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  1. I know, right? How dare Inafune rip off Mega Man, what a twerp!
  2. lol, that's okay; I don't get much either
  3. ooohhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit you have no fucking clue how excited I am (okay, you probably do, I'm just saying that)
  4. I am of the opinion that G-Mixer doesn't quite get how it works evidence:
  5. I don't think that the single screen is the reason why; I think both the lack of hinges and the single screen are both effects of making the thing as simple and sturdy as possible, which is an awesome design philosophy and I fully support it.
  6. I like it, I think it's awesome; I'd buy one if I didn't already have a 3DS I stopped caring about portability after portables stopped fitting in my pocket also still don't give a shit about 3D so ~nyah~
  7. I just got this how many weeks did it take me to get this I feel like a dumb
  8. rely is gong to have a fit but, this, dammit this at this point I feel like I'd have to make it myself
  9. I have absolutely no idea who Affleck is, so I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about.
  10. If he is ever without a beard, he merely needs to think one, and it is. kinda like this, but with a full beard
  11. I've never heard of the "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price" being a legally-bound price, anyway; where are you guys getting that?
  12. already have everything in the bundle that I'd want pretty decent deal, though
  13. local multiplayer is available right off the bat, so you can also play that way if you want
  14. I have both versions; I'm Gollgagh on PSN (imagine that!) still working on Normal mode so I'm about level 30 with Elf at the moment
  15. I did not mean to imply that electro-house and dubstep were dichotomously separated; but surely you would agree that even though they share elements they are, indeed, different?
  16. he's told me himself that he considers his music more Electro-House
  17. No worries, I can probably find one elsewhere somewhat easily
  18. B-fire, I'd gladly pay for shipping if you've got another one off those lying around somewhere
  19. [tangent] Seeing as half of your bar skills are bound to the weapon you're using, you really need to have most of your class's arsenal on hand to get past that feeling. With my ranger (first character and main) I played through most of the open world content with shortbow/longbow with some greatsword on the side; while this was a perfectly functionable loadout, I wasn't really having fun with the combat until I added [shortsword, dagger/warhorn/torch] and [axe, axe] loadouts; having all of those extra skills available for switching up relieved a lot of the tedium I was experiencing with combat. There may be an "optimal" loadout for maximum DPS, but using that loadout all the time is boring as hell. In addition to this, coming up the pipeline for future combat updates, ANet is planning on adding additional (utility?) skills for sideways progression.
  20. oh man, this is fantastic stuff the AAC version from your site was giving me trouble, so I'll be grabbing the bandcamp version in a bit
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