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  1. While I can't actually contribute anything to this project, I eagerly look forward to everyone else's results.
  2. Sorry for the double, but i must say the image this statement brought to mind is frikkin hilarious!!!
  3. No no no, my good man. Put me on that list too! Halo is seriously overrated.
  4. I always found the Mega Man depiction on the 3 and 4 box art to be a bit creepy. He looks like some angry, constipated circus midget out to kill the world because he dropped his burrito and didnt get to it before the five second rule had passed. At least that's how it always struck me...
  5. Anyone else notice that the bubble riding part in Splash Womans stage was taken straight out of Wave Man's stage in MM5? They even used the exact same patterns for the first two screens!
  6. I haven't seen Bass yet, but I doubt he's in there, as in my experience his very name is innappropriate!
  7. It wouldn't let me use my online name to register. It changed it to ZEROB*** and said innappropriate, please pick another name. I don't recall Bass's name being a problem in the other games....
  8. Well, he does have a point. I am a prick, but only when given a reason to be. Blasting someone for not kissing their ass on command is a good way to get me started! Pocketman, post this Masterpiece of yours! I give you my word that if I was wrong in any way, shape, form, or fashion, I will retract any and all negative statements made by me to this point. Do you accept? Jacta alea est!
  9. and yet here you are, still being our bitch. fuck, now i forgot how to use my shift key. see what you do here?
  10. You know what? Enough of you. Several people have TRIED to be civil and tell you need some help here. Everyone is wrong, and we don't see your genius, at least that's the impression you give to even the nicest compliment you've had on this page. You are ridiculously blinded by pride, and you make shitty movies. Please put down the camera, and never try to be artistic again. Also, delete your account on OCR. You are useless, and no one likes you. Your conversations are inane. Actually, stay here and be our bitch if you'd like, you are at least amusing to us for your ignorance. Maybe we can make a video of it. We don't need 1000 bucks to show how dumb you are.
  11. This is true. Now, how many bets do I got that PM won't take the advice very well?
  12. I watched your other clip. It was better, and I'll admit, if plagiariazied then I don't know what from. The "This house had a murder and now has a curse," story is cliched as hell, but I'll give credit where its due and say that I haven't seen the "Twist" yet. The acting, however, is on par with Resident Evil one. The game, not the movie. Not, let me be nice and sparkly clear with you: I have just written a review. You do not have to agree with it. It is based strictly on opinion. You cannot please everybody, you never will. I told you what I thought was wrong. You can either tell me where to stick it, or swallow your pride, go back, and try to correct it. This is how it is. If you intend to direct movies for a living, then this is something you need to get used to. Peolpe have opinions, some stronger than others. Nine times out of ten you will have done something to earn it. Blaming them for not liking your work will NOT entice them to run to a theater and drop 10 bucks on a ticket to your show. Trying to defend the fact that another character wasn't ripped off to a world of people who know better is downright foolish. If I made a movie about a guy who fights crime after his parents are murdered, and the costume he wears while doing it is themed after an ALBINO bat, people would rip and damn me to no end, and rightfully so. If everyone is telling you the SAME thing, then how is it possible that you cannot see it for what it is? Too much pride. Let's talk about the car combat. Cars drive over powerups and can take severeal missle hits before merely catching fire. Each car has its own special attack, and driving over a health pack will repair whatever damage and missing pieces the car has sustained. Yes, to do this in a live action film would be utterly ridiculous. That's why amenities are taken in game to movie translations. Think the Resident Evil movies. How much would you bitch if everytime Alice ran from something or turned to shoot a zombie she had to stop, rotate in place, then press up to move forward twenty times in a each scene? Oh no, she's been shot, but she mixed red herb with a green and now she's all better? Every chest she finds in the city has exactly whatever it was she placed in a chest across town? Do you see where I'm going with this? Things have to change in transition, what makes sense in a game doesn't always do so in movies. My point is your TM movie isn't great, and on that skimpy budget it's not gonna be, unless you were shooting for the Ed Wood effect. Your trailer is bad, your Sweet Tooth a rip, and upon watching this, others assume the rest of the movie will be as well. If you do not like this, then change it, or post a better trailer. Opinions can only be formed from what was shown to judge. What you provided us to judge, something you asked us to do by the way, was not good at all. If you cannot take criticism or words for improvement, then you need a new career. This one will not work for you.
  13. Only 5 votes? Come on, this is a good idea, we need more audience participation!!
  14. Oh, just give it up everyone. He's right, we're wrong, and obviously have no idea what we're talking about. Heaven forbid EVERYBODY have the same point at the same time and maybe, just maybe, it be a valid one! Think of the consequences!! Pocketman, I'm gonna try to be nice here. You not only ripped a character that nearly everyone on this Earth is familiar with, you maintain the audacity to claim originality in the face of said peeps who know better. One or two people going "Hmmmm" about your Sweet Tooth and I can see why you'd be defensive... EVERYBODY telling you the same thing and there is no excuse for you NOT to get the hint! I strongly advise against you charging money for others to see this movie. DC will have your financial ass raped repeatedly! Better yet, I strongly advise against releasing this movie without invoking the Alan Smithee effect. Should you ever decide to release a quality film, this one is gonna haunt you if you don't.
  15. Hey, hey,c'mon guys! Cut the guy a break. Let's rejoice in the knowledge that the guy playing Sweet Tooth here can ever so easily take the reins of Heath Joker in the next movie! Ladies and gents, we've just seen the theatrical debut of Hollywoods next greatest thing!!!! I'm kidding. You suck, and you're a plagiarist. I was willing to give your movie a shot until I saw this. Now, be original and go make a movie about a guy who fights crime after his parents are murdered.
  16. Supposing that WAS the case, wouldn't simple exposure to an EM Pulse kill them all and rid you of the influence?
  17. Slightly off topic, but I remember a project some people were doing a few years back about Cel-Shading the Ocarina Of Time. Anybody bring me up to date on that?
  18. Yeah, I'd love to see Axel's "vehicle" done on such a short budget.
  19. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01224/ If you want a good Top Man Remix, I highly recommend this one. But I agree, OCR needs more Top Man mixes!
  20. Possibly, yes. But I'm merely suggesting that if Mr. and Mrs. Pretzel are to spend the rest of their lives together, why not go ahead and let her know what a nerdy ride she is probably in for. It's just a song remix, it's not as though everybody in the wedding will be dressed as their favorite VG character....though that IS what I'm doing when and if I get married again!
  21. If your going for a slow piece, I would recommend The Best Is Yet To COme from MGS, but you said no vocals, so meh. Ah, Castlevania SOTN: Lost Painting. It's moody and nice.
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