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  1. Hah, not really Kroze, I got like one or two of you I think. And I'm sure there will be an abundance of Kroze video from the JamSpace and whatnot. That VR Troopers thing was seriously another highlight of the trip. Instant dork connection, hard to explain it. We peoples just stick together. MR. BODY MASSAGE MACHINE GO! I joined a PMD group on facebook.
  2. All the pictures posted so far are definitely making me wish, like Dhsu, I had cloned myself, so that I could have spent more time with everyone who was awesome. Umm, Starla? Why is JoeCam about to fist someone in one of your pics? Some of my highlights include: The invention of the awkward penguin. Massive room 1308 spooning and then Avaris, Prophet, and me fighting on the bed for unknown reasons. Making every toast to something, and then OA insisting we also make it "to world peace". The concerts....Smash and Metroid were sooo rocking. The DJ sets - my legs are STILL sore from th
  3. Okay, this is a relatively big pic file, so I'm only linking here. This is the picture from outside IHOP. click it!
  4. Who's got pictures? WHERE THE PICS AT?! I uploaded some to my facebook, but can only tag the peoples I'm friends with. Unfortunately, I also only have a few pictures outside of the OCR panel and the FFIV presentation therein. The picture outside of IHOP after breakfast turned out great, though, as did the one in the lobby of quite a few of us.
  5. 1308...wasn't that a crappy Stephen King novel...that turned into a crappy movie? Well, no matter. My new years resolution now is to rewind time and go through it all over again. Avaris, OA, AudioFidelity, and Prophet: you all are my brothers. Little girls dancing to the porn groove FTW...so wrong.... Great presentation, as well. You all had a great composure and told a lot about how we feel emotionally towards the project.
  6. You all have said all I could possibly have said about Magfest this year. Here I was, thinking it could get no better than last year, and BAM! Before I knew it, the weekend came and went, with more memories than I have room for in this overcrowded brain. As with Avaris, heart the roomies. Epic remix spoon blackmail photos. I sort of lost my voice today as well, from laughing so much, screaming during the concerts, and of course, going nuts during the dj set. I think I pulled my shoulder out or something, plus my legs are stiff as hell and I look really funny trying to walk around. I coul
  7. .....*FURIOUS FACE*! I just found out about the Baltimore meetup.....I'm so mad that everyone was a stone's throw away from me and I didn't have the time lately to check any boards to see this happening. I'm gonna go cry in my corner. Maybe next time. *sobs*. Thankfully, I graduate in about three weeks and I'll have much more time to surf the forums and notice these things. ~Stevo
  8. well, maybe if Prophet ASKED for stevo's help, stevo might be able to comply!
  9. I don't even think I got to say hi to Starla :/ In fact, I don't know who I forgot to say hi to at all! STUPID FIRE DRILL!
  10. Maybe you got Mustin and me confused? I think it was me, Taucer, and BustaTunes jamming out there. Mustin is much MUCH taller than me, I believe.
  11. uhhh *ahem* that body pillow has survived my thunder thigh's loving more nights than you can count kicking ass at worms. I would like to say some of MY favorite activities from MagFest this year (just to sort of throw it in the face of OA) * Driving around for TWO hours (it was way more than one...unless my perception of reality just sorta konked out) looking for a liquor store, and finding out that Alexandria, VA is inhabited by three things: Hotels, Cleaners, and Foreign Restaurants. * Having my Volvo actually injure someone without being in motion (sorry OA, just too funny) * Finding
  12. I still can't believe the weekend came and went so fast. Well, I kinda blame my stupid health for going all bogus and wacko all weekend. Still was an amazing time. I was really happy to see everyone whom I already had met, seeing so many people doing well (but Taucer....the hair...you gotta bring back the white-man's fro, dude). I was also really happy to meet so many others and confirm, once again, that I am involved with so many good people. *sobs* It was more beautiful than Jessica Alba nekkid....maybe.... I'll soon upload whatever pictures I may have, but at the discretion of Prophet
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