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  1. Man, it took a long time for Trigun to be mentioned. Though I guess it isn't exactly new. Please, for the sake of your mind, avoid Evangelion. That was the most overrated worthless piece of crap I've ever seen. Another older one you could try if you haven't seen it is Martian Successor Nadesico. I liked it, anyway, at least when I saw it 4 years ago. Edit: Oh, and I second Studio Ghibli. Actually, Hayao Miyazaki's son just finished his first movie: Tales of Earthsea. I haven't seen it, but it looked pretty good.
  2. I am waiting on one person, and I still have to vote. It's been a really busy weekend, so I haven't had a chance yet. Hopefully I'll be able to vote tonight or Wednesday.
  3. You know, if we're going to go back to this list-making of desired characters, we may as well try to do it with some sort of organization. This list is from earlier in the thread. Add to it, instead of creating your own lists. If this list continues to be used, I'll add games for each character later (or someone else can, I don't care). Black Knight Bowser Baby Bowser Captain Falcon Crono DeDeDe Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Ephraim Falco Fox Ganondorf/Aghanim Hector Ice Climbers Ike Jigglypuff Kalas Kirby Link Luigi Lyn Mario Marth Metaknight Mewtwo Mr. Game & Watch Ness Lord Pent Pichu Pikachu Pit Princess Peach Ridley Roy Samus/zero Suit Samus Snake Sonic Young Link Wario WW Link Zelda/Sheik Count: 41 Characters Key: Black are characters from SSBM. Blue are known 1st/2nd party additions. Red are known 3rd party additions. Green are 1st/2nd party suggestions. Orange are 3rd party suggestions.
  4. Right about here. Do you have a problem with it, or are you just asking?
  5. Congratulations on your entries, everyone! The submission stage is now officially over. You will have two weeks from yesterday to read through all the entries (listed concisely on the first page), and cast your vote for winner and runner-up. Please PM your votes to me, and refrain from posting comments on entries until the voting stage is over.
  6. Peace I would've liked another read through, and a more creative title, but it's storming so I have to shut down my PC. Peace Copyright 2007 by Joel Mills Harek’s left hand shook as it held the bronze doorknob, prepared to turn it and face the necessities of the moment. This thick wooden door was the only barrier between him and the harsh realities of the battle raging just outside. In his right hand was a short sword given to him by his father when he was young; it seemed like ages since that day. “Don’t go! We could escape, go further south – go anywhere! Please, you don’t need to do this.” Through the heavy oak door came the muffled sounds of fighting: commanders calling to their troops; the sharp clang of metal on metal as swords met; cries of pain and anger from men of honor who shed blood for those they loved. Harek turned and looked into Reeve’s blue eyes, caught in the sudden stillness that came in the moment of decision. She looked so beautiful to him now, standing there begging for his life. Her brown hair fell gently across her shoulders, and her face seemed framed by its own luminescence. He wished he could stay frozen in time for all eternity, but a sense of duty called more strongly than his desire. Clenching the sword in his right hand a little tighter, Harek answered softly, but with force: “No. We have ignored this too long, hiding out hoping the war would never reach us. It is time to stop running.” Reeve looked at him with despair, knowing he meant what he said. “Go to the cellar and lock the door. Don’t come out for anyone but me.” Warm tears welled up in Reeve’s eyes, soon cascading down the sides of her face. “Come back to me, Harek. I…need you.” She ran to him and threw her arms around him, sobbing into his maille-covered chest. “I will return,” he assured her, returning the embrace, “and when I do, I will bring peace.” He gently lifted her face in his hands, forcing her to look into his eyes. “This war has taken our home, our families, and our freedom. But it can never take our love. I will return. Now, go!” As Reeve ran to the cellar and bolted the door, Harek clenched his teeth and braced himself for what lay outside the protective door. As he turned the knob and thrust himself into the broiling battle, he vowed to himself that, somehow, he would return to his wife, and when he did, there would be peace. - - - For ten months the war raged on throughout the countryside. Villages were laid waste by fire and sword; the oppressed cried out in agony as those who fought for them raised glorious battle calls. The rivers ran red with the blood of innocents and killers alike, and the skies were filled with a strange mix of anger and grief. Finally, one bright spring morning, the air was still and quiet. The fronds of the willow by Greilor Pond wisped gently in the breeze as three young children hunted for frogs by the water’s edge. Reeve stood with an infant in her arms, and quietly addressed the air: “My Harek has returned, and as he promised, there is peace.” She laid a flower on the small mound by her feet, and held the infant closer. He wiggled a little in her arms, looking up at her wide-eyed and curious. She spoke again, softer, and this time to her son. “You have your father’s eyes, Harek, and his smile. When you are older there will be many adventurous stories to tell.” She allowed her lips to curl up slightly, winking away her tears as she sang a sweet lullaby: Life will take you where it will Hard times will come your way When you find yourself astray I will be here still Look at me, my precious son And know a mother’s love Though the rain-clouds drift above We will carry on
  7. I will be submitting my short story tonight. I haven't read any of the entries yet, but I'm happy to see so many! I'm also going to update the first four posts now.
  8. Wow, nothing like the last minute to inspire. Good job guys! Now I have to get mine done =/
  9. tsk tsk, that's why we double-check our work before entering
  10. During my second semester at college, I played SSBM almost constantly with my newfound friends. This had dire consequences on my ability to concentrate in class, as my mind was filled with visions of SSBM characters doing sweet moves. And yes, I mean visions, and quite literally.
  11. If I don't get at least two more submissions besides my own by Wednesday, I am adding a week. Unfortunately, it seems there isn't much interest this time around, so that probably won't help much. Also, bump.
  12. 5 DAYS TO SUBMIT! I may have to extend the contest so I can finish my story . Though I have this whole weekend with pretty much nothing to do, so hopefully I can pull it out. How is everyone else coming? I haven't received any submissions so far. Also, remember that I'm clearing out the three submission posts at the beginning of this thread, so if you haven't already, save your work!
  13. G_D

