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  1. Just got back from a week long Disneyworld trip with family. It was crazy but now I'm back and ready to dive right into this again. Please, if there are any remixers awaiting my feedback on their WIPs that got lost in the cracks in the last few weeks due to vacation, please let me know and I'll give them a listen and get back to you ASAP! Also, @zykO, any luck on recovering your HD so you can send that WIP in? Looking forward to this one.
  2. Well keep me informed and let me know either way. Thanks for getting back with me.
  3. July 1st deadline is coming up for a few of you. @shredd, @Brandon Strader, and @Mak Eightman, looking forward to your first WIP at that time! @wildfire, @RiverSound, @ZackParrish, still waiting on anything from you since June 1st and earlier. Please get back to me on the status of your involvement.
  4. Cool everyone, as long as you maintain contact and keep me in the loop on what's going on. If you're having troubles, voice it. Silence is killer here. Then I have no idea if you've unintentional dropped the project or not and forgot to tell me. lol Thanks @Clem and @~Faseeh~ for the updates!
  5. As much as I'd like to get the core track list filled, there has been precendence that someone can claim a non-core track list and get it to be a part of the main track list (Yoshiblade's choice). However, in this case, you'll have to provide a good, solid, meaty WIP first before I consider you signing onto the team for non-core tracks. Feel free to work on it, but you're not on yet for the reason stated here. I wish you luck.
  6. @Sbeast @Moseph Check your PMs, you have my comments finally. Sorry about the wait. @Jorito You should have your first judges comment in your PM inbox, awaiting on the others. @Tuberz McGee Copy all. I will be eagerly awaiting those fully recorded guitar riffs!
  7. Ah, for some reason, I had it in my head that we'd be waiting on those recordings from collaborators before submitting. What do you want to do?
  8. Since Odai and other said it wasn't uncommon reminding folks publicly, I'll go ahead and do that here. Going down the track list we have: @pu_freak - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @Ganaé - Said you'd be getting back to me on a final version of your song based on judge feedback. @Silent Ice - Got a great WIP from you! Great job! Looking forward to the final product we can send off to the judges for review. @Sbeast - I got your song and I have listened to it, give me a few more days to put together some comments. @fxsnowy - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @wildfire - Still awaiting a WIP from you due June 1st. @Moseph - I've listened to your track dozens of times but its hard for me to put together a few comments, give me the weekend and I'll have something. @YoshiBlade - I like your mix a lot, keep working on those judges comments and polishing it up! @huile_smith - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @~Faseeh~ - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @shredd - Your first WIP is due July 1st. Got plenty of time. @RiverSound - Still waiting on any WIP at all from you. If I hear nothing back by August 1st, I may have to open up your claims. @Garpocalypse - Gave you another week as promised. Still awaiting that awesome WIP! @Brandon Strader - Your first WIP is due July 1st. Got plenty of time. @zykO - I know you're having computer troubles, hopefully they'll be resolved soon for WIP 2! @Jorito - Thanks for the awesome mix, awaiting your polished version so I can send off to the judges! @Clem - Great start with your first WIP, awaiting your second WIP anytime. @Deedubs - Hopefully taking that judge feedback and polishing up your Enrique track for the final turn in! @nOkbient - I know you've been struggling with the latter half of the song, but hopefully you'll take my comments and make an awesome WIP 3! @Tuberz McGee - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @ZackParrish - Still awaiting...anything at all from you. I know life's been tough. If I heard nothing by August 1st, your claim will be opened back up. @Supercoolmike - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @lacifer - Still waiting on another WIP from you due June 1st. @Mak Eightman - Your first WIP is due July 1st. Got plenty of time. @djg-music - Got your WIP 2 ! Give me the weekend to build some comments.
  9. Yes that. I wasn't aware calling remixers out on public threads was proper etiquette, but maybe it is! I have no idea. So I've kept mostly to PM. But maybe I should make more updates on the thread to keep people interested or informed about the project because it IS progressing nicely. Also,looking forward to the Illusion of Gaia one! I'd love to be either director or co-director for that one.
  10. I'm curious what the other 'volumes' will be after Terranigma. Once I'm 100% done with directing Skies of Arcadia remix album, I'd be interested in heading up an Illusion of Gaia volume sometime in 2017/beyond. Also another favorite game of mine. Also, calling out members directly about deadlines on the thread? Wow. Didn't know you could do that or how proper it was in terms of etiquette. Is this an accepted thing?
  11. Moseph and djg-music. I've received your tracks and I've listened to them multiple times. I'm having trouble providing feedback since they are quite subtle in nature and I'm trying to accurately pinpoint the best critiques in improving the tracks. So bear with me and I'll get something back to you by the end of the week.
  12. As I mentioned to Garpocalypse who asked for a week extension, I'm all cool with that, just keep me in the loop so I know what's going on. Its those dearths of no messages and lack of contact that worry me.
  13. Its June 1st and we're getting a lot of GREAT entries! A few of you have contacted me for extensions and those are fine but for those I will not have heard from today, I'll be contacting you directly in the next week. Thanks again for anyone who has submitted WIPs (or finished or near finished pieces!) this week! This album is stronger because of it! Still three unclaimed tracks but the rest is shaping up nicely!
  14. Only a few days more away from the June 1st deadline! Hope everyone has found time to work on the mixes! Looking forward to next week!
