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  1. Thank you bLiNd, for this fantastic remix. I love it.
  2. This is by far one of the best remixes I have heard. tyvm.
  3. Mario 64 credits, i think i did. Final fantasy Anxious hearts. Uematsu concert 2008. yeah, i couldn't stop being a sissy either lol
  4. every single day, with a very few exceptions..
  5. The Concert was incredibly awesome, i should've checked these forums before to meet Zircon irl at the concert. I loved the opera event, that was so damn great.
  6. nice work... It keeps the "metroid tune", which is what I think it matters and i love when I hear OCremixes, to hear the essense and tune from the original game... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Nice remix . I don't like Electric guitars that much but this is a good one. very "DOOMy" i wish we had a remix of E1M4 (doom 1, stage 4).
  8. the intro is totally stupid and out of place, however the rest of the song is pretty cool.
  9. One of the 1st OC remixes i heard, and still a favorite... Awesome work.
  10. NoppZ made an excellent masterpiece of a remix. even though it has that disco pattern, it gives me a happy-depressed-nostalgic feeling. It reminds of you several points in the game... *sniff* lol... one of my favorites ever.
  11. Awesome remix, Those bass hit sound superb on subwoofers, it also keeps the nostalgic/original scent. I listen to it at least 5 times a week.
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