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  1. Oh my god, I just noticed. The tracks in the trailer are in the same order as the ending credits of the game. That's brilliant.
  2. The only place I've heard even a similar phrase was Teen Girl Squad.
  3. I am reminded of tracks from mid to late 90s Sonic Team games. It's as if virt was channeling the ghost of Tomoko Sasaki (who isn't dead, actually, but still.)
  4. I'm not honestly all that big a fan of Street Fighter or Tekken. I'd be all up ons some Capcom X Namco, but I'm significantly less enthused about this announcement.
  5. I can't wait to see Amaterasu's calligraphitastic supers. I mean, they have to be.
  6. My plan for tag mode is to walk around the math, computer science, and engineering buildings on campus when classes start. If anyone has DQIX in tag mode, it'll be there. I'm trying to get the two or three other people I know with DSs to get the game for some multiplayer. No luck so far. I really wish it had online multiplayer.
  7. I prefer not to speculate. Decent movie, but I saw most of it coming. They gave away too much towards the beginning.
  8. The tag mode feature is useless to me. I wish I lived in a country/region in which people actually played Dragon Quest games.
  9. I've been pretty happy with it. It's put me off from buying some games I thought I'd love but didn't, and it let me enjoy some games I didn't think I'd like but did.
  10. A couple weeks ago some friends of mine and I were drinking, grabbed instruments, and performed a drunken rendition of various NES tunes. I dunno if that counts as in public though.
  11. vyse where have you been on irc?!

  12. Woot! Also, regarding confirmed MechWarrior 5...woot!
  13. Ooh. This excites me. I need some more mech in my life.
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