    Nintendo Wii

    Ok, I know this is really off-topic and doesn't *exactly* fit here, but I don't want to make a new thread for it: When did this happen (besides the obvious March 2004 as stated in the link), and why didn't I ever know about it? Just when I thought I knew every game for the 'Cube that I wanted play but hadn't yet. More on-topic, I've heard that testing games is actually a pretty rough job. Pretty much anything that you are *forced* to do, even if you enjoy it, becomes hard work after a while.
  14. G_D

    Nintendo Wii

    Here's the full interview: It seems to me like this is a case of vague wording and an over-attentive media. Let's take a look at some of this stuff: Wii has a centralized friends' list. Wouldn't it make sense if, in effect, the PR person was simply saying that *each game* had to decide whether or not to utilize the features? 'Title-specific' could mean nothing more than "We are giving the power of decision to game developers." Again, nothing decisive. There is no confirmation or denial that a friend roster could update the central friend list, simply that there is no direct sharing between games. And another use of the ambiguous 'game specific' phrase.Also remember, this interview makes no mention of friend codes, simply friend lists/rosters. Besides that, this was an unnamed PR person, which is not exactly a seal of authenticity these days.
  15. G_D

    Nintendo Wii

    I'm not gonna believe it until Nintendo confirms. One thing that has me is that the interviewer calls it a 'friends roster' and the interviewee calls it a 'friends list'. Neither of them explicitly mention friend codes. If it was true, it would be stupid. Like put-your-finger-in-your-butt-then-stick-it-up-your-nose stupid. This idea doesn't even fit in with Nintendo's whole reason for doing friend codes; if someone isn't going to rape you in one game, they're also not going to rape you in another game. NINTENDO DON'T BE STUPID!
  16. 7 DAYS TO SUBMIT! Would another week help out some of you late-comers and busy-bodies?
  17. That is a good question. I call bull.
  18. The top five are surprising: yahoo.com - $2,147,483,647 amazon.com - $1,856,624,000 msn.com - $1,819,550,000 google.com - $1,687,460,000 wikipedia.org - $1,495,936,000 It isn't surprising that any of them are in the top five, but I would've expected the order to be slightly different (aka Google on top).
  19. If I remember correctly, the reason this is not already implemented is because of bandwidth issues. I doubt this is going to change anytime soon.
  20. As long as they keep passing good stuff, I don't mind. Yeah, music elitism is annoying, as is writing elitism, artistic elitism, elitism based on grades, and pretty much every other type of elitism, but in the end it's just something we have to live with sometimes, and work on changing it when we can.
  21. *Note to self: March is a good month for a poetry competition...not short story.
  22. I tried my hand for the first time at making an advertisement sig: It isn't very good. You're welcome to comment if you'd like, but only after you enter a short story.
  23. So where's my peeps that wanted a competition once a month? Seriously, not even PMs could get you guys out of your holes. This shameless bump brought to you by: Another frustrated Competitions forum user
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