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  1. I had been waiting for a remix from this game (more than any other) on OCR for a decade, and considered it an unlikely event. Seeing this posted here today was quite a surprise. It was an unexpected, and rather nice, way to start the new year. Thanks.
  2. As a long-time fan of video games, I'm always glad when I see efforts to preserve them for future generations. I'm similarly a fan of Wikipedia, and have been very impressed for a couple of years now with a guy named Evan-Amos, who has contributed an impressively extensive amount of video game hardware photography to it. I was a bit surprised to see that he recently began a Kickstarter project, to help further his work in this area. I was happy to see it, and think it's a worthwhile effort to help document the history of video games, and preserve that history for the future. I'm
  3. It has come to my attention that I had misheard a part of the song's vocals and, as such, the lyrics that I posted here awhile back contain an error. The last line should not read "Sonic, Sonic, oooh" but, rather, "Sonic's our herooo".
  4. I too was reminded of Diablo's music for Tristram when I first started listening to this. And just as I have a fondness for that piece, despite having never played the game, I also find this remix to be an enjoyable one, despite having never played Seiken Densetsu 3. The instrument that sounds like panpipes (or perhaps more like a Native American flute—especially during the trills and pitch-bends) does have a bit too much of a MIDI-ish quality for my tastes, but other than that I don't have any major qualms with this. The piece has a lonely, almost fading, atmosphere to it. Nice work.
  5. Great remix. True to the original, with a very nice overall upgrade in arrangement, texture, and atmosphere. The structure is great, the instruments and effects used are all very appropriate, and it has a nice flow throughout. The top-notch production is well balanced, and it's some of the more subtle touches that really make the piece come together wonderfully. The most predominant aspect that really makes the remix stand out to me, though, is the way you took the song 'through the level' by transition from land, to underwater, and back to land at the end. Very creative, and executed per
  6. I can certainly appreciate Audity's desire to preserve the integrity of the work he enjoys and cares about. From a personal standpoint, I share much of his mentality. My stance is quite an impractical one, but (as the result of a combination of philosophical reasons and minor OCD) I prefer files (or at least ones that I value) that have not undergone compression, unnecessary or proprietary encoding, and are not left with remnants distinguishable from the original work itself. Additionally, a lack of compression and such irreversible alterations would allow one to 'future-proof' artistic wor
  7. I'm not sure if I've jumped to conclusions, or perhaps missed some crucial announcement or discussion recently, but I was somewhat saddened when I heard that Harmony was withdrawing from the judges panel due to time-constraints. I hope it doesn't mean that we've heard the last from him remix-wise. But, if so, he has already given many (me certainly included) three wonderful remixes to enjoy. As for this remix, I haven't been to one of these in ages. …Ahem. But all contextual kidding aside, this one might not have the trickling instrumental textures of his first, or the scale and prod
  8. "Entering the Cryptic Woods" (circa August 2002) was never released. Interestingly, the light tribal percussive effect that forms the bulk of his Cryptic Woods rendition can be heard in Forest Bircussion faintly echoing in places like 1:22-1:23, 1:45, etc.
  9. I've had this remix since it was first released on that 'other' site. It's not a beautiful piece, not epic, the production isn't top-notch, but it has great charm in its eccentrically groovin' feel throughout. Great work. Agreed. But it's not a xylophone. Everyone uses 'xylophone' as if it were some generic term. Marimba, ballophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel/orchestra bells, crotales, gamelan, chimes/tubular bells, whatever—they're not xylophones.
  10. I first heard this long ago, and have liked it since. (And the newly added seconds of silence at the end really add to its minimalistic feel—you can't get much more minimalistic than that, I suppose…) I remember having the file sent to me and listening to it without paying attention to the source material. I commented that it sounded strikingly similar to the PAC-MAN theme. Of course I was then informed that perhaps that was because it's a PAC-MAN remix. I guess that goes to show that Israfel stayed true to the source material while still offering a new flavor to things. I'd agree t
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