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  1. Oh my god, I just noticed. The tracks in the trailer are in the same order as the ending credits of the game. That's brilliant.
  2. The only place I've heard even a similar phrase was Teen Girl Squad.
  3. I am reminded of tracks from mid to late 90s Sonic Team games. It's as if virt was channeling the ghost of Tomoko Sasaki (who isn't dead, actually, but still.)
  4. My ringtone is currently "Mountain Stage" from Kirby's Adventure.
  5. I'm not honestly all that big a fan of Street Fighter or Tekken. I'd be all up ons some Capcom X Namco, but I'm significantly less enthused about this announcement.
  6. I can't wait to see Amaterasu's calligraphitastic supers. I mean, they have to be.
  7. My plan for tag mode is to walk around the math, computer science, and engineering buildings on campus when classes start. If anyone has DQIX in tag mode, it'll be there. I'm trying to get the two or three other people I know with DSs to get the game for some multiplayer. No luck so far. I really wish it had online multiplayer.
  8. I prefer not to speculate. Decent movie, but I saw most of it coming. They gave away too much towards the beginning.
  9. The tag mode feature is useless to me. I wish I lived in a country/region in which people actually played Dragon Quest games.
  10. I've been pretty happy with it. It's put me off from buying some games I thought I'd love but didn't, and it let me enjoy some games I didn't think I'd like but did.
  11. A couple weeks ago some friends of mine and I were drinking, grabbed instruments, and performed a drunken rendition of various NES tunes. I dunno if that counts as in public though.
  12. Woot! Also, regarding confirmed MechWarrior 5...woot!
  13. Ooh. This excites me. I need some more mech in my life.
  14. Eh, not really a terribly exciting, really. They're taking the existing Linux kernel and GNU userland and slapping Chrome on top of it. Maybe if they do develop an interesting custom interface...but it sounds more like they'll just be skinning GNOME.
  15. FFVII has no excuse whatsoever. I think FFIV had better sound quality, and especially since from everything I've read, the PSX sound hardware is just an extension of the SNES sound hardware... Not to mention comparing other PSX games, not just RPGs, from the same era. The sound programming of FFVII was downright lazy, and obviously Squaresoft didn't think it was important to spring for decent quality samples.
  16. We're all, I'd like to think, all quite aware of what he's saying. But it's really hilarious if you take it a bit out of context. It's not even all that far outside of context. My thought are, when does it cross the line from entertainment to edutainment? Obviously it never will with the five buttons and strum bar, but I think I see the line on the horizon.
  17. Oh god, that was a horrible game. I recall the physics being weird, like there were forces being applied to Bubsy that just weren't there. Also it was a load of crap in its entirety. And I can't believe I ever found those annoying voices funny. But I have to admit a couple of the death animations still make me chuckle.
  18. SMW is a very flawed game in many ways. For example, especially after SMB3, the physics of SMW feel very stiff and unrealistic. The game also feels a good deal slower than SMB3. And the level design is just not as creative. There are only a couple of vertical levels, no mazes, no giant levels, and things are just plain flat. And of course there are the camera issues you mentioned. And the music is repetitive. Let's face it, SMW was a large step backwards in almost everything save graphics. But on the other hand, the game made GIGANTIC contributions to the Mario canon, and Yoshi's Island has withstood the test of time enough to make up for SMW.
  19. I can't say Giygas terrified me...but Giygas certainly disturbed me. Hm. I'm going to divide my hardest boss into categories. For RPGs, probably the last boss of Evolution on the Dreamcast. (Can't remember his name.) For non-RPGs almost any classic Megaman boss will do.
  20. Maybe it's just because its sequels improved on it so enormously, but I just couldn't get into SNES Harvest Moon last time I tried it. On the other hand, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSX) was just as fun and addictive as I remembered.
  21. Well there's always the First Lady of RPGs, Rieko Kodama. She's known for heavy involvement in the original Phantasy Star games and Skies of Arcadia, both of which, I've noticed, appeal to female gamer friends of mine. And neither strike me as particularly unmanly. In fact, their widely respected as some of the best JRPGs of all time.
  22. Well, no one is advocating "Lifetime Games." But I think the main point of the video was that we shouldn't be developing games (or movies or anything for that matter) for "target audiences." Games should not target specific audiences, that's part of the problem. Games should just try to be great games and find their own audiences. It's inevitable that sometimes those audiences will be predominantly male or predominantly female. (Case in point: Harvest Moon. In the US, at least, Harvest Moon fans seem to be mostly female, but I'm fairly certain the developers of the series weren't targeting farmers or women. It just happened that way.) What we have now is mainstream game targeting male audiences, a small subsection of games targeting female audiences ("Cooking Mama" or "Barbie Horse Adventures"), and lots of male gamers whining because their significant others don't want to play mainstream games. What we need is more games that target no one in particular so that these artificial gender lines will go away and maybe more girls will play Halo and more guys will play Cooking Mama. Well, let me take that back, I don't think Halo was targeted at male audiences any more than Braveheart was targeted at male audiences. But they were certainly marketed to male audiences. The result of which being that many women who would have been naturally interested in Halo and Braveheart were turned off because marketers decided to slap a "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" sticker on them. Why? Because they're the sorts of media that traditionally attract men, and marketers thought it would be better to try and attract a specific audience than to target a general audience. Long rambling post concluded with, down with marketers!
  23. I've a female friend who plays a lot of RPGs. Whenever a sluttier character rears her..um, goods, my friend just says "Oh, come on!" and proceeds to ignore it. And she also does that with movies and comics and anime... Video games aren't the only entertainment medium that sells directly to the male sex drive. Any "blockbuster" movie does, for example. It certainly does seem a lot more...overt in video games, though. At least in most movies they find reasons (however flimsy) for women to be scantily-clad. I think the best point of the video was that there are always going to be games that appeal more to men and games that appeal more to women, but designing games to appeal to one or the other is doing more harm than good. Design great games, get your female characters to wear a little more clothing, and stop drawing artificial gender lines, developers. And if publishers don't want to take the risk, well, that's what indie and self-published games are for.
  24. Beautiful stuff. Reminds me of the Dragon Quest String Quartet album.
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