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  1. Well the thing is, I used to play this game every day since I got it and I got pretty good at it. I'm just horribly out of practice. I do know all the moves etc. The computer isnt even that predictable, but they don't play "fun", They just wack you with random attacks. Sometimes I can't even land a hit 0_0. Thats why I wish I had actual people to play againts "back in the day". That would have been much more fun. Oh well, hopefully I'll get better at SSBB when it comes out.
  2. *sigh* I tried playing SSBM again but for some reason I can't get into it anymore...at all! It's effing frustrating. Maybe it's cause I'm just so tired and I get easily irritated but I really get the feeling that the cpu AI is horribly unfair. They know they have to grab me the second before I even know I'm going to use the shield and all cpu attacks are always faster than mine 0_0. Maybe I'm just looking for excuses as to why I suck so bad at the game now, but it sure aint what it used to be. I don't know how them pro-people do it. Maybe it's just some kind of talent you need to have which I don't. *sigh again* Games haven't been fun for me lately, I don't know why. DBZ Wii was a horrible let down. I'm just getting too old for this crap ;_; give me a good game again!
  3. He has a history of being a bounty hunter of some sort right? The manual of the original F-zero for SNES even had him in some sort of comic portraying him as one. But you make a good point, he does drive first and foremost.
  4. Which is why Sonic was also in F-zero GX. I don't think it confirms anything. Plus, if Sonic was actually added, wouldn't he appear in a much earlier trailer to generate loads more hype for the game? Not saying it's impossible, I just don't understand why people keep reading these things as hints for Brawl. In my opinion, Sonic doesn't translate well to Smash Bros; he doesn't fight, he runs fast T__T.
  5. "We think that as soon as the Wii customer turns 14, they want something else." Interresting, cause I'm almost 22 and I still don't want anything else but Nintendo (but I will admit that I'm mostly in it for the 1st party stuff). It's also ironic how Microsoft was using the words "family, girl gamers, non-gamers" etc. in an earlier comment, saying what kind of games/machine they (MS) have (don't remember where I read it thoug). No one but Nintendo ever said anything about those things before the whole next-gen "the industry is in trouble!" crap. T__T; Oh well, no use getting too upset about it, especially since I don't identify myself with the stereotypes of modern gaming.
  6. I think it'll sell. Marketing wise it's a good move. However I'm getting a bit sick of this treatment. I don't think I'd get it, but it appeals more to me this way than it would being an EA sports game T__T. Still, I fear this game would be made too easy since they want it to be for "everybody". My marketing teacher says: "he who offers EVERYTHING to EVERYONE, will fail".
  7. I actually found a copy just now. It was in the last store I looked Thank goodness for sunday-shopday
  8. So DragonBall for Wii is supposed to be out today, but I can't find it anywere. The "official" release date was yesterday though, even got the newsletter saying so... ;_; I was looking forward to relaxing with this new game for the weekend.
  9. What's interesting is how some of you pick the most impossible characters to be in the game. Sure it's all fine and well if you liked the character of a particular game, but characters like those of FF6/7 don't belong in a Smash Bros. game. No matter how you look at it. The characters should be Nintendo ICONS, 3rd party people are lucky to even be there. Other suggestions like characters from the Cube FE are just silly. I love the game to death but none of the characters have had enough history to build up a solid fanbase and are not universaly recognized. Roy and Marth have some of that, but probably the most in Japan. I'd say we're lucky to have a European version of Smash at all, I don't think any of us knew Roy and Marth unless they imported back in the day. Also, Magikoopa? It's not even a unique character, it's just one more of another, like Goombas. If yer gonna say Magikoopa, at least say whats-her-name, the hag from Paper Mario, Kammy Koopa? She has character, but she's just not right for the game fighting style wise. It's not about which character or which game you like, it's about who is universaly recognized and who translates well into the Smash mechanics.
  10. Despite the fact that Wii stuff is sold out almost everywere and there only being a hand full of titles available anyway: why is there still so little shelf-space reserved for Nintendo? Now, I live in a small town, in a small province, in a small country so that could explain, but how is the situation over where you guys are? It feels so weird seeing Nintendo have only 3 shelves, which can each hold no more than 5 games. Even worse is that it has move away from the other consoles and is now lost between cheap DVD's. T__T That doesn't make sense to me...(well it does counting the above mentioned factors). *sigh*
  11. On deviantart.com, the discussion of what is art and what isn't frequently returns. I'm getting a bit sick of it. Personally, I'm starting to hate the word art. I just call it "creative expression". Game design starts with concept thinking and rough sketches and then more refined ideas that could fall in the category of art, as they are often made using a traditional medium. The finished product becomes a medium of its own I think. But art is used to create this final product, so in that sense, a game is just a means to carry art.
