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  1. I think I'm in. It'll be great to see you all again, and meet some new people! I'll bring my bongos, harmonicas, pennywhistle, and castanets for music makingness. I'm excited already, yo.
  2. Tally Hall. I just got into them recently- real good stuff. Kinda hard to place, but real good nonetheless.
  3. Oh snap son! Congratulations! Keep us posted on the details and such. I'm happy for you, bro. A winrar is you.
  4. and more I think that date is the same as one of the dates of As You Like It at my school. I'm in it, so I can't really miss it. Sorry! I know you'll be great, and can't wait to hear about how it all goes!
  5. http://www.gallopingghost.com/ Go. There's really not much I can say about it that would do it justice. Make sure to check the characters pages. They're the best parts.
  6. If the OCR song pack is really in the works, I would like to humbly suggest to Walan to get the seperate guitar and song tracks from the original remixer. I can't tell you how annoying it is for me to miss a note and to have the entire song stop (or the guitar continue) because there's no real difference between the song and guitar files other than volume. Just my two cents.
  7. 0-25, joecam. 0-25. I'll be back next year, and we'll go again.
  8. QNmidnight- Good to see you showed up on the forums! Now be so kind as to NOT post the pics you took of me!
  9. There was also a policy at MAGfest that no pictures or video could be taken without the consent of the filmed, I think. This wasn't really enforced to the extent that you had to like sign something before having your picture taken, but if you saw someone take your picture at a really embarrasing moment, you could legally make them delete that picture from the camera.
  10. As you may or may not know, MAGfest 5 was awesome. With OVER NINE HUUUUUNDREEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD attendees including virt, DjPretzel, Mustin, Ailsean, AE, ShawnPhase, and countless other musicians, remixers, and enthusiasts, this MAGfest was jam-packed with excitement. I had a blast at MAGfest. It was my first time and it will not be my last. As more OCR members return from this most epic of festivals for the music and gaming community, they will share their experiences and post tons of pictures from the events! (lol 4 image limit)
  11. I second that. Congratulations to everyone involved, bar none, including the voters. VOCR has been a monumental success in my view (even if I didn't win )
  12. Yeah, I guess. I was just curious, y'know? Not a big deal, though, so if people don't care enough or just don't want their paranoia exacerbated, I'll drop it.
  13. I meant to post this last night, but oh well. Hey Jill, would you mind updating the list of participants so that I at least have a list of who entered? I'm just curious to see who ended up sending in a track.
  14. Heh, deadline is approaching, and I'm getting nervous. Good luck to everyone and stuff. I really can't wait to hear what you all laid down on zirc's track. Yeah. Woo singing.
  15. So, now that I've signed up and stuff, How much money do you all think I should bring? I'm leaning toward 40 or so, maybe less, because I'm there for the games. I just want to be prepared if like someone says "HAY SAM! I HAVA A NEU CD OF VIDEOHGAME MUSICXS FOR U UONLY 5 BUCKS."
  16. In terms of actual OCR submitting and stuff, I hope that this competition works, in addition to having zirc work with the winner, as a vein for existing sequencers and remixers to find vocal talent. I hope that this thread isn't just a thread vocalists look at, because I know that I've wanted to collab with someone for a while... speaking of which, I need to start working on Rexy's Dirge for the Follin track again...
  17. It's a shame that so many people have dropped, but keep in mind, this is only the first incarnation of VOCR. The upside is that next time, when (hopefully) everyone's healthy again, VOCR v2 will be bigger and better. In addition, I'm sure there's a lot of talent in VOCR v1. This isn't gonna be a bust by any standards, I don't think.
  18. Issue with that is that then you have to re-sync the vocal track with the tune, which is very hard to do, at least if you're me.
  19. I think I'm done. Man, I can't wait to hear and vote on alla these!
  20. Dude, I'm totally still entering. I'm doing final recording tomorrow, and sending in a finished product. Hooray for throat betterment!
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