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  1. IGN has an article now, saying that the following games will be out in Japan THIS year: * Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race (DK Jet or DK Bongo Blast, US) - June 28, 2007 * Wii Health Pack -- 2007 * Disaster: Day of Crisis - 2007 * Mario Party 8 - 2007 * Project H.A.M.M.E.R. - 2007 * Wii Music - 2007 * Super Mario Galaxy - 2007 * Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 2007 * Battalion Wars II - 2007 * Forever Blue - 2007 * Mario Strikers Charged - 2007 * Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - 2007 * Mario and Sonic at the Olympics - 2007 This is pretty great news me thinks And there's still games that have yet to make Europe that are out now, or later as well like Pokemon BR and Paper Mario. Is it safe to assume we'll see Metroid Prime 3 in US/Europe before Japan? On an unrelated note: IGN now also reviewed Heatseeker, (which I bought and returned after 15 minutes of play, not too long ago). All I can say is: what the hell is going through the developer's mind when he says "okay team, I think the game is done! We did the best we could do so let's release it onto the masses!" This game is nothing like they promised it would be, so where the heck did it go wrong? Nintendo needs better quality control on their silly 3rd party people T__T;
  2. They also worked on Baten Kaitos, so it's not like they're new to Nintendo either Must...get...more RPGs...indeed...
  3. So this game uses the "effort value" system too? I missed it in silver/gold but a guy I know told me about it and it definitely helps building much better Pokemon 0_0 I'd like to get to it early on in the game so I don't ruin my starter(s). I really loved Gold/Silver the best and I'm afraid that these new games are too much like the GBA ones (though okay games, I never felt like I got the same quality experience I had in Gold) But since I will get the Wii pokemon game, owning one of these is essential right?
  4. IGN has new hands-on info on Dewy's adventure (since yesterday me-thinks). It appears you move to controller to tilt the game world (like monkeyball and that other game), so it won't be yer regular adventure game. I guess I'd still wanna try it though, but I'd rather have full control over the character itself. So...much...cuteness x_x I can't make links, but I'm sure you can find it.
  5. I do believe the media today tends to over-dramatize everything because really, there isn't anything worthy of reporting otherwise (Brittneyplease). But if stuff sticks too long in the newspapers, people are gonna do crazy things. The best example I can think of is the polarbear in Germany. This bear is so effing popular that he's been on the news for at least a month. And now it's getting deaththreats??? It's a freaking polarbear, get over it! I just think the media was very relieved to hear about this shooting. "Finally some good news!" I won't be surprised if the NBC actually talked to the guy during the two hour break: "uhm, say can you go back and kill more people? And make videos too! We need more drama damnit!" I know that probably sounds disrespectful, but seriously, I dunno what to believe anymore.
  6. When I was walking through my school's hallways I was thinking about how something like that is just unthinkable in our little country called Holland... You're right it can happen everywere; if some Dutch idiot would pull a stunt like this we'd have the entire country in shock and tears for months. Then again...we get crazy 'family drama' almost every week...
  7. I'm sorry to hear that man. I remember thinking about wanting to end life myself when school and life went horribly wrong and I had this crush that couldn't return my "love". I was much less mature than I am today but I'm glad I didn't have that extra thing that actually makes people do it (end life). T'is a confusing age (to be at and to live in). Still, if the person had any rational thoughts left he wouldn't have killed these people...It couldn't have just been the girl issue. Is that speculation btw or has that been made official yet? Hmm, though thinking about it, we may never know....
  8. In that sense, his action is almost like that of a terrorist. The increase in airport security hasn't done much good to people either. And it's not likely for these kinds of things to happen again at the same place anytime soon anyway. Maybe we're making things too difficult for ourselves trying to "increase our defences" everytime something bad happens. We'll just have to wait and see what comes out of this. So has the president made his speech on the matter yet?
  9. [quote name=''[\()/];259632'] CNN did the same thing. They could have interviewed a cop at the scene or something' date=' but intead they choose to interview a obviously traumitized girl. She was obviously not ready to be interviewed. And for what reason? People like to see that. They like to say "Look at that poor girl and how she is crying too bad for her.' Makes me utterly sick.[/quote'] Exactly my point. I understand that journalists have to remain objective but a little empathy wouldn't hurt them. Also, calling it "the most tragic shooting in US history" with a straight face, covered in make up, doesn't make it very convincing. Their job must suck u_u.
  10. I found the dumb questions the CNN reporter asked to the girl much more annoying. She basically kept asking till the girl started crying and then the reporter was like "I can hear this is hard on you..." T__T No shit, Einstein! Anyway, I feel really sad about what happened. I'm not shocked per se, and I don't mean that in disrespect, but I feel more like uttering a deep sigh and wonder what the hell is wrong with people... I mean, it keeps happening, and so many other terrible things keep happening (even in my silly little country). Negative things are "hot" these days... Are kids so lost these days? Or was it just another "insane" person? I just hope everyone is safe and I wish the people who are left behind much strength to deal with this.
  11. I'd love to see them just make some sort of "retro mode" where you play the old SSB They could either polish up the stages or make them all retro like N64 and have the Wii-character models for contrast.
