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  1. does anyone remember an ocr amv with songs from multiple ocremixes (the only three that i remember are USB MindLink from Kabuki Quantum Fighter and Thou Art a DJ from Dragon Warrior, and a Punch Out song I cant remember, set to DBZ, Street Fighter, and Hahime no Ippo respectively) set to a few different animes, weighing in at like 40~ minutes it was made for some anime con, but i can't remember that either i made a topic about it a year or two ago, but i lost track of it again. any older members that remember it, please help.
  2. is it possible someone could make me a sig using this pic, with "i gotta take a shit" at the bottom p.s. i asked for a sig recently under littlechava, i do appreciate that, much thanks, sorry im switching so fast. edit: forgot img tags
  3. a friend just told me to download this remix, and after listening to it i've decided while it may not be the best its definitely the coolest remix on ocr. its funny as hell.
  4. http://www.videogamecritic.net/images/gen/toejam_and_earl.gif can someone make me a sig about the size of molto bene's (i think thats his name?) changing the names of toejam and earl to littlechava
  5. this is one of my favorite genesis (on nintendo too) games, and i find the music entertaining to say the least, but i think I would be more enthusiastic about a zombies at my neighbors remix than I am now if i hadnt gotten it a few weeks ago thats the best part about #ocremix
  6. first of all i wasnt here for the flood but how is this a part f the flood i mean all the others have numbers around 330 but this one is 600 something........... anyways this is a great song imo. sure it is way to short for my liking but if it was longer it would prolly be one of my favorites on the site........
  7. wow ziwtra! I really like your music! i love this song because of how it starts out slowly and then at about the 1:00 mark it gets really fast paced and i think its a great techno version of this song. keep up the good work
  8. this is a really cool remix. i dont really know how to describe it right now but i give it a 10/10
  9. yeah i really like this remix. i think it goes on my top ten favorite remixes. good job dj crono. for everyone else who hasnt listened to it yet i cant describe it so ill just say you need to download it quickly
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