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  1. Two tracks basically opened up today. Kingdom of Nasrad is now back up for grabs. So if any remixers were interested in it but couldn't claim it because someone else had it, its now for the taking. Please go back through and take another listen to see if its something you'd like to remix. It's got more of an arabic flair to it. The other track is a bit more unique. I actually removed Town of Ice after some discussion with Modus and I'm replacing it with Remote Town. So this is a brand new core track listing, so everyone take a listen to this one and see if you can get some ideas for it. I'm almost thinking Western style but I like to be surprised! Come on folks! We got just a few more tracks to claim!
  2. Big WELCOME to newcomer Huile_Smith! He offered to produce earlier last week a WIP by Sunday and boy did he deliver! Great rock take on Valua and I can't wait to hear more! We're slowly filling in the remaining tracks on the core track list and I'm still tracking down first WIPs from various remixers but overall, I feel the album is on track and not lagging behind. Keep it up everyone! This album is going to sound amazing!
  3. Very good news: Aster has signed up to the project as a second performer. Not claiming a full track for himself but rather wanting to collab with any all remixers on the project. For those wanting to add spice to their remixes and wanting to collab with Aster, he is offering these instrument performances: guitar, steel acoustic or electric bass. If anyone is interested with his offer, by all means hit him up with a PM and let me know your track will become a collab track and it'll all be groovy! Thanks again Aster!
  4. March 1st is almost upon us and that means the first WIPs need to be sent in by those who signed up earlier this January! For those in tune with the Facebook page and the post I made there, you should already know who you are! Looking forward to some awesome work! Either way, you'll be receiving a PM from me on March 2nd.
  5. I'm back from my TDY and the project is still going strong! The next batch of first WIPs from those who signed on later in the process is due at the end of Feb. So I'm expecting a lot more cool content to be flowing in! Now to mention I've been contacted by both Mazedude and Brandon Strader about the project! Nothing firm yet with either remixer but the mere fact we're talking about potential tracks gets me excited! That and we got Sam Dillard on the Great Silver Temple? I'm excited as hell! For the remixers onboard, expect another 'state of the album' update on the Facebook page soon and a PM reminding you about it. Still looking for more remixers (or current) to pick up the remaining tracks. I got ahold of Jason Covenant (FINALLY!) but he preferred to come in late in the project when its a struggle to get the last few tracks claimed...works better under pressure I guess? Oh well, I'm back and I'm ready to rock this album forward going into spring!
  6. I'm going on another short leave TDY for work and I'll be back around the 12 of Feb. So until then, I may be in questionable internet capability so I if anyone wants to claim a track, please not only PM me about it but also post here in the thread to ensure an 'unclaimed' track showing is actually claimed. If that makes sense. As for deadlines, there are two remixers (I've PM'd them) who missed their pushed back deadline of Jan 15 for their first WIP. I'll push it back a second time to the end of Feb, but if I've heard nothing back by then, I'll have to open up those three tracks to other folks. I don't want to do this since I'm intensely curious to see what they'd do with the songs they've chosen.
  7. We now have our second finished track: 'A Sailor's Respite' by Bluelighter! Everyone give a round of applause for his hard work! Awesome job. We also came up with a name for Deedubs mix of Armada too - 'God's Ambition'. Both tracks are excellent and I can't wait to hear the rest when they go final. Even though the second, more substantial WIP isn't due for many folks until June 1st, hopefully we get some overachievers who get a sudden burst of inspiration and belt through the songs in a fortnight! I can dream, right? However, there is still 2 people who I'm waiting on their first WIP past deadline right now. Expect another PM from me this week. If I hear nothing yet by the end of my upcoming TDY (temporary duty) that ends mid-Feb. Then I'm sadly going to have to open up the tracks once more for others to claim. Not saying which tracks yet since I'm not comfortable calling out people publicly, but let's hope it doesn't have to come to that.
