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  1. I really like what you did with this. The drums really make this song, but the solos are nice too. A solid mix, and it's definately on my mp3 player!
  2. I am thoroughly impressed. Many people, if choosing to do this as a guitar mix, would probably have sped it up. You kept it slow, and it really allowed the notes to ring out nicely and sink in. I also liked the play between the two guitars, it wasn't really dueling, but that second guitar that kept elaborating on the theme (and stayed in it's original octave the second time around) was a really nice addition. When the first guitar drops down, and hits that harmonic, that's one of the nicest notes in the whole song. Really, it was placed and played perfectly. The beginning of the solo is
  3. Yeah, I've got this song on my mp3 player, and I think it's going to stay there for a very long time. What more could I ask for? This whole song is pretty much one of the most amazing solos I've ever heard, period. If I had half of the crazy skills you have, I wouldn't be sitting here typing up a review, I'd be out playing a gig somewhere. Why aren't you very famous yet? You belong up on stage, and sitting with about a thousand groupies after the show.
  4. After reading through this thread a bit, I take it I'm not the only one that had a tough time with Dark Link in OOT. The biggest part of the problem was that I was Z-Targeting him ( ) and attacking him with my sword. Then, I tried to go after him with the bow. Still Z-Targeting. Then the hookshot, and bombs too (never taking off the Z-Targeting) and none of it worked. Finally, I figured out enough to take off Z-Targeting and just go apeshit. Worked for me! As for RPG bosses, most bosses can be killed very easily if you level up enough, and if you have some idea of what you are doing,
  5. Shinryuu isn't that hard to beat if you know what to do. Just equip CoralRings on your whole party, and they will abosrb the huge wave attack instead. He's not too bad after that. Omega is weak against lightnig, but since he has wall on him, you need to use summons or use lightning sword magic and attack him with that. Having Big Guard also helps a lot, since he does lots of attacks that hit every member. Regen, Big Guard, and hit him up with as much lightning damage as you can. While I'm thinking about it, there is one level in Doom 2 that can be pretty hard if you don't know what to do
  6. The last two bosses from U.N. Squadron were pretty tough (this game has amazing music and needs more remixes!) on the secret Gamer mode. The second last one is a machine that hangs from the ceiling with flamethrowers that fire downwards. It only has one weak point (a blue glowing orb) and you can only hit it with special weapons that fire upwards or everywhere. To make it more interesting, there is a conveyor belt on the floor which rolls past more flamethrowers that fire up and SAM's that fire homing missiles (which are damn fast on Gamer mode). That one takes forever. The last boss is j
  7. It's pretty good! I'm not a huge fan of electronica in general, but this is nice. It makes me wanna dance (which is bad, because I'm a horrible dancer! ) it's fun and easy to get into.
  8. I dunno, the production sounds good, but I really didn't get into it. I can tell that lots of work was put into it, and it is a great effort, but I didn't particularly enjoy it. Well, you can't please everyone, but don't let this discourage you from doing more remixes!
  9. Nice rig you've got there! Not very many aluminum guitars around, though. The pickups are nice, and the amp is beautiful. Every single Fender amp I've heard had beautiful tone. I wish I had the money for a nice set-up like that, but I have a feeling I won't for another 8 or 9 years (when I'm done with university)
  10. YEAH!!! *Massive Headbanging* Wow, this would be a perfect live song. The intro builds up the tension, and everyone is waiting to see what happens. Then, the guitar kicks in, and the pit explodes! The guitar has a damn good sound to it, what kinda pickups is in it? And for that matter, what amp is it? Awesome song, it really inspires the metalhead in me. Great riffs, some wicked licks in that solo, and a cool intro. And, best of all, it sounds polished and professional. Please, can we have some more?
  11. I found that this was an enjoyable piece, with my favourite part being the cool little acoustic arpeggiated chords, which kinda reminded me of the FF7 tune "Underneath the Rotting Pizza" (one of the themes from in Midgar, which I happened to like). It's a cool little piece, nothing groundbreaking in the remix community, but it's a good piece.
  12. When I first heard this, it knocked me flat on my ass! I had to listen to it again! I always loved the ambience of the music from the Forest Temple, and she took it and added her fantastic vocals to it! I think that if this was the song used in the game, I would have never gotten through the forest temple because I would just find somewhere green and quiet and listen to it the whole time! This is most definately one of my favourite songs ever, let alone remix. Keep up the absolutely breathtaking work!
  13. I really loved her "Prayer" remix, and after listening to this one, I can say that the quality of it was no accident. I feel that she is incredibly talented, and the only way to improve on this was to bring in Gray and Seph with their take. I am thoroughly impressed, and if I ever managed to have half of the talent that has been shown in either of pixietricks' remixes, I would be amazingly lucky and rather happy. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys good music!
  14. This makes me wanna dance (which is bad, because I'm a terrible dancer)! Seriously, the bass line is laid back and cool, and you can't help but get into the rhythm. A strong mix!
  15. I enjoyed this mix. It has a fair amount of variance in it to keep it interesting. Not a bad guitar tone either, though it sounds a little too midrange-y to me. Still, you kept it fun, and it's a good job.
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