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  1. I'm really excited. I may throw together some a cappella arrangements on the spot or something, but don't hold me to it. It was fucking awesome jamming with you all last year- this year is shaping up to be even better, at least in terms of organization.
  2. I'm not sure Samus would appreciate you implying that she's a bimbo.
  3. Oh shit, I forgot. I also have a ghetto talkbox that I made that I can bring. It's pretty fly.
  4. what what i'm all up in this shizzle I'ma bring my ladykiller tenor voice, my harmonicas in the keys of F, A, G, and C, my BONGOS, and my pennywhistle. unh.
  5. So this is starting to look awesome. Specially if I can get my hands on a cowbell. Gotta have more cowbell. It'll be like a four whistle FF prelude session and it'll sound all nice and then I'll be all *TONK* *TONK* *TONK* *TONK* yeah.
  6. I know this won't cut it, but I'm pretty damn good at the bongos. I'm also gonna bring my whistle, harmonicas in the keys of C, A, G, and F I believe, and my TALKBOX, as well as anything else I find laying around.
  7. Bump. Also can all the people who designated themselves as writers please contact me ASAP. We need to get you all together and start writing a script.
  8. Okay, guys. Now comes the fun part. Let's start arranging. Anyone who wants to take part in arranging any song should post in the appropriate thread in the forums. I'm gonna make threads for each song, so we can end up having teams working on songs at the same time. Let's share ideas on the forums instead of Skype, this time. Here we go, guys. Let's create something special.
  9. http://ocrop.escariot.net/forums/ Forums are online. Anybody that wants to participate should really join up.
  10. I'll be there. As luck would have it, winter classes stert the 7th for me, so I should be fine.
  11. Okay guys, at this point, it's getting crowded on the male singers side. We have more than enough now, so I think that before I put any more male singers on the list, I'm going to need a sample of work. I gotta be critical, though, so don't feel bad if I reject you. I really just DO NOT WANT too many cooks in the kitchen. If you're on the list now, fine. but otherwise, you're gonna have to show me something special.
  12. http://download.yousendit.com/25FC0FBD2DC0467F In a kind of spur of the moment chat, Hemo, Nicholas, and I kind of made a rough outline of the plot. If you wanna read the whole log, go for it, it's up there. Otherwise, wait a bit, and someone will post the outline here.
  13. Thought: We need a playbill. Any artists up in here?
  14. Wow, dPaladin, nice work. That is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, man. And yeah, horns and woodwinds are gonna be the hardest parts of this project, especially if we can't find people who play. They're not *essential*, but you know, it would add a lot. Beatdrop, can I count on you for sequenced strings, or is that not your bag?
  15. Wow. First of all, I'm floored by the interest people are showing in this. Thanks, y'all. Second of all, I think it's time to start planning this thing out a bit, so it's not so abstract. I see the first step as deciding which games and songs to include in the rock opera and in which order. For this reason, I would like everyone involved in this project to get Skype (http://www.skype.com/?cm_mmc=google/search-_-brand-_-US/EN-_-america/WO-NA-US:EN/skype%20exact/skype/Exact/959569826 ) and take part in some discussion about the way this project will go. I was thinking that every other day or so, at about 6 EST, I'd start a conference call and just start brainstorming with whoever else shows up. That way, we can bounce ideas off of each other without cluttering up either this thread or the IRC channel. As a sidenote, we could still use some bass guitarists, and it would be super awesome if we could get some trumpets and brass shit up in this piece. Clarinets, flutes, piccolos, and other woodwinds would be awesome as well. I think strings are pretty necessary as well, but we can sequence those. Oh, and by the way, Hemophiliac is co-hosting this project thing with me, so if you have a question and I've pulled a dissappearing act, he's your best bet.
  16. "Nosir. Any ideas for which games yet?" I'm not really sure, it's really up to the musicians and arrangers. We definitely need some FF7 and Chrono trigger in there, though.
