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  1. Yeah, good point. Someone should make an arranged Shadow piece.
  2. Excellent. This seems like the song Cecil would have sung Rosa before he left Baron if he had been like Edward. Though we are thankful he wasn't like Edward. 10/10
  3. Excellent. I think it needed the reference to the girlfriend, but other than that it covered robo's story EXTREMELY well. Also, the insult to Frog at the end was unnecessary. Take them both. I'm sure they have some awesome triple tech together. I wouldn't know. I dropped Robo for Magus. The Masamune just stomped to much trash to leave behind.
  4. Wow. Just Wow. Gato is never going to look the same to me again. The first time I heard this I swore it would never grace my media player again, but it found its way back and the more I listen the more I laugh. The third and fourth parts are the best.edit: I think it is actually 'forget your joint.' Anywho, I figured I would point that out. Back to you, Tom.
  5. This piece needs even more attention than it has been given. Excellent Piece. After a few relistenings, I give a 10/10.
  6. It is in the game. It is a toned down version of the castle music. Stroll around the castle in the game. You will find it.
  7. What an excellent way to say good buy. I can see it now... The sun is beginning to dip below the hills as your friend turns to leave... your journey has been so long together, but now he must go, to travel unknown paths. As he crests the hill, you wave to each other, and the sun sets as he dissappears over the other side. Good by. I have no idea who you are, but hopefully our paths will cross again some day through your music Jaxx. This music has brought tears to my eyes.
  8. Excellent Sound! I HATE MOST RAP but I LOVE THIS. Only one bad thing... Nobody has made a Boomerang Flash remix yet! When will the injustice end? *sobs over the body of a dying friend*
  9. "The dog eats strangers." A mysterious remix for a mysterious man. I think it would have been better if the song had stayed the way it was before the guitar joined in, but it was still an excellent piece. To bad interceptor didn't have a theme. That dog was awesome. This remix would slit its creators throat for a nickel.
  10. New Austrailian it is. You're right, it does kind of have a 'sun rising on the outback feel,' minus the didgeridoo. But at least we all agree on one thing. Excellent mix.
  11. A good mix. I definitely agree with the dark samurai sort of feel. However, I do disagree with one point. What recent phenomenon? 90% of classic waesterns are based on Jpanese tales of samurai. 'A Fist Full of Dollars' is based on the samurai tale called 'Yojimbo.' 'The Magnificent Seven' is based on 'The Seven Samurai.' Samurai and the Cowboy have been in league together since the Western genre was born. Back to the point, excellent mix, it gives a great sense of there being something more lurking in the shadows, much like the feel of the first two games themselves. edit: This is number twenty five! My first rated post! Party at my house!
  12. I was reading this thread when suddenly it hit me. I JUST SPENT THE LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE READING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Today is a boring day. But yeah, any discussion about favorites always ends badly. You should have seen this one thread called "DRAGONBALL Z VS. LOBO" (it was on a different site) One guy had actually hacked one of the other people posting on the thread, found out their address, and threw a brick through the guys window that said The only reason I know this is because the other guy threatened to retaliate. It was the funniest thing I've seen in years. Long story short, some nerds get way to worked up about those things.
  13. Good. Because, for a second their I thought I was mad. Now, I'll just go back to creating my disintigrator beam with the help of the lovely bunnies. Ted Turner will never know what hit him. MWA HA HA HA HA!
  14. Nice! Sound is good. Does a very good job of incorperating some of the original elements. Takes the music from the game and gives it new life. Amd don't blame PS2 for its being inferior. At least it puts out an honest effort and one or two good games. Very worth buying when it is older and cheaper.
  15. Maybe it's just me, but did the song ever actually say 'Blue wizard is about to die?' I didn't hear it. It was hard to sit down and seriously listen to this song-it just doesn't catch my interest. Good song, just nothing exceptional. 7/10
  16. Love it! Love how they brought in the main theme at 0:47! Great sound! I agree that gauntlet bloopers would be a must. This theme stays light and cheery but still has that dark feel of being in a dungeon and fighting for your life. It is very hard to combine those two but this has done a great job of it. This should be the theme song of the jester character from later Gauntlet games.
  17. I say I agree with most of the people above. The jazz section should have been longer or a completely separate piece. Doing both would be the best bit. Other than that, a very good piece. One of my favorite game melodies, and you have done it justice. 9/10.
  18. Awesome game, awesome remix. It is like they were made for each other. If Jack and Rudy had ever sat down and chilled out in the game this would have been the music they did it to. 'Course, they were to busy stompin' trash. Long live the Sheriff Star! Also, when is someone going to remix Flash Boomerang? Even just the original of that song would make this site the coolest on the web!
  19. I agree with Luca Blight. I want to find an orchestral version of this song. But I digress... It was a good remix. I agree that you should not compare the original to the remix. However I believe that the music should have the same spirit as the original, just a different body. You can quote me on that. Anyway, I disagree with Nintendo Guru. This song plays to the low key depressed aspect of the song. When I hear the remix I think of the scenes were Frog has flashbacks about Cyrus. It's depressing. All they need now is a remix depicted the triumphant Frog who drew the Masamune and opened the magical cave. This remix scores a solid 9/10. And admit it. Frog was the real main character. Him and Magus. I say the worst part of the game was that Frog and Magus didn't share any doubletechs. So what if they were enemies!
  20. First off, I must say that this is an awesome remix. However, It also left something to be desired. While the guitar sound was an excellent addition, I would have to say this remix is a pale shadow to the orchestral version of the song. In the original, you have an organ soaring through the notes at near inhuman speed, the sound of the orchestra is so powerful, forceful... Just far more cool in general. In other words, while this is a great remix, it scores an eight while the original scores a twelve. Nothing can beat an extremely skilled professional pumping out riffs on a full organ. However, your mix was still worth the Evil Fingers.
  21. I love the fact that this song recognzes its NES roots by starting with the low quality bits in the beginning and end. I do agree with the whole Mega Man thing, though. Are we sneaking into a forsaken castle or going for Dr. Wiley? Good remix overall, however. I can still hear the ogre falling off that bridge after the fire filled room (What moron ever pays that shmuck? It's all about use: spear!). Anyway, there is one thing I'm dissappointed with. And that is drose3. How could you not be a fan of Shadowgate? I pity you.
  22. Very excellent. It is a beautiful piece and flows like very well. To answer a previous question yes there is game music in there, but a lot of game music sounds different from an orchestra than from the original game. That might have caused some confusion. Loved the piece though. The Last Metroid is in Captivity. The Galaxy is at peace. To bad that line is followed by one of the cooles action games of all time. SCREW PEACE! Just joking.
  23. I must say, that while this is a good piece, it is rather depressing. When I downloaded this I was hoping to get that triumphant sounding Shadow's Theme that takes place in the end credits of the game when Shadow realizes he needs to stop running. So as far as music goes, it was okay, but before this I thought anything related to Shadows theme was the number one of all time. This remix fails to deliver. AND COME ON! CYAN?! DID ANY OF YOU LOSERS ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME?! HOW COULD YOU MIX UP THOSE TWO THEMES! THEY SOUND NOTHING ALIKE!
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