  8. Argh! I'll be on TDY during that time period. The one time I'm actually living on the east coast in my career and they send me on TDYs during all the important conventions. They must know.... Rats! Oh well, just know I would love to be there to meet all you awesome people, hopefully next year. :-/
  9. Thanks for the feedback Emunator, Chimpazilla and of course, Timeaeus222, all was instrumental in helping our remixer in developing a clear, solid plan on how best to fine-tune and polish his mix. As it stands, his will be the second mix to finally be considered a 'finished track!' What was the first? Deedubs 'Armada/Armada Battle' is the first finished track for the album and it sounds AMAZING! With the quality of these two tracks plus what's coming down the pipe line with WIPs, you are all in for a treat! Still awaiting a crapton more WIPs by the end of the month, so get cranking and let the music flow! I'm also in the neighborhood looking for a mixing/mastering person to help smooth out all tracks to make them sound perfect together across the entire album.
  10. We just hit a big snag. One of our remixers sent in a near finished product and got it tore apart by the judge/evaluator we have on the team. As many of you know, I'm sending the final product to a current (or past?) OCR judge/evaluator for final critique. Reason: I want all your awesome tracks, if they were to be submitted to OCR as is, outside of this album, to be accepted and be a 'YES!' However, as it stands, I only have one evaluator and I'm trying to sign on two others so we got at LEAST 2-3 professional opinions on the piece. However, since these judges have time restrictions via life or reviewing ACTUAL remixes being sent into the site, they can't be looking at EACH and EVERY WIP that comes my way. So, this is why I created the soundcloud, so the remixers who are on the team can help critique/give advice/help build up each person's WIPs so that when it gets to this final state to be professionally evaluated, it doesn't fail. So far, I'm the only one truly providing feedback on the soundcloud but my opinion is not from a musical background and I'm not OCR staff so my final opinion on if these tracks would be awesome to pass the judge's panel means little. That is why I'm deferring to most of you who signed on board to help each other out each step (WIP) of the way. I believe if more opinions were offered during the first beginning WIP stages, I'm sure most of these critiques this remixer received could have been avoided. As it stands, I'm contacting a few judges to see if they'd be willing to review final submissions so we got some second or third opinions. But for now, for the remixes up already on the soundcloud, please go and help each other out! Only together can we make this album awesome!
  11. Everyone who signed on has been made aware of the Group page and should be going there for the majority of announcements but I did want to post something here just in case no one has made that transition yet: Faseeh (a relatively new remixer) has expressed definite interest in Military Facility Dungeon but needs assistance. He's currently looking at James Wong to help him collab with it, but should that fall through, I want to gauge the interest out there to see if people would be willing to collab with Faseeh on this track if he can't get James Wong to sign on. I know a lot of people have come and gone on Military Facility Dungeon, so I 'know' there is interest in this track but due to life or other circumstances, people have had to drop the song. I really want Faseeh to get it but he needs that extra push. If anyone knows this James Wong, maybe nudge him in the direction of 'yes?' lol If not, hopefully someone will be on standby to fill in and help Faseeh claim this track.
  12. Done! You are in for both songs, one for primary and one for secondary with Yoshiblade. Also, for all remixers, expect a 'state of the album' PM address that'll reiterate a few points about the album and give us all a better, firmer deadline for everything as well as show the fancy progress we've all made! This is shaping up to be a successful album and already I can't thank you enough for it! Looking forward to more WIPs!
  13. A few remixers have dropped out, opening up Military Facility Dungeon, Bombardment1/Bombardment 2 and Great Silver Temple for those who are interested in remixing those. To give an idea of the timelines for each remixer, it will be individually negotiated but, upon signing on, the standard deadline for your first WIP which 'can' even be a minute or more but just enough to give me a concrete idea of where you'll be taking the piece is about 3 months from signing on. The next deadline where you produce something more substantial and possibly almost finished is 5-6 months after that. Finished tracks will vary based on my final approval and OCR Judge comments and evals. So far Timeaus222 has been gracious enough to lend his critiques to the project and seeing if Emunator wants to hop on board that bandwagon. As for a personal request by one of the potential future team remixers: Yoshiblade, he has done an amazing piece on 'Theme of Reflection' to the point I am considering adding it to the main core track list. However, he is at a stalemate on it since he needs some nice vocal work done on it. He has his sights set on LadyWildFire but no response has me pushing this request out a bit more widespread here on the thread. If anyone is interested in helping out Yoshiblade with that vocal part, give him a PM and ask him to see what he needs for the piece! Any bit helps!
