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  1. Are you guys too busy crusading to read the thread? The kid made a mistake, and he's willing to fix it, although he seems unable. If you listen to his music, it would become clear that he doesn't really need to plagiarize. Chill the hell out, guys. Seriously.
  2. Sorry for the long post. The guy emailed me back. I'm okay giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe because I'm a pushover. He seems totally willing to remove the plaigiarized songs, at least. Anyway. For your reading pleasure:
  3. Shot a PM to both him and Tommy Fulp. I sounded REALLY official. Hopefully Mr. Fulp will consider bringing the hammer down.
  4. Check that. I'm having some trouble with the ROM. It's in 2 parts and I can't seem to get it to run when I consolidate. Tips?
  5. Yeah, sorry if I came off as harsh there, man. I see a lot of potential here. Just work on it a bit more, and you'll have something great on your hands.
  6. Hmm, the mix could use some work, Carefree. The melody itself seems very derivative, and the soundfonts you used seem very aged. Please update this song, and in particular tweak the volume levels. I can barely hear some of the melodies you put in there. This mix is far from finished.
  7. I'm way too lazy to check the credentials on this one. What's the story, morning glory?
  8. Not really, they woulda been cool with it. It was more like I didn't really care to spend money for a hotel as I was right there.
  9. ITT: Mostly baseless speculation. "After which, therefore because of" is a logical fallacy. It would behoove most of you to wait until the reviewer makes a statement, or more information is otherwise revealed. I'm sick and tired of people holding grudges without adequate grounds for blame.
  10. Ahhhh!!! Good call. I'll do some digging, but I can't promise anything.
  11. You do realize that Revolution X was pretty much an Aerosmith game, right? They were prominently featured many times in cutscenes and in-game. That said, I don't recognize any similarities between those two songs and the Aerosmith songs I know. EDIT: Wikipedia says: "The soundtrack consists of several Aerosmith songs continuously looped, including "Eat The Rich", "Sweet Emotion", "Toys in the Attic" and "Walk This Way"."
  12. No, you didn't. This isn't a stage update, it's a stage BUILDER. It's a game mode. Close, but no cigar.
  13. If my "Hadoken Mix" does not find its way into this game as the title music or otherwise, I will be very, VERY dissapointed in Capcom USA.
  14. Funny. It works fine on my machine. That's really weird.
  15. I'm not a producer, I'm a composer. Like a Mozart. amadeus amadeus amadeus amadeus amadeus amadeus amadeus amadeus oh oh amadeus
  16. DjSammyG


    We're collabing at magfest. I do declare. Still alive '08.
  17. Don't put your guns down yet, folks. After some snooping, I found that the songs and album are still on his site- in addition to this. http://djnetisra.otaku-mx.net/?cat=3 Seems like he's claiming to be close with Goat, and that he has some Sonic mixes on the way. I'll bet a shiny nickel that nothing on this website is originally his. Oh, and for the curious- http://djnetisra.otaku-mx.net/albums/Materia/ EDIT: Check this out too, the gerudo song sounds...familiar... http://djnetisra.otaku-mx.net/albums/ Also, he deleted most of the stuff on his music pages. Lol. Damn, he's covered his ass. he's deleted all the music on the site, cept for the Smashing Live! mp3s he has. If anyone wants them, feel free to grab them. IN BULK.
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