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  1. Thanks to Doulifee, there's a new advertisement sig (see my sig). Also, don't forget, you only have 11 more days to submit an entry!
  2. G_D


    In the current future (where the present Hiro and Ando teleported to), Peter *didn't* save the cheerleader, and therefore didn't get her power and can't heal.
  3. Just a reminder, the poetry comp is starting in two fun-filled days!
  4. It seems they've a new teaser site...
  5. Engaged here, as of 24 hours ago.
  6. I was talking about the authorities' delay in alerting students/taking action, and not necessarily in response to the previous poster.
  7. This could help explain the two-hour delay.
  8. Wow, that's really terrible. It seems so close to home, even though Virginia Tech is pretty far from Michigan. The fact that it happened at a college, though, makes it very scary. You'll be in my prayers, GA, as well as your friends and fellow classmates.
  9. ^ That's pretty nice. I personally wouldn't buy a car for $50 grand. I'm not big into spending money like that.
  10. I didn't read the whole thread, so this may have already been posted, but as far as I can tell this car would normally be almost 12 grand at a dealer. I have a decent respect for mustangs, with the one exception being the last model, which I don't like at all. Also, what luxury car would you get for $50-60,000? (sincerely curious) AFAIK, there aren't many cars in that price range that will outpace a 'Vette, if you're looking primarily at speed, but if you look at comfort I suppose there are at least a few nice cars you can get in that range. Or you could always get two Mustangs...
  11. FINALLY the results are in! And the winner is (drumroll please)... Barnsalot, with the runner-up being Manic Cinq. Here are your fancy sig badges, made by Doulifée: Sorry for the long delay. Hopefully the next competition will run a little smoother. Speaking of which, I am updating the first post, and want to give you advanced notice that there will be a poetry competition starting May 1. Hopefully that won't conflict with anyone's finals week. So, congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating. I hope to see you all in a couple weeks!
  12. i may come, depending on when and where.
  13. I predict before any new news comes out this thread will die and be reborn, which would probably be a good thing right about now.
  14. Sorry guys. I've been really busy; this was my first week back at school. I will get the results up as soon as possible.
  15. ^ Yeah, as a Christian I still can't figure out why private Christian colleges produce so many young couples. I will be engaged, and married summer '08, provided all goes as planned.
  16. G_D

    I'm in.

    I R T3H K1LLJ0Y
  17. G_D

    Sony PS3

    Namco. They're a pretty good dev, IMO.
  18. G_D

    Sony PS3

    I hate misinformation, even when it's coming from me.
  19. G_D

    Sony PS3

    STOP. BEING. DUMB. Sony HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER develop a 1st party title. SONY IS NOT A DEVELOPER. They are a publisher. The only exclusives they have are at best 2nd party titles (i.e. GT4, God of War, Ico/SotC, etc.) and at worst 3rd party exclusives (i.e. Virtua Fighter, Final Fantasy, etc. which are getting more and more rare). Sadly enough, if we were to get into a "best developer" debate, I'd probably be tempted to go with Namco/Bandai. Nintendo is the best 1st-party developer, since I believe it is also the ONLY 1st-party developer now that Sega is software-only. EDIT: Forgive me, I lied. Apparently SCE developed Ape Escape and LocoRoco. EDIT 2: It seems the only difference between Sony and Nintendo is that Sony incorporates their 2nd-party devs to make them look like 1st-party. Nintendo keeps themselves separate as a developer from their 2nd-party devs. EDIT 3: What the heck. Apparently I don't know anything, and you should ignore this whole post. Somehow Intelligent Design and Retro Studios are 1st-party...
  20. G_D

    Nintendo DS

    So I picked up Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow today at Best Buy for $10. Pretty good deal, I'd say. I haven't started playing yet, though.
  21. They need to put Navi in the game just so everyone can KILL HER. A LOT. It would be a great stress reliever, kinda like fighting 3 Level 1 Jigglypuffs on infinite stock, with their handicap on 1 and yours on 9.
  22. G_D


    Well, I just dusted off my rusty old Pentium 2 (jk) to find out that you can watch TV on the frikkin internet! (yeah pirating on youtube, etc...I get it, I'm slow) Anyway, I started watching Heroes, and I actually think it's pretty good so far. It's tough to say, because I've only seen episodes 1 and 16, but it seems to be one of the better serious series on TV these days. Besides that, Hiro is awesome. So how about you? Watch it? Like it?
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