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  1. Thats possible yes, if he keeps going back to regenerate. I dont know what its based on, but sometimes he just stays long enough for you to hit it mucho times. I never bother to take out the small pirates. He does n_n
  2. I tried Gogo a several times, but it was when he got serious that I didn't bother to defeat him. For the record: Meteor hurts, alot. Gogo's easy. He's a mime, so if you stand still and do absolutely nothing you'll win. WHAT?!! Oh yeah I remember that, n_n he bombs you big time if you fight. He will let you win if you stand still around one minute left, make sure you warp outta there in time. Btw, someone mentioned the Omega Pirate on Metroid Prime 1 I just beat it again, I found out the Power Bomb instantly takes out all his body parts. You can defeat him in 2 or 3 turns if yer lucky. Just super missile it when it goes invisible. Hes actually pne of the easiest bosses ever in my opinion n_n.
  3. But Gruntilda's magic attacks always hit you back onto the roof of her lair.. 0_0 I guess my game is a miss-print then (ehehe insider joke, my games always have something thats not normal) They seriously always tossed my right over the edge. It didnt make sense to me either. Must be one of those things >_>
  4. Well, from all the games I have, there are 2 or 3 games I never finished because I couldnt beat the final boss. So my vote goes to that witch from Banjo Kazooie. The first part is okay, then you have to evade her fireballs, within a split second, you must jump up the wall thingy, and press two buttons to shoot eggs at her 0_0, and hope that you're not late before she shoots you once and you fall, thats right, forward off the wall having to start all over. I once got to the flying part, exidentily hit Z and stomped myself to death ;_; So close.
  5. I havent played or seen the game. And usually I'd go for only remixes on games I know. Then I decided to broaden my horizons and that sure paid off. So then I came across this. I downloaded it after hearing 5 seconds of it really. I seriously love the intro which replays the same bit but more instruments come in each time. Its beautiful and overall so well composed. I'd like to hear the original track too though, so I can compare. But this song is definatly on my Current Favourites list now. It's a nice, easy listening track and can't get bored of it. Good work indeed --Ray
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