  14. I actually like the direction its going in. I added my comments on the soundcloud. I have a few suggestions with specific examples to give it some gravity but I'll see what you think. Overall, I like it and I think you should press with it if you still got the inspiration to carry it in this style. As for the others, I will be PMing them later today. Emunator had to drop out, so the Great Silver Temple is back up for grabs. That is a highly unique piece and I truly want to see that one done for the album.
  15. Cool beans! You are on board then, I'll catch you later this weekend on PM with my Skype name and you can ask Modus for his. As for everyone else, I'm still awaiting WIPs from these folks for New Years: OA Garpocalypse (I've spoken with you, so we're cool) Supercoolmike zykO RoeTaka ZackParrish Xenonetix Emunator fxsnowy If for some reason we arranged a deadline in January (which might be the case for Xenonetix, Emunator and fxsnowy), please remind me. Otherwise, I'll PM you again tomorrow about your WIP and if you need a little more time. I'm not asking for much, barely a minute of song but enough solid mixing to give me a concrete idea of where you want to take the mix.
  16. I was going to post something along the lines of Emunator but felt I didn't have the cred to do so, but I'm glad someone spoke up. I'm all for these projects myself and I do hope they see completion one day, however, considering I'm a literal 'nobody' in the OCRemix scene, I am myself fighting a uphill battle to get Skies of Arcadia finished. All things considered, we got a bunch of WIPs already in, a bunch of tracks claimed and less than half of the core track list left to be claimed with about 7 remixers saying their time will free up early 2016 for this! Honestly, I'd call that a success even if it isn't anywhere near halfway done. But I will reiterate a point from Flexstyle, you need to be serious about following through and I intend to do just that. For example, all those who I PM'd and who have read my PM but never responded negative or positively to it, I'll be PM'ing them again start of the new year. Those who said to check back in with them in 2016, I made a list and will be doing so as well. I'll also PM anyone who will have (hopefully not!!!) missed the New Year's deadline for WIP 1 and coordinate a new one for them or enter discussion if they still want to be onboard or not. Its tough being director and gathering people together for a common goal. It takes someone who is focused and has a clear vision what they want from each track without detracting from the remixer's style and genre they'd like to take it to. I had more but its late and I'm tired but I do wish you the best of luck in any of your first directorial debuts! Honestly? If Skies of Arcadia gets done and no one has started a Final Fantasy 8 album, I will SO head that one up! lol XD
  17. Modus and I's schedules are mismatching this holiday season, however we have set up a Skype session this Jan 9, 2016 where we'll go over the overall scope of the project, the artwork style, pieces required, general direction of the art and more. You are more than welcome to join in on that. Get with Modus for the extra details for the meeting. As for the music, we have been steadily getting WIPs in however, there is still a good chunk unsent that is expected by the end of Dec 31, 2015. So hopefully the rest of the remixers slated for that deadline get one in.
  18. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! We have about a week left before the first deadline of New Year's for many of you who have claimed tracks. (If your deadline is later in January, you should already know who you are) Please try to get those WIPs in! We already got a few great pieces of music already up for listening on the soundcloud and two that I've already marked down as 'substantial' since they are basically almost finished songs in their own right! With quality like this so early in the project, I can't wait to see how the rest will be. Looking forward to everyone's works and have a happy new year!
  19. "The Starman Cometh" or "Earthbound: Welcome HoM3" (The capitalized M is intentional and the 'E' is a 3 to indicate all three games.)