  12. So is this a US only prank or world wide? Also, I think i heard hospitals and such getting in real trouble with this early time change. Don't know the details on that though. *sigh* Energy saving...Let's also start breathing less so the oxygen doesn't run out too fast...
  13. It sure is! Good lucking beating all 100 levels x_x I only got to like 60. In a general note; I watched the first 2 parts of Miyamoto's speech and it was quite moving. It seems like not so long ago when we were all anticipating any bit of info regarding the new Nintendo system and now it's here and doing great I'm in marketing so I find the strategy and vision behind Nintendo very interesting. Oh to be part of something great like that *sigh* I hope to be a game designer myself in 5 years though and I can only dream of ever bringing my games to the system.
  14. Or what about fighting a group of Mii's like the fighting polygon team on Smash 64? Each one having a copied power of an existing character That should be fun. >_> Of course they could make a Wii Sports Mii Peach clone, what with the whole tennis, golf etc. thing. Of course these ideas arn't very new or interesting.
  15. One thing I'm concerned about with Mario Galaxy is that challenges will be too simple/short. (Based on seeing the older videos) So I'm hoping for some good, solid info that will reveal the lenght of the game and it's levels. Space is huge, so they better use it Also; I totally love the art style which almost has a clay-ish feeling to it (also seen in Kirby in the SSB video)in my opinion that is.
  16. Paper mario is out that soon? 0_0 Shweet! I been looking forward to that ever since I saw the Cube trailer thing. It looks like it's gonna be a big game with loads of challenge. Should be good. Hmm, IGN doesn't mention a European release date ;_; hope it won't be too long before we get it. I wonder if this means that the other games that were previously announced for Cube (Donkey Kong and Kirby) are close to being finished as well. EDIT: That makes me mad! Who is that guy anyway? I don't buy games because they're "art", if I want art, I'll make it, or buy it, but I don't expect to get "art" when I buy a game T__T; Please. Very immature approach too; let's see this dude make "art" games...
  17. I'm still waiting for Nintendo to sneak in F-zero Wii for April n_n; I got Ikaruga to keep me entertained for now...oh yeah and that other important thing uhm school. Butbutbut I really want to get my hands on some good Wii games NOW. Must...have...Metroid
  18. No, personal, social and political issues are more likely the cause of all these things. However, when you play violent games, killing something may have less of an impact on you? I mean, you've seen plenty of virtual deaths to make you not even think about it twice?. I'd be shocked if I'd get into a fight or something and end up killing the other person. (Though I'd most likely try to kick his ass Streetfighter style *laugh* that's my "outlet" ) Maybe these youths don't fully realize what they're doing and that makes them potential cold blooded murderers.
  19. Aww so chances are slim of getting it on Wii then ehehehe.
  20. They sure are. Sometimes they can get pretty frustrating but the good ones are true works of art. For my next project in school I'm going to design a game of this type for the Wii
  21. How very awesome I'd love to see such a game again! I've been obsessing over Ikaruga since last week so I decided to get it off ebay and now I'm totally hooked on it. I love and hate these types of games. So this series is pretty popular right? What system were other entries on?
  22. Metroid was supposed to get there first anyway right? I'm kind of looking forward to "Heatseeker" now, as it's been ages since I played a good flight game Starfox not included. I hope it's any good; then I'll get it this month.
  23. So IGN's Wiilease list still says Mario Galaxy for March 3 which is like...Saturday. This can't be right though, right?
  24. I have loads of Trance, but there are many different types so I don't know if any of my recommendations will fit your taste. You can check .tranceaddict.com which offers free and legal downloads of promotional tracks and Live sets. Their forum has an extensive archive of samples too which you can listen to and >_> "buy" the full versions somewere else . Other than that I can name you every single track I have which I carefully selected to be on my iPod. (I'm very picky when it comes to trance >_> ) Also google "Eric Foard" who has his own radio Live Set recordings up for download.
  25. Any one I know/knew who plays Smash is on the same level of cheapness. And since my level will always be on the cheapness that is good enough to beat the CPU, I'll never get any better T__T; How the heck do people master a game like this anyway? ;_; I need a looot of practice on Brawl before I can face actual people again. Ya almost gotta play this game every day if you want to stay good. Losing...gamingpowers...again...
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