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  1. The songs belong to the artists but only insofar as they are derivatives. That is, the CHANGES and whatever new composition and samples used belong to the artist(s) that did them. However, that does NOT mean that the songs completely belong to the artists - in other words, they couldn't say it was theirs and sell the songs. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to sell the remixes at all, actually. Giving credit doesn't technically count for a whole lot legally, but it counts a LOT for the artist personally. That is, if you make a derivative work under normal copyright law and you don't give credit, the artist in question is more likely to go after you because you disrespected them. If, however, you gave credit, they will be more likely to ignore your copyright infringement. Companies care less about this stuff, but it's still courteous to your listeners to let them know your sources. I guess we did go out on a tangent, didn't we?
  2. Do I hear a court case for defamation? Seriously, how the hell does that translate? Did some twit not know what cryptography meant? Arek: Awww but why not? We want to be accepted and treated normally so we should separate ourselves and call attention to our differences right?
  3. Actually, in many ways that's correct. The only reason every artist who does fanart(this includes visual as well as musical) isn't sued off the face of the Earth is because companies generally ignore/allow derivative fanworks. But it's still technically copyright infringement IIRC.
  4. I think the point he's trying to make here is that just because you modify something does not make it yours in any way, shape or form. He's just too lazy to type it out.
  5. They should be right after each other in the guide too.
  6. I'm pretty sure "Bump" is an acronym for Bring Up My Post.
  7. Fixed. "Sole Calibur" - Shoe fighting game!
  8. Or perhaps racing game. Btw, the smell thing is extremely frightening.
  9. k So anyway, that was very amusing.
  10. So awesome. And yeah, they'd be more like camp movies than anything. Still very good.
  11. Does the Tremors series count? They don't take themselves terribly seriously, but...
  12. Wow, nice list. (and yes, I'm aware the emoticon doesn't work) Uhm, I can only think of making up or learning a new language. Oh, I have an idea. Choreograph and perform a song and dance routine from start to finish in front of a crowd of at least 25 people. If you want to make it really difficult, make it a complete surprise to the entire audience. If you think it's impossible, a friend of mine actually did that once.
  13. A good friend of mine makes jewelry out of roleplaying dice. They sell like hotcakes. Also, I participated in an online GreyHawk campaign once. And uh... I like Planescape: Torment. Yeah, that's about it. A friend of mine is really into this kinda of stuff though.
  14. HOW COULD I FORGET?! That movie is quite possibly the best movie ever - right above Spaceballs. Mel Brooks is awesome. Oh oh! Also, History of the World Part 1! I loved that movie.
  15. This thread rocks. *gets shot* More seriously though, I'm gonna need to check out some of these guys. I can't have only three(okay, four if you count Nightwish but so far I only like two of their songs) power/melodic/speed/whatever the fuck they call themselves metal bands!
  16. I want to see Shaun of the Dead. We actually own it, I just need to get around to watching it. I much like the Spoof Movie genre. Spaceballs is pure awesome, but I also enjoy a lot of more, uh, budget films. Like the ones from XStrike Studios - I saw "Silent Horror" at Magfest and it was pretty funny.
  17. Is Avantasia considered rock? It's more along the lines of metal... Also look into Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle Earth". You should be able to guess what it's about from the title. EDIT: If I recall, Blind Guardian is quite similar to Symphony X. And Avantasia is pretty similar to BG. So you should like both.
  18. I've actually been thinking about getting a Zelda tat on my upper shoulders. Not Link or anything, but the Zelda eagle or whatever it's called. I'll have to consult with my brother in law about it though. He got a tattoo on his back as well(designed by his wife). It's pretty cool.
  19. As long as the tattoo artist can pull that off and nothing stretches, that'd be a really badass tattoo. I don't see why any woman wouldn't at least find it tolerable.
  20. Stop making new art threads and revive my old one! I don't get the reference, btw.
  21. Agreed. Not to criticize, but that is one hell of a complicated picture, and if your tattoo artist screws up(ie they aren't very good at making insanely complicated, unorthodox tattoos) it's not going to be pretty.
  22. He probably meant the second comment, as many people here have been complimenting him and he hasn't corrected them yet. Also ARGH NO NESTED QUOTES. Dx
  23. Yeah. Like people have said before, it's been done on both sides. It's very easy to generalize, and there are a lot less moderators than UnModders so the percentages are going to be skewed.
  24. I figured there was a good reason, I just thought it was amusing. Also, I need the original "Nice Work Guy" picture.
  25. Mods in every forum need some sort of compensation. ITT The Damned doesn't notice that DS is posting in GenDisc with significant frequency.
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