  20. Although I haven't added him officially yet until he says so, Yoshiblade has submitted a proof of concept for Theme of Reflection. Yes, it isn't on the main core track list and I still WANT those covered first, however he submitted a rather awesome WIP of the track that I couldn't really say no if he's willing to continue with it. This is proof that if you come to me with a great WIP with intent to finish of the tracks left off the album, I am willing to add them back in.....that still leaves us with 13 tracks left to go though! I'll update the track list in the first post once I get final confirmation from Yoshiblade. On another, negative note, I will be shutting down my Facebook account and thus my access to my Skies of Arcadia project page for remixer/group members. This is unfortunate and I am sorry. Until I find a good replacement for project work space, I am going to come back and be reusing this thread as update thread and I hope all remixers subscribe/flag/follow this thread so that all updates notify them. Update: Deadline approaching for many of you! New Year's is around the corner and we need those WIPs in by then! Just a gentle reminder and a call to check out that soundcloud link I gave you all. There are already three artist's WIPs up there for listening, let them know how their remixes are and offer advice/critique/praise as necessary. Looking forward to everyone's WIPs! And to piggypack onto the above post, please check out that list of remixers I have yet to hear back from and haven't read my invitation PM, if you know them, poke them and let them know I'm interested in their talents for this project!
  21. I know quite a few years back there was a 'Bound Together' Earthbound remix album project that got released. What would you do differently to differentiate this one from that one? Thematic theming of the soundtrack? (Like all jazz or rock, etc.) Or be it multi-varied like the Bound Together album was? Just throwing out ideas on if you got firm ideas for what you want for the album.
  22. Beginning of December and I'm now working back around the PMs I sent out to see if those who responded are still on the fence with the project or have firmly decided one way or another. However there are quite a few remixers who have yet to even check their PMs and they've logged on several times since I've sent them. So not sure if they just don't check PMs period or don't know they can. Either way, for those who know them personally or just good friends with them, please poke them for me and point them to their PM invitation, they just might be interested! Of the ones I am speaking of, here are some names of those who have been sent PMs but not yet read them: (prepare for long list!) Kuolema ilp0 audio fidelity PriZm Hemophilic Magellanic Archangel jmr Usa nervous_testpilot washudoll The Dual Dragons NitroFlash Sefiros Chris~Amaterasu kevinpenkin Section Nemesis Level 99 Argle Ethan Rex Legion303 Xenon Odyssey Vig Tyler Heath Theory of N Theophany The wingless TGH tefnek StarBLaSt Sole Signal sephfire Pyro Paper Planes PrototypeRaptor Nekofrog mv anosou katethegreat19 KnightoftheRound some1namedjeff Jason Covenant halc DrManhattan Brandon Strader (he liked this thread even, yet didn't read the invite? lolz ) big giant circles Benjamin Briggs Ailsean There are more here that I did not list however if even half of these great artists sign on, that should be more than enough but I think they just need to know before they can decide for themselves. I did all I could by PMing them and I feel awkward outright emailing them to their personal inbox which is why I'm keeping it here at the forums for now. If anyone knows them and can help pimp this album out to them, that would be swell and help this project get that much closer to completion! We already got all but 13 tracks claimed of the 35 and got our first two WIPs in with more expected by New Year's! This project is not dead by any means but we need your help! If you were not on this list, check your PMs! I might have PM'd you! If you still aren't on the list and didn't get a PM, I didn't ignore you, honest! I probably just didn't know about all the awesome work you've done. That's how Zack Parrish signed on, he PM'd me! As for those folks who DID read my PM yet chose not to give me any response either positive or negative (even if its a polite 'no' or 'can't', I'll accept that), I'm coming back around on New Year's and PM'ing you again about this! Squeaky wheel gets the...or however the saying goes...
  23. The first WIP is up on my soundcloud (you'll have received the link in the PM) for you to listen to. I think its a great start to Sailor Town and I'm excited to see where Bluelighter will take it! Who'll be the next WIP submission?
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