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  1. Well, at least theres a good follow up of games in the next few months. If the release list I saw was for reals, we're getting Mario Galaxy pretty soon and some other good games I forgot already. Cube had it worse, but i have a feeling Wii is gonna do much better game wise in the first year too. Also: I'd be very happy if those sneaky bastards suddenly release a new F-zero game or Starfox for that matter. Wii Play amuses me a lot right now. I just like coming back to it and playing random games for a few hours. There's platinum medals to be won too so theres quite some challenge in it too if you want to get all the medals. So is Excite Truck worth it? is it a good race game? Cause I spent too much cash already lately with school and traveling and all. Don't wanna waste more money if the game isn't good. EDIT: btw, Wii Play may seem like "just a demo" to some people and sure it may not be Zelda or something, but it's funny to see how refined the games are in their own respect. When playing Pool for example, the cueball can be shot with spinning effect and that sort of thing which looks amazingly accurate and realistic. I actually feel like playing the real thing and I don't even like sports that much. These games really show what could be done and as a designer, I get all these insane ideas for games just by playing all this. The textures are also really detailed in some places, which is promissing.
  2. I think Wii Play is probably much more fun with more people playing But I like the tank game and the target practice thing. So far I am NOT happy with the VC games I got except DKC. Why the heck we're all these old games made to be so effing difficult (R-type, probotector etc.) It's uber frustrating and I don't have the patience for this anymore. Losing...gaming...powers...Must..not...suck
  3. Well, they already have my money, I just want a different game which costs the same. They don't even lose out since the can re-distribute the game endlessly. Alright, how about make it a one hour policy: you download the game, find out it sucks, trade it for something better (only once though). *sigh* I'm still not a happy camper. Though I did get a copy of Wii play for 30 bucks cause someone reported a broken controller and Nintendo sent them a new one, but there was no box But ugh there goes my profit.
  4. I really wish there was a 24 hour trade-in policy for the VC. I just downloaded Streetfighter II. Little did I know that it wasn't the version I knew and liked all those years ago.(Turbo? With all the extra characters) So now I wasted my points on this crappy game T__T. Not only is it a waste of money and points, it just sits there, mocking me...I can delete it but ugh. Just wish I could trade it in for another VC game. Oh well *sigh*
  5. I noticed Kirby's adventure for NES is available too which I'm dying to get. Games are inconveniently priced so that I'll need an extra points card for 20 bucks to get the 100 extra points I need n_n;
  6. Well, in time they'll make better things I'm sure, since this whole channels thing is pretty new. I do agree with some of what you say though. It's like, you know exactly what would make the Wii experience much better (or Cube for that matter) but every time we seem to get useless additions and have to hope we'll get the good additions in a next gen (which we still won't get anyway). I love Nintendo alot, but sometimes I feel like they're really missing some important things which we, the public, would really like to see. (This also goes for new games and sequels of other games)
  7. Never heard of it...but it has Dave, from Titus in it
  8. I appreciated that game and it's difficulty alot too Next Zelda should indeed be on that level or higher.
  9. I'm the same (except I did the Master Sword thing faster). I guess the puzzles are easy because we have done them before. And after playing many a Zelda game (and other games in general) I guess you figure things out much faster/right away. Plus, ya get smarter over time...uhm if yer normal. Maybe we need a bigger challenge now eh? I'd like to see some really challenging games by Nintendo. (Challenging and annoyingly impossible is not the same btw)
  10. I think that looks really great, I'm a great fan of the cutesy stuff The music may be abit too much though, but it looks pretty solid and the gameplay sounds interesting.
  11. So I'm guessing the "one thing that's never been seen before in a Zelda game" (where everyone thought it was "Link dies") is the whole Link falling in love with Midna thing? At least that's what I gather from it...
  12. Not sure if it's old news already, but I recently e-mailed to Nintendo Europe and asked them if there are any plans for adding Wii points to the Stars Catalog. The reply was short and simple: "yes, that will happen soon, but not sure when exactly" This makes me very happy because my country gets screwed so bad on that area, I'd be happy to use my 6000+ stars and trade them in for wii points.
  13. Is there any place I can (legally) download any TP music yet? I'm looking for the track played in the scene with Collin in Kakariko village, I think it's also Illia's theme?
  14. FF: Crystal Chronicles and Starfox Adventures for me. Many people were so negative about both games yet me and a friend had such a blast with both games.
  15. I finally got my internet to work on my Wii, but now my controller keeps dying on me, every 5 seconds. At first I thought it was just my batteries being dead, but then I realized I never had the warning message. So I put in my new (rechargeble) batteries and the same thing happens...The blue light on the Wiimote just goes out and the pointer fades from the screen. Also, by pressing A it sometimes comes back, but then it just fanishes again within 5 seconds. I recall someone having the same problem and wrote about it in the oooold Wii tread. Anyone know what to do about it? Maybe it'll be fine tomorrow, just seems weird.
