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  1. So basically, I need to download all my mix fixes from ThaSauce then?
  2. Ver 1.4 is out! Thanks for all the patience and stuff during this time while we fixed a crapton of bugs and offered you D-Pad support. Finally! No more sliding woes for those who were stuck utilizing joysticks! We also addressed the issue of having the Mega Buster not blast through weak enemies as well as increase the speed of Rush Jet slightly to make it more speed runner savvy. There is a bunch more we did but you can check out the dev log for that on the download page (http://rpgmaker.net/games/2406/downloads/)! This 'should' be the final, definitive version of the game file now! As for the biggest addition: Hard mode! It is truly sadistic with an increased amount of enemies all placed in the wrong spots to completely screw you. Not to mention you take double damage from everything! So upgrades like the Recover Chip, EX Recover and others will suddenly become quite important to you. I know it can be beaten buster only because I've done it. But I don't think it can be beaten without taking a hit. Good luck to anyone who attempts that challenge! Enjoy the game again everyone and for those who have yet to play it, enjoy it for the first time!
  3. Sorry for necro posting, but I never knew about these competitions until just recently with the new Megaman X remix being posted up on OCRemix. So I was dying to download the whole season....only to find the link completely dead! Does anyone still have this zip file? Thanks in advance!
  4. Version 1.3 is released! http://rpgmaker.net/games/2406/downloads/6396/ This is the definitive version of the game now. Barring any other bugs that might crop up, for which we'll release minor updates for, there should be no more drastic changes to the game, levels or its difficulty. You either need to adapt or quit, your choice. I tried to smooth out all the rough patches, but I'm holding firm to my overall difficulty setting. Finally, in this version, I've released all the maps of the game in all their uncompressed glory. So for those who like to scour over the maps to find every detail and/or secret, you can do so here. I've also included all the completed rooms of the scrapped 100 Room Challenge idea. Unless there is enough interest for the feature, I don't think we'll complete it, but at least see what it could have been! Crazy combinations of obstacles and ideas meant to tax your platforming skills to the limit! Either way, redownload and enjoy the game anew or for the very first time! -Darkflamewolf
  5. Ver 1.2 is out! Alongside a nice collection of fixed bugs! I also altered quite a few level design aspects which should appease those players who cried foul on the unfair aspects of certain design decisions! Hopefully this plays a lot smoother! Thanks everyone for the help on fine tuning this beast! It still is difficult and will require practice and skill to beat however!
  6. It have been 6 years in the making (since 2008!) but Jman and I (Yes, THAT Jman) have been working on and off together on a Megaman game. Granted, it doesn't have any new graphics (or very little) and no new music, but that's because at the early stage of production where we could have used spriters and/or musician, nobody was willing to help us. It wasn't until the last few years of production that got offers, but by then, it was already past the point of no return. History of the project aside, this is one of my most ambitious games yet and will feature all these things: - 20 challenging platforming levels - 10 devious robot masters (11 if you count the hidden boss) - 21 tank pieces to find - 3 Rush upgrades - 7 chip upgrades - Brutal Boss Rush mode - Scoring system (ala Mega Man 1) that rewards you the better you do - Easy Mode for those who hate challenges Released Date Nov 27, 2014, download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2406/ Pre-Launch Trailer: Screenshots:
  7. If you were thinking of doing another Mega Man X Remix competition, my suggestion would be to now mix it up with the Sigma Castle themes. Similar to what you did with the Wily Castle tunes and the Robot Master themes. And for the final round, probably a boss battle theme (or combination) of choice with their selected Maverick theme. What do you think

