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  1. My Wii code is 7054461919807323 Look forward to playing with you all...when Wii finally gets some online games.
  2. I finished writing lyrics. This might be epic. Really epic. On the other hand, it might suck.
  3. If you didn't already- Put me down as a participant. I'm still throwing crap around in my head, but I think I have a general idea of what I wanna do. I'm psyched.
  4. Damn, that means I can't add an accordion and a jug blower. *sigh* Back to the drawing board... EDIT: By the way, if anyone actually DOES a Yiddish polka/Irish drinking song, you have a spot in my top 3.
  5. I decided to do the track with a yiddish polka/irish drinking song feel. Are "Heidy-diedy-diedydiedy-diedydiedy die" considered original lyrics?
  6. I'm all for that idea. I realize that it'd be hard to incorporate my track, but if you want to, go crazy. EDIT: Oh. Didn't see your message. Well, good luck if you keep trying, mozgus.
  7. Wahahaha, I can't tell if you're kidding or not, Zoola. Thanks either way. I'm just glad I was able to be a part of the project in some way. And people still looking for it? The tab cheat won't help, and seeing if your cursor changes won't either. Richter is tricky! If you get frustrated, maybe try random clicking. Happy hunting! -DjSammyG
  8. True, Shael, but this is the final finish of the track. And, yeah, in hindsight, I prolly should have just sent it to Shael, but whatever. Apparently it didn't really matter.
  9. http://www.paletteswap.com/misc/Hadoken%20Mix.mp3 I think I just finished my solo piece. Email or PM me with some feedback if you want, but if you don't like a bit of repetitiveness, you may not like this. It's live DJ work, so I think it fits with the project. Enjoy!
  10. I finished my portion of Chun Li's stage, and am gonna help Jose out with Deejay's stage, and another that I can't remember. I'm also doing a live crazy mix of the vocal tracks from the game.
  11. OMG bump. Anyway, I got my mic working, so if anyone wants me to do some vocal work on tracks, I'd love to.
  12. Hey, Jose, You want me to do some live scratching work on the tracks? I'd love to, if you think it would add to them. If you're interested, send me the wav file of the song, maybe record like 4 or 5 one to two second sayings or whatever for me to scratch. Then, just tell me where you want the scratching done!
  13. Oh, by the way, I can sing, too. I'm getting a mic soon, I think, so if y'all need vocals, gimme a buzz. Also, I'm happy to scratch on YOUR, yes YOUR track if you want me to. The work is all live, so it does take a coupla cuts to get it right, BUT, I'm happy to do extra work for the project. Y'know what? Let's broaden it out. In the future, on a WIP, I'm cool to scratch over it if you want, and if it fits. Anyway, back to the point, I would love some more work if anyone wants to give it to me. PM me or hit me up on AIM if you need some scratch-age.
  14. Mmkay. Here's the second draft of my Hadoken Mix. I'm thinking about retooling it over the weekend, and then I'll prolly have a new version for y'all. In the meantime, get your DJ fix here: http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley/Blood%20on%20the%20Asphalt/Hadoken%20Mix%20NEW!.wma I love feedback, so long as it's not flames. Any criticisms or complements are appreciated. Enjoy!
  15. The DJ is sad. He doesn't know how to do anything but scratch, fade and sequence and stuff. He doesn't know how to export only the scratching for post-production. Wanna be awesome and help? I have a thread in the tech help forums, and yeah. You can help there. Thanks so much. I really want to be able to help this project. -DjSammyG
  16. I'm pretty much done with Hadoken Mix, but not the other stuff. I need some tech help. I posted about it over in the technical assistance forum, and can't really continue unless I get that info. So if any of you guys can help, I'll love you forever. Thanks!
  17. Shael had a good idea, for me to mix something up on my own, while waiting for the other stuff to come in. This is my first crack at it, and I'll prolly try it again, as I'm more familiar with the beats(z) now, and will come up with something better. http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley/Blood%20on%20the%20Asphalt/Hadoken%20Mix.wma
  18. I actually think I'll follow the flow of the game. Maybe even in the order the stages come up. But I'll definitely start with the intro and end with the ending.
  19. Personally, I still have no idea how I'm gonna order it. I'm prolly just gonna do the order like it is on the first page, to make everything easier... but I dunno, I haven't heard the tracks yet.
  20. Yeah, I could do that, I'd just need time, and to know how to break up the tracks when I'm done, so we don't have a 60 minute block of one-track-y-ness. Anyone who knows how is welcome to message me, I'm also gonna post in the tech help. But yeah, that'd be cool.
  21. Heya, I'm new to this scene, but I'm pretty good at mixing, and gan scratch okay. So if anyone wants to send me some tracks to mix, I'd gladly do some crap with it. So yeah. Sorry about the rushed post, but it's 3 and I need sleep. Later.
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