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  1. My daughter is half white. I'll let you guess what the other half is,so play that race card again.\ And Tensei-san, I never said sampling was bad, but not giving credit where it is due is a bad thing. Nicholas. You never answered my question.
  2. Think Vanilla Ice's "Oh it's a different bass line cause we added a note to it." defense for his answer to ripping off Queen for Ice Ice Baby.
  3. Sorry. I meant to appeal to you, but failed. Maybe I'll win the next interent argument. But can you deny the fact that more and more rap artists are turning to remixes or "Samples" to compensate for their own lack of artistic creation? Take Busta Rhymes "Fire It Up" samples from Knuight Rider. I know that he got Glen Larson's permission to redo the KR theme, but it is in my opinion that these overpaid superstars should be able to come up with their own shit, not redo a twenty year old riff and call it a modern update. OCR is one thing, it's artistic expression. It's not here to remix for money. These people are charging 50+ bucks a concert seat to play a tune from the 80's with a new drum kit and "Fuck dem ho's, then smoke a joint" lyrics. Can you honestly argue there is little to no difference in that and OCR?
  4. Before my last post, no I didn't. I just did, and admittedly I'm still not entirely convinced. Listening to this song brings CT to mind, so I can't help but think that was obviously the attempt, despite legal terminology. Besides, this YTMND was made some time ago, don't blame me for the past. It all boils down to a matter of interpretaion and opinion, and mine is that rap artists are running out of things to rip off, so VG OST's are next in line.
  5. He "sampled" the forest song from CT, and didn't hide the fact very well. And I'm not gonna argue my position of racial standing. I'm not a racist. Believe me or not, it doesn't change the truth. But I've no love for Jay-Z, regardless of color or his "samplings". I don't like him, so I see no reason why I should care about his feelings.
  6. He's not the first one to do this. http://chrononigger.ytmnd.com/ I'm not racist, just keeping in line with the hip hop scene. Honestly. Besides, I've no respect for rip off's anyway.
  7. I love Metroid as much as anyone, and I ate up MP3 in no time. I'll admit, grudginly, that 3 wasn't the best, and Hypermode made everything into mincemeat, but some of the play mechanics I feel redeemed it. The grapple abilities were nice, the melees at all the wrong times kept the excitement up, and pimping your ride with Wii save file icons, particularly the Triforce, was a great touch. I think the moment that got me was the mad rush to fix the escape pod. I did not see that one coming at all, and the fact that you're breaking this on someone who is totally drunk and fumbling over this new "O SHI---"moment...adrenaline and alcohol are an interesting mix, let's leave it at that.
  8. http://videogames.neocurve.com/list.aspx
  9. Beautiful...simply beautiful. There is nothing else you can really say about it. Easily one of OCR's top ten, nay, top 5!!!!
  10. I'm more offended that he's ripping the "Say Hello." line from Metallica's The Memory Remains.
  11. Me neither. I figured, I just got pwnd by a guy in a wheelchair....nah, I'll play something else.
  12. If you had to sift through all the crappy mixes the judges are flooded with, looking desperately for that "diamond in the rough", you'd probably harbor several ounces of contempt for humanity too. All told, I think they've adjusted rather well.
  13. I would buy the game for that reason alone.
  14. I saw an ad in EGM, and one of the screenshots showed a charater holding what looked like a gunblade. Did they add gunblades to this version? Sweetness. Also, although Balthier is a cool addition, did they remove Cloud to do it? Anyone able to clear this up?
  15. Slightly off topic, what would you all think of a game along the same vein as SSBM, but using characters from other games, kind of an ultimate collab? A beat-em-up that versus the likes of Bionic Commando and Bonk, or Kingdom Hearts Sora versus Dante'? and so on. Do you think this is a bad idea?
  16. ToF is definitely worth the money if you can find copy of it. It has a grest, solid story, fun bosses, and you have to play through twice in separate stories to get the whole deal. Wonderful title. Needs a remake, at a least a sequel.
  17. Maybe it'll live up to the hype, unlike Halo 3. They kept evrybody in suspense for three years, and look what we got. SSBM doesn't promise to be the game that remakes the world, it just promises to be a good, solid beat-em-up with tons of unlockables. From that standard, it'll be hard to really screw up, especially given past records.
  18. This is a pretty good track. One of the better choices of the SoM ST to remix. I think the drums could use a bit more presence, but overall, I really like this.
  19. Either way, it's ridiculous. Selling an M-rated game to 17&- is not illegal. It's just "Recommended" that they not purchase or play them. Most stores try to keep with that for consumer image, but nothing is really there requiring them to.
  20. I am so in favor of this happening, especially as well as the FF7 project turned out. I'd love to help and contribute, but alas, I've the musical aptitude of a stick. I'll let the pros handle this.
  21. Almost every Final Fantasy Final Boss Theme has a remix. I believe it's time Ultimecia got the nice, long, hard trance treatment.
  22. Think Weird Al Yankovic. He doesn't technically need permission, since his work, while obviously borrowing from a source, is satirical and considered his own work. He does, however, make a clear and conscious effort to attain permission from those sources to do so. It's just good form.
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