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  1. Oh no. I forgot about this after all. I was supposed to do something this weekend. Well, I'm out this month.
  2. I should get something done for this. Then again, I think I've heard this phrase before...
  3. Oh, this looks amazing. Physical cartridge release, do want.
  4. Submitted my entry. This time there better be more entries.
  5. Guess I should do something. It was my theme suggestion after all. The theme should be rather flexible too.
  6. Well, submitted a lesser serious entry. Ideas have been so scarce lately.
  7. Even though I'm more of an OCRemix lurker (probably because too lazy to join discussions). I'd be quite interested in a meet up with fellow OCRs. Tho, currently residing in England, so a day visit to stockholm might be maybe bit silly. Swedish language is no problem for me. BORK BORK BORK!
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong. But it seems like this was a release at the latest winter Comiket C79. Chances are that this CD was exclusive for that occasion, atleast for now.
  9. Bought at instant. I was really in need of music for listening at work, and halc's work are perfect for this. And yes, really liking the cover art too. I thank you for this nice piece of ambient chippyness. Keep up the good work!
  10. Huh, I cant remember being the culprit, Roz. Though... must be the goldfish memory. Back in 2004 or something, a classmate of mine suggested that I'd check this site, knowing that I like VG music. Before that I remember using Kazaa (yeah, I know...) for finding random VG music remixes, so I guess discovering this site was a reasonably good idea.
  11. Oi, this needs a bump. I BETTER get something done for this month, I must.
  12. Aww, well even with the minor deadline extension, I have to say that I cant submit anything. I'm all out of ideas. But I will try to be around to give my votes.
  13. It is. You should try it. I'd use it, but I'm too lazy to learn a new program. Hmm, this months theme is nice yeah, but I'm all out of ideas.
  14. Wolt

    Sony PSP

    I'd say it goes in the genre called OH DEAR WHY IS THIS SO AWESOME.
  15. The graphical style and game concept could work pretty well on an Atari Lynx. However, fire button needs a turbo switch. Still, pretty nice.
  16. Considering the damage one might do by opening them up the wrong way, the price of a GameBit doesnt seem so bad... I havent tried the plastic mold method, but it sounds bit weak, especially if you happen to encounter a really tight screw. I actually made a tri-wing that fits the old gameboys, filing one by hand, and I must say that buying a factory made one sounds like a lot better option.
  17. Wolt


    Huh, a chiptune thread and no mention about Kohina? http://www.kohina.com/ There's also other radio stations like, SlayRadio, Scenesat, Nectarine, but they concentrate more on specific platforms or remixes only. For mods, there's http://amp.dascene.net/home.php Though, that site isnt the most userfriendly when it comes to finding tunes and downloading them...
  18. Uh oh, this no good... I'm ALREADY done with my entry, and the deadline isnt even close yet.
  19. Theme of the month: No theme at all! Well, this could be a good for the people who started something last month but didnt make the deadline. It's not a bad idea, but having no restrictions kinda puts me off. However, I will see if I can enter this month.
  20. Megaman maybe? ROCK 02, is what made me guess that. Oh, and I'd rather take a new theme, as I feel most incapable of coming up with good "revamped" idea.
  21. Haha, oh wow, serious? Well, congrats to the winner. Hope we get a good theme next month. I was planning to enter this month, but I thought all my ideas were too boring...
  22. Uh oh, I was supposed to, but i failed. I havent managed to draw anything. I blame the "lack of time" and being unable to choose a track from all the great remixes.
  23. Oh, I see. Btw, I've noticed that most of the batteries are welded onto their "legs", so either you have to get it off with brute force, or solder it off the PCB and find a replacement battery with similar legs. Anyone seen other type of ways that they've been fastened?
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