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  1. I do remember now someone mentioning the Line 6 ads in one of the Guitar Hero series (I was never that into them, I've only played a few times at some friends' places). Uh oh, the future may be unfolding right now! As for the idea of the musical split, I'm sure that it will also further divide the current split between modelers and "tubers". I understand that there are many guitarists that will swear by tube amps and play nothing else, dismissing them as sounding inferior. But the future is digital; there's no arguing against that. There will always be vintage fanatics, and on that same token, probably people who will never play guitar hero just because they see it as a bastardized version of the family game "Simon". The lines become blurred the moment you put content creation in the hands of the player. Little Big Planet players are just players until they make something in the level designer. At that point, you could call them level designers, but as to what effect, level of quality, and experience, is relative. When musical color-matching games become self-contained within the digital instruments that are used to play them, as well as being untethered, and most importantly, adding the ability to write/create content, the players are no longer players. Consider it a "gateway" game: turning players into musicians. It's definitely not a bad way to further music's reach and range, but it'll become harder to determine a musician's status. I'm not saying that there's a definitive line when someone is a musician. I think anyone who sings along in the car can be called a musician. But, eventually, if all those lines are blurred, someone calling themselves a guitarist could really only be a five-button-'plasti-tar' player who's created their own songs. So would you call them a guitars, a midi-writer, or create a new definition entirely? Wow, suddenly I have taken this a bit too far, haven't I? It must be Thursday. Oh, and quick idea: instead of having the guitar's output turned into piano via soundfont, imagine someone playing drums that way? If people can play drums using soundfonts on keyboards, and the ability to makes it's way onto those other interfaces, watch out for some insance guitar player slamming out beats like crazy via fretboard!
  2. I'm actually not able to make this one anymore. When I first counted in for this, I didn't know that Distant Worlds was coming to town, and seeing that my ticket for that was a bit expensive, I don't have it left in my budget now to go. Have a blast for whomever does attend, I'm sure it'll be awesome!
  3. I loved Mechwarrior 3. The bundle pack of that and Worms: Armageddon was one of the single greatest PC purchases in my younger days. The voiceover narrator in MW3 was ridiculously awesome. Hopefully those vids are signs of good mech days ahead.
  4. Google announced that the Chrome web browser will be the focus of it's Chrome OS, with a linux core. See the google blog post here: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-google-chrome-os.html Definitely excited about it.
  5. I see where they're going, and it definitely made me chuckle a bit, though I also had to stop and say "wait a minute", because maybe I'm the only one thinking that there's a company doing things from an opposite approach (I'm taking major liberties in comparison here, but hear me out): Line 6. Look at some of their products: digitally modeling different guitars, amps, cabs, and effects in their products, especially their POD product line. The main focus here, for better or worse, would be the Line 6 Variax. While far from being the great product it could be, it's giving the creative freedom of different guitars without the need for most analog connections. That's a few hairs away from having the strings monitored or replaced with sensors, and having all guitar "data" being transmitted over MIDI(or, as would be more likely the case if it happened, some proprietary data format to handle all the dynamics and subtleties of what a guitar can do). That's not a far cry from the opposite approach theorized. Or, maybe it's just me making improper connections between the two theories. In any case, sooner or later the gap is going to be bridged between these music games and music creation programs. I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, Line 6 teamed up with Harmonix to sell Line 6 digital guitars that function as both a fully-playable instrument and as a controller for these types of games.
  6. Max Payne was, and still is, one of my favorite games. The story, the action, the narrative (all the voices), everything is just as classic and fun as it was the first time I beat it. But other games of that time, like Grand Theft Auto 3, just aren't as fun anymore. I think the Grand Theft Auto series, besides the top-down ones, was played to death by this point. Also, Megaman X is still a blast, but then again, most megaman games hold their water for a long time. However, Megaman Legends, which (and hold your tongues, people) I loved when it came out, is just irritating and annoying now.
  7. Turns out I'll not be going away that weekend, so I'm definitely down for the listening party. Last weekend was a bit of a letdown, so this better pick up the pace of "every weekend of summer is better than the last" or I'm personally filing a court case against OA, Avaris, and AudioFidelity for false advertising.
  8. I feel ya on that, man. They also have that "crack hook" with the whole exclusive performance thing, because I'm constantly wondering if any of my true favorite tracks will be played "once and only once" at some place. I'm hoping they branch outside of Nobuo next tour (not likely, but I'd love just one Final Fantasy Tactics or Chrono Trigger piece).
  9. If you do that, who's AeroZ gonna spoon with this year? He IS coming, I will accept no substitutes. Who else is gonna take me to Level 100, because I dunno how he can but apparently he's going to. But now think about it: what if OA and Prophet had a BABY!? I'm getting way off topic, but yeah, OA's a fantastic pick. Just don't make him judge anything after eating a steak at MAGfest...
  10. This made my day. Literally. Oh, and a) I may or may not still be going out of town that weekend. It depends how much the plane tickets are, as the person taking me alluded to them being $200-$300 AH!! and even so, I may be back in town to listen at 6 PM on the Sunday anyway. This is such an exciting and interesting week.
  11. Taken directly from the Program Sheet, but I'm not too sure...also, I remember Arnie mentioning "eyes on me", but that was probably included in another FF VIII track. I was never that familiar with FF VIII's OST.
