show that we can also destroy anyone in our path!
  12. Bump for thread life, since I hardly see anyone online but Marius and Earth nowadays =/
  13. No, I'm WAY more blunt than that. I'd be like "you suck, PEON LEVEL FOR YOU! D< " But eh, I'm not a jerk. I was just saying that if you can handle high levels and keep a level head, then you're welcome to help us.Also, cocks. [threadjack] --FOXHOUND is starting a blitzkreig with the Dulston alliance Saturday. One big clean sweep of the suburb of any zombies/PKers. We shall level them all and scare them away for good! In other words, saturday I'll be on urban dead with my FOXHOUND buddies helping them slaughter the 50ish or less enemies in the area.-- [/threadjack]
  14. Since Devin no longer has an internet connection, we could use one more person who wants to help boost our clan rank. Just be prepared for high level enemies. In other news... Nothing at all =/
  15. ...SWAT is the title for the group I've assembled for clan matches. Seeing as though, I hardly see anyone wanting to do them =/ We need to up our rank... Bring glory to OCR!
  16. When it takes 20 minutes just to post 1 message due to the connection going on and off, I think that means that you CAN'T PLAY ANYTHING ONLINE. It looks to be fixed now, so either the storm last night had something to do with it, or mom fucked something up again since she doesn't know anything about computers. I'll go with the latter option, as it is a bit more logical...
  17. SWAT meaning our special forces who are ready to fight and win. We need to boost our ranking and get a good name for us. Then, when we get higher up and own people, they'll ask about OCR and we can direct some more traffic onto here, and hopefully get more remixers and listeners.See? I'm good at plotting things! But my net connection is really unstable now for some reason... Keeps disconnecting at times so I may not be able to play. Fuck, why does everything start to goto hell after I have one day of fun?
  18. We have one slot open to anyone whose willing to help us out, and able to handle high level peoples with relative/some ease. It's going to be rough and we can't have someone bogging us down while we need help =/
  19. doesn't lag me O.o maybe I just suck... glad to finally see a little life breathed back into this clan tho Nice quoting job there. And english as well. The Ghost of the English Language has most likely just shit his spectral drawers. =( For shame...If you have ever played on Backwash on a 360, you will understand what I'm talking about. Plus, things turn red when plasma grenades go off. I'd rather just keep an old box around for smoother goodness and a less stiff controller.
  20. 360 lags halo 2. Keep yer old box for old xbox games, as devin and z have learned that the hard way at times...In other words, IM BACK BITCHES! Saturday I hope to have our SWAT team get us a rank or 2 in clan matches...
  21. Account will be up this thursday (WOMG!) So expect to see me on before work... Same goes with friday, but friday night is when Riff's big contest on Kingdom of Loathing starts, and riddle solving must be done in order for me to win fame and fortune... >_>
  22. Where has everyone gone? Am I the only one breathing life into our thread anymore?
  23. Ok, account will be back this week. I PROMISE. Then the raping will start again... And clan matches. I've assembled us a crack team to go in and raise our rank a few notches to get us some footing in the rankings. =)
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