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  1. You can still confirm or deny if that makes you feel any better. It's not as bad as that time teacher called you out for picking your nose when you were in third grade.
  2. Your sheds make my ears bleed. I will harvest your fingers one day.

    That is all.

  3. So I'm trying to get my old Main Theme files to work with my new box, and right now it's like trying to fit a fist in a keyhole: it just doesn't want to cooperate. From what I remember, all my track needed was a better ending, some small EQing, and a better title. The Damned, can you confirm this? If that's the case, I'll work my ass off to get the files to work, otherwise I may start from scratch or release my claim on the track if that's necessary. Let me know. Edit: Nevermind, I was a nub and didn't think to check the old forums. Info is there, kthnx.
  4. Maybe since he called himself the "whitest black guy ever" he's closer to Lando Calrisian. Lando Calrisian = whitest black guy ever. Darth Vader (white guy with black guy's voice in all black armor) = blackest white guy ever. I have just proven how broken my brain is.
  5. Oh NO! I've been thusly de-trolled from my immitation forum trolling!!! I'll admit, I was young, confused, and naive, but doesn't every man deserve a second chance? Larry, I have a sneaking suspicion that you're secretly Empreror Palpatine. Response?
  6. Oh, I've tried to call, and the phone works both ways, don't it? Also, I hope that 5-hour long dinner was good. No worries, I'll catch you tomorrow.
  7. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    If you're not there, I'll do unmentionable things....
  8. Yeah, no, there's plenty of places you can change. Just ignore the cameras You're covered, DA, I got your back. Edit: I was being deliberately creepy. Shaun informed me of how wrong it sounded. I love Shaun.
  9. Have you seen how much later the Super Dodge Ball tracks took in some cases? Need not worry, if it gets in it gets in. A bunch of us are waiting with baited breath, you're not alone. Your stuff rocks, Abadoss.
  10. Alright, looks like the listening party at my place is a go. People can show up anytime after 8ish and settle in, but I'm assuming most will be coming straight from the panel. Food and drinks will be provided but feel free to bring whatever you want, again a few bucks is a good gesture. There's some fun stuff in the house, like the MAME box which should be up and running by then, and of course the old Sansui speakers for listening. There will be an open computer there logged into the IRC so that random people can leave messages from the party and not have to bring their own laptops unless they REALLY want to. Bahamut's got the directions but if you want the address as well, send me a PM. Can't wait, guys and gals.
  11. You're more than welcome to change out of cosplay at my place. In exchange, sing a song or two live during the listening party please?
  12. I smell a disc 4. Face = premelted. I'd feel terrible if you told someone that something will "melt their face off" and then you found out their face was melted in a horrible smelting accident when they were children back in the old country.
  13. I remember you, when you had long hair, and did breakdancing in big rooms, and we+Luiza played acoustic sessions. We were young, we were naive, but it was awesome.

  14. OH MY GOD! I was googling your name trying to find a frigging pic from your boyband days to turn into a poster or something. You're going to have many surprises next time I see you, OA (Oh, A....) Was Disa with you when you went through that long-hairness or was she lucky enough to get the Billy-Zane-shaved version first? On another note, where are the bonus tracks going to be? Just available online or at the end of a disc on the physical media?
  15. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    That just blew my mind, wow. That really really sucks.
  16. Prophet: I may drop my claim on the overworld theme thingy, I'll talk to you about it later today if you pick up ya damn phone!
  17. So wait, we're back to Saturday night at 9 now? I'm guessing the BBQ isn't gonna be rescheduled a day before hand, so I'll probably end up listening in my house then. I'm pretty sure if I go to Otakon I'll just be running in an out, hanging primarily in Jamspace and seeing the OCR pannel. Anyone from OCR interested in hanging out and listening at my place? I'm not looking to have a TON of people as it's a townhouse but I'd welcome people over if I get a headcount beforehand. It may work out pretty well: people can leave the after OCR is done and my house isn't far away (Loch Raven in Towson), and I can have some food and refreshments available (donations appreciated!). If people mostly want to stay around the Hotel, I'll just annoy people via IRC. Thoughts?
  18. eBay's gonna have a surplus of at least 10 FINAL FANTASY IV: SHADOWS OF L1GHT, ECHO OF BAYTRAYAL LIMITED EDITION SO RARE!111! posting then They also make great stocking stuffers for that nerd you know and love! Thanks for the info, OA.
  19. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    Or you could hitchhike, that's safe right?
  20. Just so you know, the first thing we're doing when we all arrive at the room on January 1st is going out to whole foods and getting you 'dem healthy foods and some good wine.

  21. I'm going to make Tha Scuba Divers shirts and sell them at MAG this year. I wont be able to get any out of the box before going into a laughing fit. One day, the reference will be revealed... OA: when do we get our shipments of awesome discs?!
  22. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    Really? Again? Cmon, man! You need to experience the remixer spooning we've all come to expect at MAG. Who said I wanted to share a car with Jewbei, Avaris? You know I discriminate against everyone but you, Prophet, and OA....maybe AudioFidelity because he knows his wines. Actually, that sounds pretty good in terms of a carpool, if we can possibly get those other two seats filled. What we did last year was meet up at my place and leave stuff/cars behind before the trip. I live 20/30 minutes from BWI so, if we get one or two more interested in carpooling that would fly in and out, I could probably pick them up. Just have to plan this pretty far in advance for requesting off from work. I'm assuming our hotel room will be the same as last year, unless Prophet and OA want more privacy...
  23. I'm still undecided as to whether or not I'm going to Otakon at all. I know I couldn't go until Saturday or parts of Sunday, but I'm definitely heading to the BBQ and listening wherever others are listening. I live out in Towson so I guess if the BBQ disperses before the listening party some of us could gather there as well? We'll see. My whole life has been leading to this moment!!!....wait, no it hasn't.
  24. Been gone for a whiiiiiile.....looking for that cold rock made of fiiiiire!