  12. Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY Saturday June 27, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Arnie Roth, conductor Handel Choir of Baltimore Baltimore Symphony Orchestra ------Program------ All works composed by Nobuo Uematsu (The conductor kept calling him Nobu and Nobu-san...I always thought the 'uw-oh' was pronounced) FINAL FANTASY VIII: Liberi Fatali FF X: To Zanarkand FF VIII: Don't Be Afraid FF VII: Aerith's Theme FF I-III: Medley 2002 FF V: Dear Friends FF IX: Vamo' alla Flamenco FF VIII: Love Grows FF XI: Ronfaure FF series: Main Theme INTERMISSION FF VII: Opening - Bombing Mission FF VIII: Fisherman's Horizon FF XI: Memoro de la Stono - Distant Worlds FF VIII: THe Man with the Machine Gun FF IV: Theme of Love FF series: Swing de Chocobo FF VI: Opera "Maria and Draco" FF VI: Terra's Theme ENCORE: FF VII: One-Winged Angel My only real complaint was the person next to me was smelly and shifted/stood-up-to-fix-pants every 5-10 seconds. She definitely farted a few times too....ick.
  13. I have the list of songs in my car, I'll post later if no one else posts it. I was definitely tearing up during Aeris's theme, and Theme of Love. My highlight was The Man with the Machine Gun, thought Opening Mission - Bombing Run and Maria and Draco were both beyond incredible too. I think that, while appropriate, One-Winged Angel as an encore was predictable. I'm not complaining at all, but I would have loved to have been surprised with something out-of-nowhere, like Spira's Song or something. Still epic. I posted the only pic I had from my iPhone on facebook, and it's of us getting food at Houlihan's. It was a great first-outside-of-MAGfest meetup for me, and I have a blast hanging with everyone, even if Kroze made a paper sword end, and hilt, and made me look like Aeris. ...whatever.
  14. Gah! I'm going to be at a wedding that weekend in Florida, and I doubt I'll be able to convince the person taking me to let me bring a laptop, let alone listen on IRC! Request: can someone get a copy of the IRC feed when it happens and send me a copy? The comments will be priceless, I'm sure.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty positive that you'll get them at will call, unless you did the "print your own tickets" option. 4 PM at houlihan's is a little early, I'd probably show up closer to 4:30 or 5, but I'll message you on facebook, Harmony. Last time I was at houlihan's was at 2:30 AM on a Monday, after my first drinking binge in Fells Point ever, so this'll be nice. Can't wait!
  16. Whatever people decide on, for before/after stuff, I'd like to join for what I can. I checked and I couldn't get a time for how long the beer tour I'm going on in the afternoon runs, but it'd be great to meet up at a place like houlihan's. That is, if y'all want this crazy cracka acting up Anyone wanna go to Max's on Broadway in Fells Point after?
  17. So it turns out that, even while my friend is still going, we had to do this trade-thing where I get a better seat but am sitting by my lonesome. Sucks the group tix didn't work out, and that it looks like everyone's bailing, but for those that do go, I hope to see you there!
  18. As much as I'd love to hold out to sit with everyone, if I don't hear anything by tomorrow afternoon, I'm just gonna buy my tickets with my buddy and hope to see y'all there. I'm crossing my fingers that this thing picks up and we get to all be audience-pals, though.
  19. Okay, so the thing is next week, and it looks like seats are starting to fill. Even if we don't have enough for a group discount, can we at least open the paypal-thing Larry was talking about so us that can go can sit together? I figure that if everyone contributes the cost of a full ticket, and we do end up getting a discount, then we all get a little moolah back the night of the concert. If we don't get a discount, oh well. Definitely don't want to miss out on this though (sorry if I seem impatient, I just don't want to not get a ticket, y'all!).
  20. *hands up* me and my friend Jimmy should be good to go. Ahh, this is going to be one fine Saturday...
  21. Okay, so I'm not sure how quickly tickets are selling. I may just go buy them with my friend and we'll meet up a little before and definitely after the concert. I'd like to have mine ordered or at least organized in some way by the end of this weekend. So excited for this concert.
  22. My friend Jimmy-Taru invited me to this a while ago, so I'm definitely going to be there. We haven't ordered tickets yet, so if people are doing group seating, let me know. Dunno if I could attent a meet beforehand, as me and some buddies got invited to go on a free tour of the Clipper City Beer Factory (with FREE BEER! ) Here's a suggestion: anyone want to do a Fell's Point/Canton/Federal Hill bar-hopping trip after the concert?
  23. This man is the master of Irish women.

  24. Well, I know you typed it that way on purpose Brad, because there is an edit button. It is a mystical button that does magical things, and the one who holds the power to use it will rule Mordor...wait, what was I talking about again? Oh, right: Junly. I was wondering...do we want to have a release party(or parties)? I know it's just a fanciful idea, but just as MAGfest brought some of us together who worked on the project, I think it'd be awesome for people involved who might be close to each other to get together when the thing is released and hold a shindig. I'd totally throw a listening party that night: 3 hours of FF4 remixes + beer + remixers = epic. Or maybe we should all throw individual parties and turn our speakers out the windows so the neighborhood can hear the music (OA, I know at least Zeromus would help put the little one to sleep!) Anyway, I'd want to celebrate it. Or maybe I'm just dreaming big dreams of fun times....
  25. I thought I was the only one that considered junly a month. But seriously, I'm so glad this all came together better than I could have ever dreamed, because it makes all us people who took part in it, or even took part in watching it grow through the forums, interviews, and presentations, feel like they were involved in something grand; something beyond just the parts that make it up. I can't wait for the next projects helmed by these talented folks, and involving such good people, to take off. Oh, and I swear I'll not leak a thing with that preview zip. You can be 110% it wont get out...unless the king of sweden comes through my window. It's cool that I leave my computer in a DMZ with no firewall, antivirus, or portblocking and leave kazaa on 24/7 sharing my C drive, right?