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    I think everyone loses for starting a fight in the first place. 1. Yer giving yerself too much credit there killer But in the heat of the moment, anything goes. I'm the kind of guy that could be downed by one simple flick but that never stopped me from fighting back...when I was a kid that is. It's just yer body and mind doing what they're supposed to do: trying to get the you-unit to survive. 2. Don't get involved at all when you don't know what's going on. It also helps to not hang around with folks who tend to get into fight (so basically, all men of legal drinking age). 3. You take a long time out and think about that one mister. The truth is inside, young grasshoppa. 4. Wrestling is the best type of wrestle type fighting. I'm not sure you should be training yerself for these kinds of situations. Go with self defense but not with offensive type of stuff. And just avoid fights You should know this, being the cool, rational thinker by now. Having said all that; get a ninja friend like I did. Also: I'm just being silly Good to hear the dude apoligized. Fights like that don't last long anyway, it's just a human weakness. End scene
  2. And you don't find 5 months a long wait?
  3. I wonder how long it will take for Wario's gas attack to build up to the max though. Because it's very easy to make a KO usually and I imagine the charge to be gone when you lose a life. On that same note; is it really worth waiting just to make one KO with the attack? Ugh, it's no use even discussing that x_x. We just need this game already and judging by how little we know, we have a long wait ahead of us.
  4. Well, judging by the last image, I'd say the victim just slips and stays on the groung for, possibly a few seconds, sitting on their sore behind, leaving them wide open for massive damage >_> Oh the hilarity This game is getting better and better every update.
  5. It's not really listening music so maybe that's why. It probably sounds better blasting from yer TV speakers in the back of all the fighting sounds n_n I personally think it's remixing at it's finest but then again I only know what I like and don't like
  6. Good to see Zelda back I'm rather curious about the movesets of Brawl's characters now. I mean, it would make sense to keep with the classic moves but it would be very interesting to see an option of choosing different move sets(think regular Mario to Paper Mario moves, or in this case Ocarina Zelda to twillight Zelda moves). That would really add a lot of depth to the gameplay and you'd always be in for a surprise when fighting a character, not knowing which moveset a player chose
  7. No don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, and I used to be like you, wondering why the heck people did hate the on foot missions. I did enjoy them too at the beginning. Now, about 2 years later, playing it again is just ARGH. There are many things wrong with the whole system and everything feels really weird compared to SF64, in my opinion. I just didn't really like how certain things were executed in Assault which is why I don't find the game interesting enough to keep playing, whereas SF64, I still play even today. Assault has its good moments, but they shouldn't have let Namco work on the game. The old formula worked much better for me. Anyway, I'm not that kinda hater and I don't swear by on rails. Just being myself and not enjoying it as much as SF64
  8. Wow, having seen the Starfox level...this calls for a full blown Starfox Wii game A good one...like Lylatwars...with many onrails levels...and no silly on foot missions...or bad voices... *just goes to play Lylatwars instead*
  9. That's what I'm thinking. But when thinking a little harder, if Ridley would be that kind of boss, there would most likely be a character specific boss for each character (speculation) but some of the characters' 'nemesis-es' are also playable characters. So it would be kind of weird for Samus to have that type of non-playable boss, while others may have playable characters as boss...(even more speculation) Must...get...facts Either way, good stuff is coming our way for sure
  10. It also says "don't worry, you'll still be able to play as normal Samus. So you're right on the seperate character thing. I'm thinking it will be like Wario Waft: it takes time to charge (on its own, not controlled by player)Which could be a whole new mechanic to the game entirely (for each character). Then again, it still wouldn't make much sense to have one regular Samus and one that after a while turns into ZS Samus... 0_0; What do you think of that theory?
  11. Uhm why not just put them IN the trailer then n_n ... Aha!
  12. I didn't even notice Groudon untill you guys mentioned him I think it'll be comparable to the acid in Samus' level. Like a player touches the pokemon and recieves damage an is thrown into the air a little, but the player is not able to move all that much. You just bounce and bounce getting more damage. Of course the higher you fligh the more you'll be able to move away. That's what I think EDIT: I really think they did a good job on the 3D models of the characters, though I really hope we'll be able to play as paper Mario or Yoshi's Island's Yoshi. Seeing how we already have "realistic Mario" I'm not sure if that'll happen. Would be great though
  13. Really? That's terrible T__T, so basically nothing has changed since Pokemon Stadium 64. I'm so sick of how they're treating the Pokemon franchise. Is it so hard to make a the proper 3D rpg we've all been asking for over the past so many years?