  12. I had high expectations myself and I really wanted a good flight game. Perhaps you could still rent it and give it more time than I did. But I think most people will agree that if a game has bad controls it'll not be very enjoyable. I've played the first two levels and the difference between the planes I flown was so redicilously big that I could hardly even keep the plane in the air, let alone steer it properly. It just doesn't work for me ;_; EDIT: As for Donkey Kong: *sigh* You know I really wished they'd just make him star in his own (2D) platform game again. Anyway; it's not that I think the novelty of the wii-mote wore off, I just think it's not used properly in a lot of games yet. Thankfully this DK game is by Nintendo so I'm sure they'll be much better than say...Heatseeker's T__T. But still, this whole motion-control deal is walking on a thin line...
  13. I just went out to see if there're any new games out and I decided to pick up Heatseeker. Big mistake T__T. I only played for like 15 minutes but I can already tell it's crap. What was I thinking anyway? The controls are the worst ever. I know I should probably give it more time but any other game you adjust to in like 5 seconds. The game looks horrible too. Almost worse than Psone games. This alone is enough for me to not be able to enjoy it at all. *sigh* I'll save you the angry rant on why I think games are so bad these days and that the only time you'll know you're getting quality is when it's made BY Nintendo itself, and just exchange it for something else. of course there aren't any other good games out so I may have to get Prince of Persia then ;_; I hope that will at least offer some entertainment. Screw this! I'm sick of games!
  14. Someone should seriously do a flash animation or comic on the Starfox team ordering food at a restaurant. Chicken wings, frog legs, bunny stew, anyone? *Ooh the awkwardness*
  15. Many games are awesome but I still have to wait for them ;_; Them being awesome only makes the waiting harder Knowing me I'll finish any game in two days anyway and feel bad afterwards *sigh*
  16. ;_; I want paper mario but there's no bloody release date for Europe ;_;
  17. One thing is for sure: Nintendo can't go back to regular controllers and have PS3-like graphics on their next console. If there's even gonna be one. Like you say, they'll have to keep innovating to stay in the market. Which worries me. I wouldn't mind getting a Wii 2 if it's like what we have now but with the powerful graphics. They don't even need expensive hardware for that; look at what Cube could do for games like Metroid and from what I keep hearing RE4, just to name 2. Personally I don't see a great future for the game industry. At least not a future I'd want to be part of. As far as I'm concerned this will be the last generation of games I'll play. Of course at this point such a statement is a bit silly; we'll see what happens in the next 5 years.
  18. Thanks We've known eachother for two years; we met up twice, everything just went perfect. Long distance has its pros and cons, but as long as the communication is good and the luv is real, then it's just like any other relationship aye?
  19. My lady could be watching so I can't say much >_> I hope we can get married within the next 5 years. Right now we're both working on finishing our studies and I plan to take another 4 year college after my current one. I want financial stability first and job-security. When the time is right I'll be moving to the US and marry my love. We're awesome together and life has been so much more interesting ever since I met her. Who says online relationships can't work out?
  20. It's probably because of the association people still have with the brands. It's like...me making a video of me diving in a pool of jello. Which is of course, an awesome idea. Now, what happens if in this awesome idea, we replace me for "sexy naked super model"? Ya know where I'm going with this Nintendo is usually very careful with new games too, and I don't get the feeling they're really 100% behind them all the time. While with other consoles, I get the feeling that developers are really behind their idea and are not afraid to use all means necesary, despite knowing the risk. Not sure if that's true of course, but that's the feeling I get sometimes. I must admit, I'm always wondering when the Nintendo-only games come out myself...I dunno, it's just garantueed quality. Everytime I try to be open to new things I end up disappointed and wanting my money back T__T EDIT: For the love of Mike T__T; I'm so sick of this treatment! Why don't they just make game systems region free and make them all in Japanese, English, French and maybe some other crappy language of a country that won't conform to these languages and give us all the same release date. My God!
  21. Aww I liked the Melee credits "minigame" It's the closest Cube ever came to proper on-rail Starfox
  22. There's so many titles that we have yet to hear about n_n, the waiting is killing me. I'm all up for trying brand new titles but let's face it, it wouldn't be Nintendo if we didn't have games like Starfox and F-zero, just to name a few. (Ehehe, that's actually all I can come up with right now, how sad). I would be very happy to have another Starwars Rogue Squadron, but the other games kinda had it all covered 0_0. Fire Emblem is on it's way I guess...so is the new Pokemon. Come to think of it, isn't like 97% of the Wii games out now a port of some sort anyway? ;_; T'is a sad bussines
  23. I know what ya mean. It's like they're focussing too much on making it kid friendly, but they forget that we're still here too. Maybe it won't be so bad, but I'd hate to have no proper online games on my Nintendo this generation. There's no way I'm changing systems either. This will propbably be the last console I'll ever play if things go bad. ;_;
  24. I like that idea. I guess adventure mode lacked a little because the game is intended to be a fighting game, cross-genres often don't work well. In this case the platform part could have been better. Each character having their own rivals as second to last boss would be cool too me thinks.
  25. I'm curious about the characters too of course but I'm really really curious about the extra game modes (if any) I thought the addition of all-star mode and adventure mode was really good. Made for a lot of extra hours of fun. The missions thing was amazing too. Especially since you have to work hard to unlock them all so it's not like you'll be done in one afternoon of playing. I'm hoping for a lot of extra modes as well as the trophy thing, only many many more. Anything less, game modes wise, than SSBM is a step back in my opinion.
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