  17. Now, it wouldn't be an OCR rock opera if the music wasn't video game arrangements, would it?
  18. Something akin to the Who's Tommy, Rent without the AIDS, or SBEMAIL!. Maybe even Bohemian Rhapsody? Maybe?
  19. Spawned from the murky depths of IRC, this is the thread for the unofficial OC ReMix Rock Opera. I am hoping to gather many talented musicians and singers from across the site to create one epic (+10 minutes of VG remixes) project that can encapsulate the essence of OCR through the eyes of a child, experiencing all the wonders of this website for the first time. This song will detail his or her epic journey through OC ReMix, start to finish. I'm honestly not sure whether it'd be better if this project is just one huge epic song, or multiple shorter ones yet- I'm up to suggestion, though. I DO NOT REALLY CARE IF YOUR STUFF IS SEQUENCED OR NOT. If you're interested in playing, writing lyrics or music for, or singing on this project, please respond to this thread with your intent. The story so far: a young boy is on a journey to paradise, however; to get there he must cross a vast landscape (kind to be decided). along the way he is drawn astray of his goal by a temptress. entering this paradise only comes by a certain manner, and she teaches him the wrong way to enter. so he arrives only to find himself rejected by a council from entering so he leaves defeated. so our protagonist begins his long journey home. on the first night of travel, he rests, and during this rest he dreams. he dreams of his older sister telling him he cannot give up. waking up he feels the strength of his sister's resolution and not wanting to disappoint her(for she was the inital reason for leaving for paradise). with a new strength, our protagonist heads for paradise once again, but gets lost. in his wandering he stumbles upon a mirage/illusion...wherein he finds a wise sage. this sage teaches him the true way to gain access to paradise and the right way to get there. off the hero goes to paradise, and reaches it that next evening. he gains acceptance through the first gates, but then encounters the council who denied him the first time. wishing to prove his worth he shows them everything he has (insert epic guitar here ) ending story resolution open for discussion. FORUMS ARE ONLINE! http://ocrop.escariot.net/forums/ STORY SECTION: GAME AND SONG TITLE: LINK TO ORIGINAL SONG Intro - Kirby Super Star - Mt. Dedede http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/11Mt.Dedede.spc Journey to Paradise - Donkey Kong Country 2 - Hot Head Bop http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/dkc2lava.spc The Temptress - Chrono Cross - Ancient Dragon's Fort http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/C...ragonsFort.psf Rejection and Defeat - Ninja Gaiden - Ken Hayabusa's Sword http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/N...busasSword.spc The Wise Man - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Kaepora Gaebora http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/L..._Theme.miniusf Battle vs. The Council - Castlevania 4 - Theme of Simon http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/01.SPC Victory! - Waverace 64 - Main Title http://hemophiliac.googlepages.com/01-MainTitle.miniusf (Geoffrey Taucer wants this one) Singers: Hemophiliac (Bass/Baritone), Starla, Myself (Baritenor), Geoffrey Taucer, Beatdrop, Bahamut (Baritone), Malcos, DragonAvenger???, Hale-Bopp????, Escariot (Baritenor), Monobrow, Suzumebachi (demon sounds), DEE JAY PEE () Instrumentalists, OKAY?: Myself (pennywhistle, bongos, harmonica) Geoffrey Taucer (Guitars, whistles, awesome) Nicholas (percussion), Adamantium Dude (Guitar), Beatdrop (Sequenced awesome), Fishy (Guitar, ROCK), DrumUltima (Drums), Shikigami (clarinet), Tensei-San (guitar) Suzu (everything), MjrGroove (sexophone), Kanthos (woodwinds, some horns), Brithor (bass), The Prophet of Mephisto (most everything), Escariot (trumpet) Arrangers/Writers: Fenrir, GeoffreyTaucer?, Kanthos, Suzu
  20. Yaaay DragonAvenger! I assume you'll be entering?
  21. What up, guys. I'd be cool with a September compo, but it'd have to be a later one- I'm moving into my dorm like on the 18th so from the 15th to the 18th I'll probably have limited internet access. Also I submit my previously released cult hit "Hadoken Mix" for the vocal competition. Notrly. We'll keep you posted when new things happen. If you have any questions (although we prolly can't answer them yet), feel free to PM either myself or Escariot. At this point, however, you all probably know about as much as we do concerning the backing track, judging, rewards(?) for the winrar, and all that.
  22. Uhh, it doesn't appear to work even when I rename the files.
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