  15. Deedubs just claimed his third track! Enrique's theme! I'm just blow away! That leaves just two unclaimed tracks left! 'Jealous' and 'Epilogue!' If all goes well and folks scheduled to submit finished or 'near' finished tracks by June 1st as planned, we may have a 85-90% finished album by close of July! That's pretty impressive in and of itself! Let's make it happen! Everyone on the team, check your PMs in case you haven't yet! You got one waiting for you! EDIT: With the good news comes the bad. We now have THREE unclaimed tracks now. Asterin had to back out due to real life schedules and work. Sad to see him leave the project but he must tend to his affairs and its understandable. So that opens up the hugely epic Delphinus track again. This is a doozy and require an epic touch. Who is willing to tackle it?
  16. We're a month out from the June 1st deadline for Arcadia Legends! Check your PM's every body! I've pretty much pimped you all on the upcoming due date for many of you on your tracks. We've been making great progress so far! Let's knock it out of the park in June! We have a few more unclaimed tracks so for anyone who manages to finish their track up early and still have free time and incentive left, you are more than free to claim any tracks that are left! If you haven't yet started, start thinking now about any developer blog/paragraph of your inspiration and reasoning for designing the track the way you did. This is for the final OCR album website which will feature your thoughts/idea/comments on your track. Either get back to me here with your blurb or my email, darkflamewolf@yahoo.com
  17. For both remixers still working on their tracks and those already finished, I would like a short paragraph or two about your inspiration and behind-the-scenes decision making about how and why you made the track the way it is. Developer/remixer commentary as it were so we can have that checkbox ticked off for the OCRemix album requirements. Feel free to send me via PM, on the Facebook page or through my email. Thank you.
  18. Except for Shredd, Mak Eightman and Brandon Strader who signed on recently, everyone else who has a track in yellow needs their first WIP in ASAP. Otherwise we'll have to start looking, unfortunately, at drop-dead deadlines which have to be met before tracks open back up again for others to try. I hope it won't come to that but album progress must keep pressing forward especially in light of news of my upcoming 6 month deployment in August. So, with that revelation in mind, I'm now looking for a co-director to continue on in my stead later this fall. I'll extend the offer to Modus first but if he doesn't want it, its open to anyone with directorial cred to do it. On another note: Sam Dillard just plopped a finished song out of nowhere onto my lap! I'm still running it through my 'mock' judges panel of Chimpazilla, Emunator and Timeaus2222 because I'd love each track to pass an actual OCR panel on its own merits. I want each track to succeed regardless if its from a veteran or a newcomer. Great rendition of the silver temple Sam! I love it! We're nearing the end of our final WIP01 phase and we still have tracks unclaimed! A few more remixers and we got the whole set claimed! Let's make it happen!
  19. Need to update Skies of Arcadia: Arcadia Legends. The next major WIP turn-in is June 1st, 2016. If everyone turns their WIPs in, (which are expected to be near finished product), after some polish, we may have a near 3-disc album at this point. Still need to get 4-5 more tracks claimed but 90% are claimed and being worked on at this time.
  20. I figured but sometimes you can never tell on the net. Anyway, everyone welcome Shredd to the team! He picked up Kingdom of Nasrad and he has some pretty Metal shredding ideas in mind for it! I can hardly wait!
  21. No idea who the latter person is, but consider it done! Looking forward to it! As for Brandon Strader...yes, I received your PM and no, I'm not sure how to take that. Positive? Negative? I'm almost afraid to ask. Will you usurp me and take over as director if I try one more time?
  22. Well, Aster did offer his guitar services for collab. If you plan on doing any of that, please let me know and I'll update the track listing with your collab choice. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!
  23. Well, last I checked you were working on Yafutoma/Easter Air Pirates alone? Did I miss a collab announcement for the track? If so, please do let me know so I can update the track listing but as far as I knew, you weren't collabing with anyone. Please advise.
  24. You are in! Good thing I changed up the track listing! Expect a PM from me regarding deadlines, the facebook page and other cool things about the project later tonight! I'm so glad I popped in Remote Town now onto the core track list! EDIT: Also give a warm welcome to Mak Eightman who is signed on for Legendary Sinking Continent!
  25. Still waiting on the final WIP01s to come in from the remaining remixers who signed on. Anyone who comes on after this for the remaining 7 tracks, their due dates will be negotiated on an individual basis. However, the firm deadline for the second, more substantial (we're talking nearly finished) WIP02 will be a hard date - June 1st. This goes for everybody who signed on thus far. Depending on life circumstances we can wiggle the date a bit for folks but everyone who is currently signed on needs to submit a completed or near completed track by June 1st. From there, I'll send them to the three volunteer OCR judges who generously offered their time to the project and they'll go over each track to ensure each one would get in on OCRemix on their own merits. I'll relay the feedback back to you, make the necessary changes and I'd be happy calling the track good unless an issue crops up with it during the final album evaluation. Looking forward to the fully realized tracks in a few months! That's not to say you can't finish the track sooner and hand it in for judge eval early! I'll accept that too! For the remaining 7 tracks, we're still looking for remixers to tackle them. We've almost got a fully stocked album, we just need to push a bit further! Great job all around so far everyone! From what I'm hearing, this will be a great treat for both fans and non-fans of the game!
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