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  1. Yeah, sorry, Forgotten Worlds. In all fairness, it has been well over a decade since I played it. Ah, senility!
  2. Judging by T5:DR's online community, yeah I guess. Or just substitute Tekken for whatever reference you feel fits. I suppose they are all interchangeable.
  3. Times change, people with them. There may yet come a day when nobody gives a rats ass about Tekken. Who knows?
  4. Yes, Mega Man 2 NES=Audiogasm, Mega Man 2 GB=Ear Canal Hemmorage. Also, I nominate Trojan for the NES. And Forgotten Realms for Genesis. The shop theme alone made me stop playing the game after stage 2, kid you not.
  5. You lucky dogs, it's average $3.95 here in Lexington!
  6. Funny you mention that. I have done S+G's Scarborough Fair on Halo 3, and yes, it works too. Oh, for that custom soundtrack option...
  7. I don't know if it's because this is so eerily appropriate or if it's because I'm drunk, but try playing Shadow Of The Colossus while Gary Jules Mad World is playing in the background. For some reason, this fits the SotC theme perfectly. Try it!
  8. I haven't had this much fun listening to a remix since Kefka Goes Carnival! Truly awesome remix, no complaints, keep up the good work! 11/10!
  9. This would have been a bit better without the dialogue in the middle. The song itself is awesome, and definitely a keeper, but the bit about dying and all that really didn't need to be there. Also, while listening to that, I kept thinking it was Byte from Tron 2.0 Killer App. A great song overall, however. 9.5/10.
  10. The last time I heard that, I took my then girlfriend out to see Waiting To Exhale. It is my firm belief that any man who is able to sit through that movie should be GUARANTEED some late night action, yet alas... I dumped her the next day.
  11. I agree. It really didn't get the props it deserved.
  12. Vortex for the SNES had a kickass soundtrack, but the game was so crappy that no one bothered playing long enough to hear them all. There's some serious love lost for this games OST.
  13. That's true, but it really didn't look that great in 3D, in my opinion anyway. Especially when you got the Fusion Phazon suit. You go from the sweet black and red Varia to orange diving suit. I was really disappointed.
  14. If only more people realized this.
  15. Damn. Just when you got to the good part.
  16. The Roots are from around my area, so when they hit it big they were horribly overplayed on the radio. KY really doesn't have many claims to fame other than Billy Ray Cyrus...and we all know how that went...Oh, and Johnny Depp. No Roots for me, thanks. The others I can't honestly say I've heard on the radio. I've heard OF them, just not familiar with their work.
  17. Yeah. You all were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You called 911 and tried to help, but sometimes that doesn't work. Point is you tried. Some things are simply out of our control. Don't let it drag you down.
  18. You're right, I can't understand the lyrics, but I know a Knight Rider rip when I see one. I can only imagine the lyrical story leading up to it. I like it. I have no clue what's being said, but I can still apreciate the music. It's good. Kinda oldschool.
  19. Neve heard of em, but I'm willing to give them a shot. I'm just disillusioned with the whole rap scene. And while opinions vary about Jay-z's latest release, I personally believe rap needs some new life in it. Edit: Who's some Dutch Hip hop artists I can check out?
  20. I'll admit RunDMC is good. Outkast, meh, never considered them talented. "I'm sorry Miss Jackson" on the radio 45 times a day may have had something to do with that. But Run, LL Cool J, Young MC, and other's from the 80's don't quite fit the mold of modern rap. That is the problem I have. Old school and new school are entirely different. Newschool, to my exposure, just wants to " smoke joint's, fuck ho's, kill five-o". Am I the only one who notices the distinction?
  21. No, no. I want to know what I've missed. I've done Snoop, Dre, Busta, 50 Cent, Ghostface, DMX, Lil Kim, etc....obviously I've missed one somewhere. I've missed the one artist that can change my entire world view on rap, and I'd like to know who it is.
  22. I have. I'll give Eminem his props though. He raps about the same shit, but he puts some humor in it, I'll give him that. Other than that, it's all pretty much the same. Tell me what I've missed that would educate me otherwise. Tell me what I should consider "Good Rap".
  23. Yeah. Ha ha. ZB gots no idear what he talkin' bout. Oh well. I stand by my conviction. But the next white boy that looks at me and says "Sup, nigga." is gonna get belted.
  24. I'm sorry. There's only so many times you can hear "Smoke a joint, fuck dem ho's, and kill the police" before you start to realize that all they write about is hate. The fact they can't even make their own music anymore just rubs it in. And all they talk about is how hard life on the street is, and that we don't know what it's like growin up in da hood, yet they now have these millions of dollars and instead of helping make da hood better, just just propogate the problem by glorifying it. You don't know how many hood rat gangsta wannabe's with all the fake gold chains and pants worn around their knees walking around my town trying to talk some Blood/Crip game and represent the hood yo that I see everyday. It's fucking sickening. There is no "Game: t play other than the one they've been led to believe exists by this retarded genre of music.
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