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  1. DON'T TELL ME I DON'T WANT TO KNOW D: I think the claims that ALL mods generalize about Unmodders is a uhm.. generalization. Really. Stop generalizing, all of you. (lulz that was totally on purpose)
  2. It's a successful fantasy series right? That's pretty much a requirement.
  3. I quite like the Discworld series, by Terry Pratchett... at least as far as I've read. It's chronological and long as hell but each book is pretty much self contained - no cliffhangers.
  4. There is an actual Fagfest, you know. Or, there was one year. Just thought I'd point that out.
  5. It's incredibly easy to burn out as a mod. I'm sorry to see Dark resign though, he was IMO a very good moderator as far as community interaction goes.
  6. No, they couldn't. Yes. I obviously missed a lot of interweb drama while on my way back from Magfest, so I can't really say anything about what went on there. But from the looks of things, it couldn't have been good, and it looks like there was some permanent damage. :\
  7. The problem with this is that the people who abused it did it in such a way that would get DJP and OCR royally fucked. Remember when that guy posted the video of the underage girl stripping? The video itself was removed yes, but people(as far as I remember) were still allowed to request it. That is, quite simply, illegal, and could get the entire site in big trouble. That's not even counting the various other things people have done in the past via the Unmod forum, whether it was harassing someone or posting illegal content. I am sad to see unmod go, but I can also understand why it was not preferable but absolutely necessary to remove it in order to protect the site. But maybe that's just me.
  8. That was fuckin' awesome. I didn't get to hang out much with the OCR people(I had a guest from England who kept getting himself lost), but Saturday night was really fun. Thanks for the pizza, Jeremy, I'm glad I FINALLY got that CD to you. And Y HALO DER BAHAMUT, it was cool to meet you. It was really fun hanging out with all the OCRians! I can't wait till M6!
  9. Sweet. Tell him I said hi! ....although I live less than 45 minutes away and I'll be seeing him at Magfest... Eh, whatever.
  10. Kitsuta


    omg u elitist D:
  11. Kitsuta


    Dude, I really hope that was sarcasm. Also, Damned, not everyone wants to bother downloading all the songs. Harddrives may be cheap nowadays, but a good internet connection is still hard to come by, and impossible for people who live in more secluded areas.
  12. It wasn't there. That's a good one, though.
  13. I don't usually need technical help(it's typically the other way around, sheesh) but I can't figure this one out. Windows XP Home Firefox 2.0 IE 6.0 I've spent the last few days away in Florida, and I turned my computer off before I left. Before the trip I could post, read PMs, etc, just fine. When I get back and log in on Firefox though, EVERYTHING is locked. Meaning, when I look at the forum index, all the FORUMS are shown as locked and I can't post in any of them(although I can read them). Although oddly enough, the topics show normally, with some locked and most not. Even PMs are locked! When I try to access my PMs it says: "Private messaging has been disabled on this board." So after clearing my cache to no avail, I try to access the forums in IE 6. It works like a charm and the layout is completely different from what I'm used to. So for those who usually use IE, has the layout changed in the past couple days or something? Any clue at all as to what might be going on here? Thanks!
  14. Stop describing me accurately! I'm surprised at how many people decided to rap this song. I kinda wish there was more variety, but I think that's the "fault" of the vocalists, not the background track. I definitely think we should make everyone sing to the same track, it's much cooler that way. really? fault? are you sure that "singing" intrinsically exhausts more talent and effort? oh, you're one of those! haha Uhm... wow. Okay, to clarify, I was talking about the mention in the first post of how we may let people use different tracks in future comps. What I was saying was I think using one track is a good idea, even though this comp didn't have a whole lot of variety(as in, it was mostly people rapping). I don't think that's because we're using just one track so much as the vocalists chose to rap. Thus, I don't think having one track per comp limits the variety of music per se, even though that kind of happened here.
  15. Stop describing me accurately! I'm surprised at how many people decided to rap this song. I kinda wish there was more variety, but I think that's the "fault" of the vocalists, not the background track. I definitely think we should make everyone sing to the same track, it's much cooler that way.