  16. Yeah thats what I meant! Thanks for finding the right words! And in Ocarina of Time you kept meeting people but they'd either die, freeze, dissapear, turn out to be sages...and Sheik... T__T I wonder when 10 year old Link will stop and say "hey screw this! it's too much, I'm just a kid!" n_n
  17. Yeah exactly, and I should have given it more thought before I got it. Some games are still fun though, but a couple of hours of entertainment like that isn't worth 45 Euros. Oh well, i'll hold on to it in case the good games actually decide to show up in Europe. I did notice however that I can put down the DS after a short while and just pick it up again later or the day after. I could never stop playing if it were a (new) console game
  18. For those who were getting motion sickness from Elebits: What exactly makes you sick? Is it the colours, or bright lights/flashes or the whole gravity thing? I can imagine the latter would freak out yer eye to brain connection the first time. Also, what does the manual say?
  19. What if you hadn't won? Well, just hope you 'saved' before hand This Captain N you speak of is too classic for my Dutchness, but I guess that's a fair comparison n_n
  20. Well, we'll probably get a console the size of a cellphone, which will be able to play games, go on the net, take pictures/videos, play music and actually works like a cellphone... Kind of like current cellphones...only they cant hook up to TV's and play Zelda >_> I dunno, like people say, it's too early to tell, I wouldn't know what to expect. There will probably be some good surprises but I will slowly continue to lose interest in games if the quality of actual games is going down (more). I see myself married by that time 0_0 maybe I'll even have a job in game design myself.
  21. Nah, I'm 21, I was mostly trying to add a slightly humorous tone to my post, so by all means don't take it completely serious But the part about the chills is true, I dunno, kinda like feeling yer being watched. It's silly, but nothing too serious me thinks. Just not too big a fan of certain content, but like I said, it's irrational since I still enjoy the game alot, and it doesn't actually scare me. If it did, I would stop playing. Maybe it's the memories. Cause I was rather young when I got OoT, and I specifically remember not liking the graveyard part...when it rained...and poes would appear...and it kind of looked the same outside...(cold, rainy, dark)
  22. I just finished Yoshi's Island DS the other day but I still have FF3 waiting. I can go to the end, but since you cannot save anywere in any dungeon, I keep feeling tempted to warp out and save the fact that I leveled up and all that. But then you have to go alll the way back up through the dungeon, maybe only to find out you're still under leveled. I'm not liking the DS too much, because there arn't alot of games out in Europe that interest me..which is a shame. Sometimes I even regret getting it in the first place. Most games are just really pick up and play for a few hours right? I prefer the long games that make me sit down for a long time.
  23. Yikes, I just remembered this thing: A few years ago I got sick with a pretty bad stomache flu combined with some other nasty illness. It is my personal tradition to stay at my grandparents' place when I'm sick, because grandparents are uber cute and spoil you loads while you recover. However, there wasn't much to do, so I just played card games on the PC. (You know, like Solitaire, that sort of thing) BIG MISTAKE! I played them for a few hours and when I went to bed that night, I saw cards flying in front of my eyes constantly. Like they do when you win and they just sort of..bounce and multiply untill they fill up the entire screen. Now here's the kick: these cards would keep flashing before my eyes and they'd form random pairs or sets. And with certain sets, certain muscles in my body would start to hurt extremely much! When red cards would appear, I'd get like pain in my arms or legs. And other combinations would feel like my stomache was being ripped out. Guess what happened when all the cards started bouncing like when you win? ... PAIN ALL OVER! x_x Pretty nasty that was, as I'm sure you can't imagine...>_< Falling asleep was hell after that, it would just continue in my dreams. So listen kids, don't go playing card games on your PC when you're sick...or you could end up even worse...or dead like me >_>
  24. Wait a minute, you're right, how stupid of me to forget. I must apoligize for this silly statement ;_; Yet I still had that sort of lonely feeling for some reason. Kind of like in Metroid you know? In the end I really felt like I was in it alone...But maybe that's what adds to the atmosphere of the game. It's abit tricky to explain what I really mean... Nope, hate those too. Watching them at young age may have ruined me forever. It's not really getting scared, it's just the annoying feeling of chills...maybe it's just cold in my room. Luckily most "scary" things can be dealth with quickly with the Ball and Chain >_>
  25. ;_; Ugh as much as I want Metroid really soon, I don't like the idea of Mario being pushed further back. Seeing things like "4th quarter 2007" or even "2008" makes me nervous. What am I going to play in the meantime? Oh well, just gotta wait for confirmation then. u_u; But seriously, I need a good new game soon, or else... Luckily I'm getting old and time seems to fly lately...
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