  8. True, but I just feel like each Bad Ass album 'should' cover new territory. Capture all the villains that were skipped over the first time around (and the second time). Maybe its just me feeling a great injustice is being done here. :-/
  9. @Pu_Freak - Track 17 of the first BadAss album: The Sound of a Thousand Voices Screaming in Unison. Yep. He's already been done. Your argument is invalid. Make way for Kuja! As for my skills, I have 0% skills in making anything musical. I've never touched a music program or instrument in my life.
  10. Isn't there like a timeline where if a remixer doesn't do anything with a claimed track for over a year, it gets dropped and given to someone else who can?
  11. You're redoing the Kefka and Sephiroth themes again but not doing Kuja from FFIX? I cry foul!
  12. I actually like RetroChallengeGamer. He doesn't seem to pander to any audience and truly seems to be doing it just for fun. He also sometimes gets his wife in on the action to somewhat hilarious results. Good solid channel that seems to have some growing promise. He also fills in his commentary with background info about the games, its characters or just his initial impressions of the game when he first played through it. He can be a chatterbox however...
  13. This is the final trailer and first 'official' I am releasing for the game. It is so close to completion, its not even funny. But a lot of polish and testing still needs to be done! Wish us luck to try and make it before the final deadline of Dec 17, 2013! Or we've busted the 25th anniversary of Megaman! Enjoy the vid and be sure to visit our fan page on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MegamanROTF
  14. You dang right that is just a placeholder, it was merely music for the promo video. That is all. For the final game, we will be using updated tracks of the original 8bit tunes used for each of the stages. So a cross between the two. As far as information goes, we now have a facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/MegamanROTF Go check it out and give it a like! This is obviously a lesser known MM fan game, mainly because not a single gaming sight as bothered to mention it. Regardless, when it is done, I promise you won't be disappointed!
  15. Is this a fan made film?
  16. Hey everyone! I feel the game has progressed to the point that I can show it off to folks. Furthermore, I figured the general discussion forum would be the best placed to put it. So without further adieu, I will paste the info dump about the game: Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen is a fan-made sequel to the Mega Man franchise created by DarkFlameWolf (the game, not the franchise). It was built utilizing the Game Maker Pro ver. 8.1 engine from the ground up from the shell framework of Megaman Rocks; another fan-made sequel by Eric Ruth. The game starts off with Mega Man being summoned after several Robot Masters from the past are laying siege to the city and are stealing robot schematics and plans from the central Robot Museum. Mega Man warps there only to find that he is too late and that Knight Man (apparently Dr. Wily’s new right-hand man) succeeded in stealing robot data to be cloned and used. We then get to the stage selection screen proper where there is an unusual number of 10 Robot Masters to tackle compared to the traditional 8. The current beta is being run through by testers and the estimated release date is slated to be in the winter timeframe 2013, most likely before the 25th anniversary of Mega Man ends. Features: -20 levels -11 robot master weapons -10 upgrades (include 3 Rush forms) -21 collectable tank pieces -Optional secret uber boss -Post-game 100 room challenge -Two potential endings Screenshots: Promo Video: You can check out the game homepage over at rpgmaker.net here at this address and keep up to date on it: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2406/
  17. Wow, sorry about the late response GTA. But yes, they all mean something to me. Probably because I built them all.

  18. Hey Darkesword, I missed the final tourneys of the last Maverick battle last year. Do you know where I could find a download location for all entries for the previous year's Maverick competition? Thanks.

  19. ARGH!!!!!! I just finally listened to all the songs...Why was the Vector Point remix of Volt Catfish and Blizzard Buffalo only 1:06 minutes LONG?!?!?! It was just getting amazing awesomeness and then it just ENDS! Finish this song if its a WIP, it is the most amazing one of the bunch so far imo! My ears will thank you!
  20. If you are still taking suggestions, I'd really like to re-suggest Kuja's Theme/Dark Messenger hybrid mix from Final Fantasy IX....with major bad-assery!
  21. I actually like that version the best out of all of them.
  22. Since his theme won't be on the Bad Ass albums, Dark Messenger/Kuja's theme better be sufficiently bad ass or I'll be majorly disappointed.
  23. My gosh I can't stand it! When is it coming out!?
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