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  1. YTMND'd. SPINDANCE Vote 5. btw Cynagen did like all the work lol. except for the tracker module loop that was garian.
  2. Dude, those girls were awesome. We need to like get them on the site somehow. It was awesome how they sang the Tetris theme for me in the contest. Yeah we need moar pictures plz. Also Losers' Reef kthx.
  3. UPDOOT: I can make it at noon on friday- bossman changed his mind! Yay!
  4. I know there's parking at the Kennedy Center. I dunno how much it'll be though- I can almost guarantee it won't be free. Beside that, parking will probably be hell. It'll all be metered, and we're meeting (or at least, all you 12 o'clockers who don't have to WORK) at like a tourist hotspot. It's pretty tough to find parking there- It's possible, but tough. As for restaurant place- they prolly have valet parking, but otherwise I think it'll be streets and meters.
  5. Hey all. I'll be meeting you peoples at around 5 at italian restaurant place. The boss man got me working the day shift- I get off at 4, so I should be able to make it in by 5.
  6. Okay, so the date of the show is quickly approaching and I'm still unclear as to the timing of things. I think we should set a meeting time apart from the concert (say, noon?) to meet up and start doing schtuff! It looks like we have a lot of events planned, but it doesn't seem like we have a schedule yet (or at least I can't find one.)
  7. Well, as I'm in the area, I'd be around all day Friday. Like Taucer, I'd probably leave sometime (probably early afternoon) on Saturday. My preference, therefore, would obviously be a meetup on friday before the concert, like in the afternoon or something. If not, we should all at least come to the concert early for the costume contests, gaming tournamente, and MEET AND GREET WITH COMPOSERS OMG.
  8. Okay, I paid! Can't wait to see you all there! (Oh, btw- my name is different from the cardholder's name, pm me if;n you want confirmation)
  9. I'm going to put in a vote for Yoshi's Story. I like the soundtrack and all, but the main reason I suggest it is, knowing you, you could do some pretty cool things stylistically with it. Plus, I don't remember having seen a remix of any songs from that game here, or even on VGmix for that matter.
  10. I really, REALLY wanna go. I think I can, and would love to get in on some group deal. It's nice that they decided to come back after cancelling on us- I've been waiting for a while.
  11. Yeah, man. Between the jamming and watching you all play warioware, I couldn't really pick a highlight.
  12. OSHI- BACK FROM MEETUPZ I love you all. You're great, and this meetup has pretty much reinforced why I love this site so much. It's at least as much about the community for me as it is about the music. Speaking of which. VGL is touring, and they're coming back to DC on the 29th and 30th of June. I look forward to seeing you all again there! -EDIT- Pics and vids(?) should be posted soon!
  13. You guys are cool. I wish I had some board games to bring. All I gots is my bongos, whistle, castanets (aie-aie-ay!), and some video games. But I'll bring those and we'll have a goooood thyme.
  14. To Mapquest! I can't wait to see you all! As for transportation, will we be walking most places? I don't know the area that well, so I'm just wondering in terms of itinerary (mostly for my parents peace of mind ) if my driving services would be needed?
  15. I'm pretty much cool with doing whatever- I'd rather not do a movie, though- it doesn't seem all that social. Like I said, I REALLY want to jam for a while- I'm bringing my bag 'o' tricks. And by that I mean bag 'o' assorted instruments. Anyway, just my two cents. Also I don't know where the Washington Monument is, unless you're talking about the one in DC.
  16. I could bring one along- I'll take MK: Armageddon and some other games too (DDR anyone?), and I'll bring the console itself if there isn't one available at Pixietricks' or Drumma's place.
  17. Since it's getting closer to the 7th and all, do we have any clearer picture of what's gonna go on at the meetup- as in like where we'll meet and spend most of our time. Plus, if we're planning on going to ESPNzone or to dinner, it'd be nice to know so I could put some mo-nay away for it. Also bump.
  18. Good jorb everyone, and an extra congratulations to the winners! If I may make a suggestion for next round, however- post in gendisc when the compy starts maybe? I missed this one because of it, and I'm sure others did too. Well, either way, I'll keep an eye out for Round 3, wherever it shows up!
  19. Goddamn, I missed this round completely. Sorry guys! I'll be back next round. Good luck all!
  20. Okay, now here's the million dollar question. Who has a Wii? I'd be more than willing to bring games (Warioware, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Wii Sports, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 etc...) and a remote and nunchuk or two, but bringing the whole thing along might get dicey. Any volunteers?
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