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  1. I can't believe they didn't have [iNSERT SONG HERE]. I was spoiled by the constant music updates and ended up setting my expectations astronomically high. [GAME] was an extremely popular game, and how they failed to include [CHARACTER] as well as [sONG] is unforgivable. As I represent the general gaming public, these claims are canon. Everyone would rather see [CHARACTER] in Brawl than [OTHER CHARACTER]! [OTHER CHARACTER] is a joke, and how Sakurai included [OTHER CHARACTER] over [CHARACTER] is unforgivable. The obviously intentional lack of [sONG] only serves to prove my point further. This is a disgrace.
  2. http://youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU&feature=related NEW BRAWL FOOTAGE! First look at: R.O.B in battle Subspace Emissary's final level Wolf in battle Ending sequences for both Classic and Subspace Emissary modes of play And... A live performance by K.K. Slider! I probably left out a bunch of included stuff, but these stuck out the most to me.
  3. Wow. Because Kotaku OBVIOUSLY is above making a joke. This is TOTALLY LEGIT GUYS.
  4. I KNOW Kroze got the rickroll, so that SHOULD come soon. No hurry, I just kind of wanna know it's coming.
  5. I would still like to see the rickroll vid
  6. Video of Starla, GeoffreyTaucer, and I rickrolling the Jamspace audience live http://youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU
  7. The date hasn't changed yet. Plz to stop speculation. You're scaring the trolls.
  8. I'll be there around 5 or 6. You've been warned.
  9. One of my friends downloaded the rom. He beat 5 levels, last time I asked. I think he's beaten the whole thing by now.
  10. Jeez, man! I may be able to rock the battletoads race in one life, but um, other than that, I got nothin' above normal level. There shoulda been a Comix Zone challenge. That game is hard shit.
  11. Am I the only one here who sees the kids as blameworthy? Sure, the outside stimuli of alcohol and, yes, mortal kombat contributed, the kids weren't coerced or fooled into doing anything against their will. At what age is a child's actions attributable to that child and not the parent? I think that's the question that this thread seeks to answer, and it's a toughie. You can't just blame the parents, because that assumes a hell of a lot about the family, not to mention that it's the first step on a slippery slope of blame-transference. On the other hand, is a child that, like most children of a young age, has little or no "Theory of Mind" or, literally, sympathy in relation to others really accountable for his or her actions? EDIT: just because I feel like ranting :3 Just so you all know, this manslaughter would not have happened without the outside influence of the game. However, the same could be said for almost any external stimulus at the time, including the alcohol. That is my major problem with Jack Thompson. He makes a leap of judgment from the fact that without the video game, the murder would not have happened, to a theory of causation; that video games cause violence. Even if violence was consistently higher in people who played violent video games, that does not infer causation. Here's an idea, JT. Maybe violent people are more likely to play violent video games, and maybe violent video games don't make people any more violent than they already are. Statistically, they're equally likely.
  12. Well, pro faceoff has no I ROCK OUT then YOU ROCK OUT parts, which is kind of a minus, but YEAH WHATEVER. Let's do it. FYI i have harmonicas in C, D, A, and F, I think, if you want some backup :3
  14. You all should watch Joecam own me in Tetris DS. FAR more entertaining.
  15. Dude, I never said you had to listen to me. I'm just surprised that not many people seemed to care to understand the whole situation and just snapped into vigilante mode.
  16. Are you guys too busy crusading to read the thread? The kid made a mistake, and he's willing to fix it, although he seems unable. If you listen to his music, it would become clear that he doesn't really need to plagiarize. Chill the hell out, guys. Seriously.
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