  16. Here's what I do most of time in Zelda: -circling around the environment for solutions to dungeon puzzles/hidden items -frantically attacking enemies and not hurting them half the time -walking Those things lead to fun, but they aren't often in themselves. Well, I don't really see why you are demanding instant gratification. You don't make money by the actual act of going to school - you make money afterwards by knowing at least simple mathematics. Same with games. There does have to be a certain balance of grinding vs rewards, and games that fail at this are really annoying. Of course there are also games where the actual act of playing is in itself amusing. All I can think of are Wii games though. It's less of "is the act of playing this game fun" and more of "do I get good enough rewards from playing this game to justify the time I waste on it." That's why some people love MMORPGs while others despise them - it depends a lot on how tolerant people are of grinding.
  17. No! Bad Bigfoot! We're talking about CURRENT games! Or do you really want this to turn into a whinefest about how the games 'back then' were ten bazillion times better or what not?
  18. Is TV really all that entertaining? Are movies all that great? It's called escapism. Games let us be other people, or at least in other situations, for as long as we play them. That is their chief appeal - distraction. When we play games(or watch TV or read books) we don't have to think about our actual lives. ...Just kidding. Games are a way of using our brains in a relatively non stressful situation(unless you take them too seriously, in which case you suck). Even if you get frustrated and die 5000 times, there's no ACTUAL repercussions besides lost time. It's a good trade off, considering the "Victory is mine" feeling you get when you actually do well and the general entertainment and, yes, escapism value. I don't think "fun" games are going away - it just depends on what you play. If most of the time you are frustrated, confused, etc you may want to consider playing some more laid back games, or just relaxing your standards. ...although I hardly think you'd be uptight about a game.
  19. Jeez, I'm nervous. Why am I nervous? I already know that mine won't win. Oh, I'm required to vote? Oki-day. Off I go! EDIT: Lots of really great songs in here. Before I send my votes in though, do we send it ALL our rankings or just the top three?
  20. You should see my sister's boyfriend's family. We went to one of his relative's birthdays once. She got so much shit and she was turning 3 or something. I got: 4 "Walkie Bits" - tiny turtles from japan that move when you tap their shells 1 drawing "DigiPro" tablet - It seems pretty cool, but I consider it hilarious that I got this, because my father approached me one day and asked if I would prefer a tablet that doesn't meet my specifications or nothing at all. I told him nothing at all(he had apparently already ordered this). 4 "On the Fast Track" comic books. They were pretty funny, but I don't really like the comic that much. $20 gift card to Blockbuster - this gift might have been a bit better if I didn't know it was originally intended for someone else. I feel so cheap. $25 gift card to Borders - Sweeeeet. An umbrella - It opens and closes with a button! I already know that I'm notoriously hard to shop for, so I wasn't really expecting to get anything all that great. But I was surprised that I didn't get a single DS game, because I actually listed about five two year old+ games to choose from. According to them, they didn't find any of the games 'on sale.' You'd think that two year old games like Electroplankton would be cheap enough to get without an extra discount. Hell, I saw Polarium in GameStop for $12 several months ago. So uh.. I went pretty broke getting people stuff(lolz no job!) and I didn't get a single thing I wanted. So I'm just considering my expenses-paid Magfest trip as a Christmas present. My brother in law has one of those exactly. I played with it while we were waiting for Wii. I was quite surprised that it guessed dragon, but I beat it several times in a row. It couldn't even guess itself. Or steering wheel(although it got close with "muffler"). Oh yeah that reminds me. I think one of the big reasons I didn't get anything much is because my parents were counting on them being able to grab a Wii. Well, no one in the family was able to get one. So, yeah.
  21. My Dad hasn't finished wrapping his. He's probably gonna make me help him.
  22. Nice deadline extension, but unfortunately I can't spare the time to refine my submission. I have a lot to do to prepare for Magfest.
  23. Happy Winter Solstice to you, too. Have fun in NJ! And then again in NY!
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