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  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee - YES! A one-of-a-kind fighting game (sure there are a couple others that are similar, but they aren't nearly as good) that is easy to pick up and contains nostalgic characters from Nintendo's past, this game is certainly worth being on anyone's shelf. Also, I hardly know of anyone who dislikes it.
  2. Speaking of which, I forgot to publicly thank Doulifée for his awesome sigs. So, thanks Doulifée! Sorry about the forgetfulness.
  3. I have to add another NO vote for Mario Kart DS. It definitely had a lot of potential, but that was pretty much ruined by snaking, as others have said. I stopped playing after a month or so, and have had no desire to pick it back up. Also, I just started MP2. Hopefully all you who voted 'no' are just dirty liars.
  4. SIG BADGES As for the topic at hand, I like the idea of only letting those who have submitted an entry in the past vote. It's almost like having a membership. Besides, I doubt many people who haven't been involved in a competition would even bother to drop by this thread. Is everyone alright with trying this next round?
  5. Jet Grind Radio - This game is fun, unique, and engaging. I have to give it a second YES; if you have a Dreamcast, this had better be in your collection.
  6. RESULTS ARE IN! Congratulations to all entrants. This time around there was a tie for first, so both of you will be getting a shiny new badge (which are unfortunately not done yet). So, without further adieu, the winners are: Runner-Up: Kholdstare 1st Place: Imagery and Old Man Time Votes were cast as follows: Barnsalot: 1 G_D: 1 Imagery: 5 KholdStare: 4 Leon K: 2 Old Man Time: 5 I will be putting up the sig badges as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all entrants. - - - - - - - - - - On another note, I want to talk about the future of the Writing Comp. Thread. In particular, I would like to discuss the possibility of allowing non-entrants to vote. This would allow us a significantly broader vote spread, and would probably still be limited mostly to other writers (since I doubt anyone else would visit this thread). If you think we should do this, should we also give the entrants' votes more weight? Please, post your thoughts. Also, I want to give you the heads-up that July's competition will be Freeform, and will be accepting pretty much anything with words as submissions.
  7. Wow, looks like I'm behind on my game. All votes are in except for mine. I will be afk for a few days, but will post the results on Tuesday.
  8. G_D

    Starcraft 2

    Two of my friends had an argument today about whether or not Dark Templar were modeled after the Predator.
  9. I've only received 2 votes so far, so that means the other 3 of you need to vote, as do I. Posting the vote spread is no problem, so I'll definitely start doing that. I always intend to post a review of the submissions as well, but the last couple times I didn't actually get around to it.
  10. Star Fox Adventures: NO! It was a mildly entertaining game, to be sure, but it was way too easy, way too cheesy, and had those stupid "tap-A-as-fast-as-you-can" games. This game is in no way a 'must-have'.
  11. ^ Basically that's what I was getting at in my post a page back. Sakurai even STATES that it is an arrangement of the Melee menu theme, and there is no mention of it being in SSBB. Don't go making too many assumptions about this song; I suspect it's just teaser material.
  12. Let's vote on having votes in the thread. Honestly, the reason I switched to PM wasn't because people got offended by openly-posted votes; I did it so that people who hadn't voted yet wouldn't be influenced by the others' votes. (In turn, I don't open my vote PMs until I've already voted) However, if you collectively decide that this isn't a legitimate problem, we can switch back. So, yay or nay?
  13. Katamari Damacy - This game has drugs, rainbows, and rolling, sticky balls. Besides that, gameplay is totally unique, and the story is hilarious. Final vote: YES. Tales of Symphonia - To date this has been my favorite RPG. It has a great storyline, and fun gameplay (I'm not a fan of the menu-based style of RPG). However, the overall cheeziness of everything (voice acting and dialog in particular), as well as the incredible amount of text, make this probably not a game that *everyone* should pick up. I loved it, but sadly, I'm voting NO. Ikaruga - The best twitch shooter on a console to date, with an interesting concept to boot. Ikaruga is an awesome game, and while short, should be on every Dreamcast owner's shelf (and those 'Cube owners, too). In short, YES.
  14. For those of you wondering if "Menu 1" is a final arrangement for Brawl, READ! I'm surprised you didn't recognize it, anyway. That's very sad. And you consider yourselves Smash players...
  15. We have now entered the voting stage. I have added all of the submissions to the first page, and will be removing the short stories tomorrow. Hopefully everyone saved their work. Thanks for your entries, everyone, and good luck!
  16. It's 12:05am in Japan. I'm assuming we're supposed to wait *another* day.
  17. Don't forget, the other way they could handle Fox/Falco is to make them alternate "costumes". 7 minutes left...
  18. Metroid Prime Hunters: YES This game is far from perfect: the story is unsatisfying and short, the control has a steeper-than-normal learning curve, and the online was often hacked. That being said, this is hands-down the *best* example of a handheld multiplayer FPS to date, and when you aren't too busy getting hacked online, it is overall a very enjoyable experience. Besides that, it looks gorgeous too. My only hope is that other developers tweak the formula to remove some of the flaws, but my vote still remains a resounding 'YES'.
  19. Remember, you must submit by 11:59 Monday! Here's mine: It's dumb, but oh well. I wrote it during class, and was too busy to come up with anything better.
  20. Is there a reason Metroid Prime: Hunters hasn't been nominated? IMO it is a 'shining example' of how a multiplayer FPS should be on the DS.
  21. G_D

    Spider-Man 3

    Oh, I'm not worried about funding bad movies. It just makes me feel funny, in an 'I-don't-really-care-but-it's-still-disappointing' sort of way.
  22. G_D

    Spider-Man 3

    Spiderman 3 was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If my fiancee hadn't actually liked it, it would've been the most fun I've had in a theater in ages. In fact, I'm hoping that I can go with some of my other friends who are equally entertained by bad movies, just so I can laugh through it. In other news, I recently realized that by going to see movies like Spiderman 3, Harry Potter 5, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 in theaters, I am contributing to the creation of horrible movies by Hollywood. Not that HP 5 and PotC 3 are definitely bad movies, but I'm guessing they will be. Regardless, they're all overplayed sequels. I am a bad citizen for aiding in the perpetuation of such mental torture ;_; Also, misunderstanding FTL.
  23. LAME. I was expecting a full-sized LEGO Batmobile replica, complete with working engine. Click me for some sweet LEGO Mindstorms inventions, though.
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