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  1. Oh God, another JT page. Great, I thought the old bastard was finally dead, since I haven't heard his BS in a while. Now I'm sad again.
  2. I agree completely. When I first started this this song, and I heard the chiptune, I smiled. I like chiptunes, I'm funny like that, and also not many people do chiptunes very well. Then the actual meat of the song kicked in, and i will admit I was thoroughly impressed. If they ever do a remake of FF7, (and I'm sure they will when they need money), and they don't use the Advent Children version of OWA as the final theme, then this should be the one.
  3. The Nemesis weapon in Final Fantasy 10. It's the top elective battle you can fight at the monster ranch. I had Tidus to full power, max sphere grid, damage break skill on his weapon, BLitz Ace, so he did 900,000 damage per break, and everybody in the team had full overdrive bars, with the Entrust skill learned, so they could give Tidus their overdrive so he could Blitz Ace again. I popped off about 5 of these attacks, for nearly 5 million Hp damage total...still wiped the floor with me. One day I'm gonna go back and try again.
  4. ZeroBass.Exe

    Halo 3

    Wow. I waited three years for more of the same. But props where they are due...graphics look 23% better. Other than that, yawn. 70 bucks for a game that was shorter than it's predecessor. Glad I didn't actually pay for it.
  5. I got a 52 kill spree one time, I believe the game called me an Inhuman Bastard or something.
  6. The Joker from Batman: Return of the Joker, for NES. Sonuvabitch had his own gameshark!!
  7. criticism? yes. constructive criticism? no How is this not constructive? Simply redo the song without lyrics, and it will sound better. A lot of other reviewers seem to feel the same. "You sang. I threw it in the trash." There's really no sense in trying to defend that manner of criticism as constructive. You missed my point. I threw it away because I felt the lyrics ruined the song. I've heard several remixes that involved lyrics that sounded quite nice. This wasn't one of them. The music itself is fine.
  8. criticism? yes. constructive criticism? no How is this not constructive? Simply redo the song without lyrics, and it will sound better. A lot of other reviewers seem to feel the same.
  9. This was great until you started singing. Then I erased the file. Sounds harsh, but that's criticism.
  10. I own this game, but have never played it. My computer won't run it, it basically gives me a message that says it's too primitive or something.
  11. The Venom Star Wolf encounter on Expert Mode in Starfox 64. They friggin dodge the seeking bombs!!
  12. How about some of the later Phases from .Hack Quarantine? Took me an hour and a half to get through the Cubia and Corbenk battles, most of that was from trying to recover after ever thirty second long cinematic special they kept throwing at me. You really can't God mode those games. I was LV 95 and still struggling to survive in a level 90 dungeon. Corbenk: The Peanut of DOOOOOOMMM!!!!
  13. Despite the slight long-windedness of this, taking into account that occaisonal typoes will happen, this announcement was a good idea. Good job SG and Gorveg.
  14. I likes that a lot, I does!!!! Thanks a ton, Doulilfee!!!
  15. Something colorful, yet representative of Bass, somewhat along the lines of my current sig, ravaged backgounds, etc. And a cool textfont. Thanks in advance!
  16. Props to ya, GL! Have fun and success in life, and remember always, never smell the inside of bowling shoes...especially someone elses.
  17. Hey Doulifee, do you think you could work some of your wondrous magic on this for me, please?
  18. I've done it, and I have the mental scars to prove it! Also, anyone try beating Final Joker in Batman: Return of the Joker for NES? You have 80,000 HP compared to his 250,000, which sounds like a lot til you consider his attacks do 5000 damage to the 5-10 your attacks do to him. Still haven't beaten it.
  19. I manged to do it in one turn with Super missiles, but I'm pretty sure that was luck. I haven't done it since.
  20. Damn, two responses. I'm gonna feel guilty having to choose, but it's Joyzilla FTW. But thank you nonetheless, Doulifee'. I saved it to my picture folder for use later. I particularly like that you used my profile info, and the way the red eye shines through. Nice touch.
  21. Would someone mind making a sig for me out of this? I don't necessarily need the hand in it, but if you can use it then fine, just something kinda dark and fitting with an appropriate background. Thanks a lot!
  22. I will, thanks Nineko, but right now I have to head out and take care of a few things. I'll post them later, promise!
  23. They were a little better, I can send you the file if you'd like. Imageshack won't let me upload .ico
  24. ^ I know, that's a result from converting from .ico to .gif, but I don't think it's too horrible. I suppose it coulda been worse.
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