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  1. I'll be on again soon. That night of me playing with Kevin as Devin's guest and totally owning everyone in our path was too fun... Only lost one of the 20 odd games we played =) Also, Call of Duty 2 I own at. MP40 and the Germans, ALL THE WAY! When I get my 3sucksdy, then I'll blow any of you blaggards away with my headshot skills.
  2. Even if I hafta take exams, it would only be three. Graphics class doesn't have a final =) We've pretty much already covered that with our long-ass display board design and all the production of the advertisments. So if I hafta, one day with 1 exam, the other with 2, and that's not including me getting out of some of them due to whatever. Easy easy easy... Then NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME!
  3. I have only a little more than a month left though metrion, so suck on that. After that, I'm free while the rest of the high schoolers have a week or 2 to complete their work... Suckers. Account should be back tomorrow. I gotta get the money from the bank and ask the grandparents about this whole thing and get it through. If you see me, then woohoo!
  4. Ok, I'm mostly better from being sick now, and it's spring break (so screw you lazy AND metrion... now is my turn to laugh at you both xD) and I no longer have RE to play due to my brother running off with all the GC and PS games... Bastard... I'll get my account back up and running hopefully today after I get cleaned up and get some money outta the bank and reimberse my grandparents so I can use their credit card. Then I'll be killing you all again. That, and I need to find that site Dev showed me with the superbounces... I couldn't get the ascension little tower to work, but I did bounce a little from it. I need to work on it a bit more...
  5. No, I've TRIED that. I've tried a lot of various things and it's because my account apparently isn't silver even though I did migrate it over to my friend's 360... I know what I'm doing and it's nothing on my end. It's their end that is fucked up.
  6. I sure as hell can't edit mine, even though my account SHOULD be a silver now. But alas, Bill Gates is a little bitch.
  7. I'll prolly be at devin's on his guest account if I do go over. It's Halo, or Doom, or Quake that we will be playing. Also, cocks.
  8. People, we need more talking going on... [/threadsave] Other than that, I should have my account up early next month =) Prepare for kinky rapings of all kinds!
  9. Nope, only got Twin Snakes since PS2=SHIT. Seriously, flimsier than a dry maple leaf...Besides, I don't support Sony due to their "OMG PS3 CAN MAKE GRAPHICS REALER THAN REAL LIFE FTW!" statements But still, we need a better way to dispatch someone close range =/ Just whacking them a few times is sorta dull... I wanna truly go Ninja on someone and kill them, not letting them even catch a glimpse of my shadow leaving the corpse behind. >>;
  10. KH2 comes out this week, so I may not be on for awhile even after getting these pics drawn and finished and my account activated again... I'm a sucker for beating things around in real time. Anyone else think there needs to be a better CQC in halo? Just melee`ing gets a little old at times... I wanna do neck snaps and special holds. Human shields!
  11. Oooh, metroid prime awkward... I played it for a bit (brother's copy) and after the first boss I was like 'meh'... The controls are too... different for my tastes. Since I'm a guy who strives for accuracy and stuff. Bot matches were also cheap =/Almost done with college stuff. Then Halo 2 online again. May have a few more people joining the clan since they want a clan that has --people-- in it that do stuff for a change.
  12. Ok, now I have the overlord badge on... So no yelly at me =/ Ok ok, After I get these drawings for college done I will get my account back up and running. I think that's good incentive for me getting into college... -edit- CURLY!!! ^^ Cave Story BTW, If you want it, just lemme know and I can email it to ya... Since it was sorta hard to find in the first place...
  13. Flash is so much easier to make gifs in... I could hook ya up but its a... hot copy >>; Ok, so I'll be off tomorrow to talk to my grandparents and seeing about getting my account living again. Once that happens, someone's going to die painfully =) And once I get a 360... Everyone here shall fall at Call of Duty 2. MP40 all the way! BTW, play Cave Story if you havent yet. BRILLIANT!
  14. Account is now dead. Card won't work. I'll hafta borrow my grandparents credit card and pay them back and then get my card input in order to keep this from happening again... Anyways, I'll be back hopefully this weekend. =( Bill Gates must have known I was becoming an overlord just to make me feel bad.
  15. OMG PICTURE WAS HERE! See, I'm just too lazy to get an image hosting account to upload my gif's I make in flash... Otherwise you'd see PENIS! with a little dancing person next to it.
  16. Woo.? Bah, my net was dead this morning (thank you limewire and your bandwidth eating... needed some music and dreamweaver & CS2 for design purposes) and I couldn't vote. But LAZY HAS/HAD MY VOTE! But that still didn't help really... Um, thanks I guess ^^; I'll try and come up with something spiffy. Joe needs to help me with flash since he's like... way more experienced with it than I am. Maybe a utility that will read RSS feeds of games and display rank, along with character model & other fancy stuff. :insert fancy gif of 'penis!' flashing here, created in flash:
  17. Spanking the e-penis again pip?AND I DUNNO WHO TO VOTE FOR T_T; There's like... hardly anyone on ever and the ranking system has been flawed the last couple of weeks (up after a loss, down after a win. WTF?)
  18. And so, Devin finally posts in the forums.Speaking of Devin... I'll need to use yer 360 for that card I bought. It's being gay =/ Then I'll have 13 months more!
  19. Getting a new 12 month card today (hopefully... if dev gives me a ride. he still hasnt posted but can REALLY help us in clan matches and what not =D ) and I'm active again (maple is sorta dead to me now until I can make my own private server with uber exp rates...) and I'm a MOTHER FKN 30! Well, I know some others are about as high or higher but still... I'm active now T_T since we've converted a lot of our classmates to get xbox live and halo from having lan parties...
  20. Sent. Welcome comrade, to OCR's Halo Clan.
  21. Deej Valen. I'm about to get on myself...OMG WINGLESS LIVES! NEW REMIX! O:
  22. Halfway done (4/8 pieces {mostly}done) so after I get the rest finished and after my visit friday, I'll most likely be on all night playing Halo and pwning you suckers. =) I'll try to get 2 others on since us 3 can really dominate... Remember, Lockout is your enemy if you face us!
  23. No more Halo until I get my drawings/artwork done for my college visit this friday! I MUST GET INTO COLLEGE OR ELSE! D< Other than that, PWNAGE!
  24. Remember I was sick. Feverish rambling does things to ya. My friend devin joined the clan, just needs to post... He's sneakier than Wespip so beware of MegaxZerox! (and all his camp around the corner and assassinate you goodness)
  25. Schmop... You've JUST heard of pandora?! It's like launchcast, only faster and easier to use... Sorry I haven't been on. I may be on later today since I dun feel too good with this fever and all. Sickness hardly ever happens to me so it's a rare sight to behold. Also, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2120659111755287021 If only R&B makers realized this is how they sound... UAELUEALUEALUE!
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