  14. So...the update shows a new weapon: the cracker launcher (no racism intended? 0_0 ) I wonder if some of the shooting items will replace older ones or will they be simple additions? Too many shooting items tend to suck out the fun I think. I hope the makers really balance these weapons out because some of them are getting redicilous.
  15. I don't know, if you run far away to charge and shoot, there will be alot of distance between characters and thus you can easily dodge/block the shot. Besides, if you're a good player you will A: beat your opponent without getting hit yerself B: get the item before the opponent does or 12: you deflect the attack making the opponent hit himself >_> I think it's a good change, but I'll agree that charging should require for one to stand still.
  16. Well, since it can only be used once (not sure if that means per match or per item obtained) it'll cost ya one life tops. Maybe some attacks only do massive damage so that even the slightest knock afterwards will send foes flying off screen. It would be good if you could defend somehow, but that kind of defeats the purpose of uber moves. Then again...*fox reflector* n_n
  17. Launching 30 Yoshis out of the screen within 10 seconds as Samus in SSB 64 is much more satisfying than that
  18. I like how that firebird logo seems to be made in Illustrator using the whirl tool on an orange shape *whahahahaha* T__T; Very official. They better make one for DBZ too! I expect to be able to shoot balls of energy out of my controller to make for a more realistic experience >_>.
  19. Maybe that's why they say: "This is dangerous. It's a little risky. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's the line-up of musicians who are contributing to Super Smash Bros. Brawl." What's so dangerous? That these people are known for producing music on other big games that may or may not have their characters appearing on SSBB and we're not supposed to know about it yet? n_n; Hmm, I love living on the edge. Anyway, I expect mucho updates and not see this site die the day after the hype dies. You know, like Dutch politics... *snap*
  20. They'll never get it right. It's scary...kind of like, why Nintendo doesn't release a proper 3D pokemon adventure/rpg. It's almost as if the devil is playing with everything that is holy 0_0 They would do the fans such a huge favour by giving them the end all, amazing and perfect Streetfighter movie that actually follows the story and puts the characters in the proper place.
  21. It's still true no matter how many times it's said. Like I said, graphics didn't bother me before, because I don't compare Nintendo to other next generation machines. But when things are looking worse than last generation machines, that's when I get annoyed (not to mention a little sick). Even the DS can impress me, but if I'd see a DS game that looks like a GB colour game, I'd get that same kinda mad. If the strategy of these people is to get their crappy games out as soon as possible to cash in on "the hype" (which it doesn't have to be, in fact, most of us know for fact that the Wii isn't just some hype tool), then ugh screw them. I know I'll be much more careful now when concidering buying a third party title, especially ports T__T;
  22. Yeah, I wish I didn't hate it so much because I was really looking forward to this game and had high hopes. Maybe I should have given it more time, but I just couldn't find anything to like about what I saw. I never really cared about graphics before, but lately, Wii games have been really putting me off. I hope developers are gonna start using it's full power soon.
  23. I probably already said it a few pages ago: I traded it in after like 30 minutes of play. I got to the part where you have to do the bombing (level 2) and everytime I'd drop a bomb, I'd crash into something else right after. T__T I just couldn't get into the game and I really think the controls were bad. Other than that; every other aspect of the game is an insult too.
  24. I don't think the motion thing deal is getting old, but I do think not alot of games are using it properly, so they're kind of ruining it... Of all the games I've played on Wii so far, I'd say Wii Sports/Play and Dragonball make the best use of the motion sensing controller without making it feel weird. I have high expectations for Prime 3 and it's control scheme
  25. I think they all are. Right now I'm having more fun playing old generation systems... I'm happy the Wii is such a huge succes though, but I don't want us "true gamers" (*roll eyes at me saying that*)to suffer so much under the effects of mainstreamness.
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