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  1. I'm thinking Phoenix Wright 3.
  2. Prophecy has an awesome mix from Super Metroid, Back To The Place I Once Knew. Try it.
  3. Marriage...the end to a perfectly good sex life! Seriously, you should hold a contest here for the best wedding march remix theme. Winner gets it played during the ceremony!
  4. I thought Sam Sho was already on there? I recall seeing it about two months ago.
  5. Honestly, and I know I'm going to have random stuff thrown at me from the street for saying this, but after watching new The Batman series, and seeing how animated they've made Penguin, I daresay Jack Black could pull it off if he was hired. But I would love to see Jim Carrey take the Riddler back. Also, I vote Kate Beckinsale as Poison Ivy.
  6. Just so it's known: I don't condone pirating except in some cases. If people are going to do so, there really isn't too much you can say to stop them. Best to tell them where so they can go and get it over with. I, for one, paid 40 bucks for the original game when it game out, and I bought the anniversary collection when it came out, first for the PS2, and later the XboX version. I have paid for Mega Man 2 three times in my life, so therefore, I believe I should not have to do so again. I technically cannot pirate MM2, as I've given full retail value money for it...three times! The only other time I can condone pirating is if you are looking for something that otherwise isn't realistically availble. Let's say, oh, you want to watch the old M.A.S.K. cartoon from the 80's. It has not been released on DVD in the USA, and you really want to watch it, cause hey, it's M.A.S.K., and Robot Chicken's raping of Trakker and Miles renewed your interest in it. It's not available here, so downloading someones rips from Germany may be the only option available to you. I'll admit it's a truly grey area open for debate, and I saying it on OCR, so I've no doubt it will be, but I love Mega Man as much as anyone, thought I'll not pay for MM2 a FOURTH time!
  7. www.thepiratebay.org, search NES ROMS, enjoy
  8. Azel? Pardons, but I believe you mean AzRAel. Or Az-Bats, unofficially. Anyway, yes, sickeningly sweet ass movie! The only complaint I have is that we'll not see HeathJoker with a Harley Quinn in a future sequel. That's not the movies fault, and I know that, but still, it's disappointing.
  9. Off topic, but I'm listening to Stomp To My Beat from DDR, and your gif sig matches time with it almost perfectly.
  10. Yeah, cause he usually kept it hidded behind a clipboard or something. But I digress, M*A*S*H was a great show, and it's still standing the test of time.
  11. Augh! The wait is killing me! I can't go until Friday! Grrr...
  12. Yeah, for once, Wily looks like someone you should be intimidated by!
  13. I said experimental. You gotta start somewhere. These robots are made by Dr. Light, and the reploids in the future are based off X, another Dr. Light design. It stands to reason that there are enough similarites for a first gen Maverick Virus to work.
  14. Wow, such an obious plot. Dr. Wily has ZERO trouble building robots for 7 games, now suddenly he needs money wired to a Swiss bank account to save the world? The Dr. Light talking to Wily was a robot copy, he's done it before, in Mega Man 3. Those robots ARE Dr. Lights, and also the test subjects for Wily now-experimental Maverick Virus. Capcom isn't even trying to be secretive here. I still can't wait to play it! I do like that the citizens are calling Dr. Light to COMPLAIN about him taking over the world! Nobody ever called Wily, why, is his number unlisted? Or do Skull Castles rely on Yahoo Messenger for external contact?
  15. Chicken nuggets? You're the first I've heard that DIDN'T compare him to a Zippo lighter! What about Hard Man? If I were a porn star, that would be my screen name!
  16. I doubt they'll do it, but I hope Tango makes a return in this game. Rush and Beat are fine, but Tango only got one shot to shine.
  17. Certainly a much wider smile on my face if it were true. Oh well, baby steps!
  18. I thought X2 was the sequel to Final Fantasy 10. lol.
  19. On that note, I'd have to agree. I do want the stories connected together, but I've no need for them to hurry and get there. The longer they take, the more sequels they (hopefully) make. Although admittedly, I WOULD like them to explain Zero's design change for the GBA games. Assuming the X6 ending where Zero goes to sleep is the setup for the beginning of MMX, so far it seems as if someone merely changed his armor while he slept. Granted, he's in a new body during the MMX series, but when you fight his "Original" body, it looks just like the one he's in now! Ah, Inafking...fucking with your mind for fun and profit.
  20. I usually agree with most of what you say, but this is one point where I must differ. Capcom, nay, Inafune himself has said the storylne ( Classic, X, Zero, etc) are all connected. Each another link in a rather long chain of events. Yet, they never really touch on HOW exactly that is. The whole Zero killing Wily bit is nonsense, since Zero didn't come online until after Sigma was created, thus the cutscene in X4. The Megaman/Quint theory is plausible, assuming the GB games are considered canon. If not, then WTF happened to him? X is sealed in a capsule for a minimum of thirty years for Lights tests to be completed on him before release, though evidence suggests he was in there for nearly 100 years. Classic MM is never heard from or about, so one could easily say X is actually classic Megaman in a new body and formatted memory so he could more readily adjust to the new emotions/decision making software Light included in the design. Protoman could have been captured by Wily and had some of his chips implanted in Zero, thus explaining why he and X have a brotherlike relationship.And Bass...well, it's as if he never existed, so God only knows. My point is, if you claim a series is all chained together, you should at least have the courtesy to show us the links, and not leave it to speculation. Good for fan fiction, yes, but still....
  21. I loved X6 Sigma. Poor bastard was too weak to even fight, could barely even stand, let alone offer much of a challenge. Yet there he is, trying his damnedest to whoop your ass. Now THAT'S dedication!
  22. Yeah, the Classic series wasn't really known for it's pages of dialogue, so it shouldn't take that long. I'm wondering if this title shows the fate of Mega Man, Bass, etc in relation to the start of the X series. Maybe even a cameo shot of X or Zero in production before both the Doctor's die? I can buy the Mega Man/Quint time loop theory if I have to, but I don't believe the GB games are considered canon. Any thoughts?
  23. Yeah, it's a lot of fun when you try to figure out which volume of .Hack you were playing last!
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