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  1. Not really. All the people on this planet are controlled by less than a million authorities, I would guess. Really, it would be as simple as convincing every national government, which would just be a few thousand authority figures.
  2. Soren? FREAKING YES! A mage would be sweet. I still would like to see Ephraim from FE: Sacred Stones, or Hector from the first one. If we're going for people with weapons, let's diversify a little, 'k? EDIT: Where the heck was I *just* reading a list of characters??? I'm so lost... EDIT 2: Ah, somehow I wound up way back on page 44. Does anyone else have this problem where if you click on "Last Page" to get into a thread, it takes you to the middle page, while showing that you are on the last page, and then shows that there are more pages than there really are? (to clarify, when I came into this thread today it showed the content from page 44, it showed that I was presently on page 88, and it showed that the last page was numbered over a hundred)
  3. Ok, so it probably isn't. However, they have completely blocked off their website. When I go there, it asks for a username and password. Thoughts?
  4. G_D

    Nintendo Wii

    Anyone know what time Miyamoto's speech is at? I can't find it anywhere.
  5. Trapical, hear that sound? They're coming for you buddy! jk, that's awesome. My class didn't have a senior prank. We did have something somewhat similar though. Every homecoming, we held competitions etc. between classes and got points. The class with the most points at the end of homecoming week was given the 'Pep Jug', which was basically just a jug with everyone's name on it in our school colors. Well, our class pretty much sucked at all of the pep stuff, so we chose the lazy way to get the jug - steal it. I wasn't involved in any of this but it makes for a couple good stories. For our Fall homecoming, it was really easy. Someone just ran up and grabbed the jug away from the class it was being given to, then took off with it. Unfortunately, he slipped on the ice outside and shattered the jug, only to find out later that there had been a mistake and we actually had earned it. For Spring homecoming, the class was desperate. I mean, we needed to get the jug. So one of the preps in our school, along with his friends, devised a plan to get it. The jug was being kept on a glass-enclosed shelf outside the main office of the school. Well, that was all well and good for them, except that the two glass doors didn't fit together quite right, so it was possible (not easy) to just slide them past the lock. When this was found out, it opened the door for a pretty good plan. Our school has one main hallway that runs along the front of the building, with an entrance on both ends and one in the middle. The office is by the middle entrance, where the jug was. We also have a pretty conspicuous guard room with monitors set up for the cameras. I can't remember now if the cameras were down on accident, or if somebody broke in and sabotaged them, but either way it was known that the cameras weren't watching one day. So, during afternoon classes, one of the guys involved went into the main office to distract the people in there. The thief walked in through one end of the main hall, wearing a white sweatshirt, white hat, and sunglasses. He broke into the case, took the jug, and ran to the entrance at the other end of the hall, where there was a white van waiting. Pretty simple, huh? Unfortunately, there was one camera that wasn't off that day; the camera watching the exit that the thief used was still working. It was able to capture the thief running out of the building and getting into the white van as it drove away. Despite having this evidence, the authorities were never able to figure out who had done the deed. It was a pretty dramatic investigation - not quite as crazy as Trapical's - but to my knowledge they never figured out who the culprits were. All in all it was a pretty flawless plan, and worked out even though the camera was on.
  6. G_D

    Sony PS3

    ^ "Those creatures are cute - horrifyingly cute!" ~ Space Butler It's definitely a fun-looking game. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned PlayStation Home yet. I will copy my own Joystiq post so as not to need to retype:
  7. G_D

    Sony PS3

    Eh, I've played Motorstorm, and I honestly didn't like it as much as Excite Truck. That really all comes down to opinion, though. I mean, the lack of rumble on Motorstorm really killed it for me (I'm being serious, unfortunately), but other than that it seemed like a pretty good game. Looked pretty (as it should). Shouldn't this thread be locked by now, though?
  8. Bummer. Well, if you have no other use for that poem, this thread could probably use some content. We'd love to have you enter a short story here, too!
  9. I'm going to extend this by a week initially, and maybe more time depending on if we get more interest.
  10. I'll help advertise! I'd enter something, but I pretty much have negative art skills.
  11. would it help if I extended the submission stage? I could add up to two weeks, since the competition has a month of wiggle room.
  12. That's true. My school year runs a lot differently, so I don't think about what time period it is for others. Though, spring break should hit in the middle of submissions, so maybe that'll give people a chance.
  13. I'm by no means a music expert, but it seems a valid thought. However, I don't think it really is possible to make any blanket statement about OCR music.
  14. Well, hopefully at least somebody enters...everything related to this thread seems to have died. By the way, we are now taking submissions!
  15. It's a shame the sound quality is so bad. Otherwise, awesome.
  16. G_D

    Nintendo DS

    ^ What EA *just* announced was that SimCity DS is coming to The Rest Of The World. Previously it was only known that it would be out in Japan.
  17. G_D

    Nintendo Wii

    The first time I saw news about that, I thought for a split-second that it was talking about a successor to Space Station Silicon Valley. Sadly, I was wrong
  18. The March Short Story Competition will be starting Thursday morning. I added the start and end times of everything to the first page. This competition will be only short story entries, as I have decided to do competitions more often and focused on a single writing style. There will be six competitions each year now, starting on the first day of every other month. Hopefully this suits everyone well. If someone would be so kind as to make new advertisement sigs for this competition, I'd appreciate it. Some generic competition sigs would be nice, too, so we don't have to make new ones for every competition. If you have comments on the new competition style, please feel free to make them here. Happy writing! EDIT: I WILL BE CLEARING THE SUBMISSION POSTS AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS THREAD! Please save any unlinked work (linked work has been stored in The Writer's Thread) EDIT 2: I modified the first post to reflect the changes that have been made in the rules and format of this competition. It shouldn't really be a noticeable change, though, other than only having one submission per contest instead of three.
  19. Nothing here. They had a tag out for Castlevania DoS, but no game .
  20. I enjoyed the show. But I am a certified geek, so that's to be expected.
  21. Just some advanced notice, we'll be starting a Short Story competition at 12:01am March 1. I'll be putting up details and making a stink about it this weekend, probably.
  22. And, continued: The Trilogy Release The Ur-Quan Masters - News the-underdogs.org Vacant Ark(Windows95/98/Me/ゲーム) VLC media player - Overview War§ow - A Fast Paced First Person Shooter Game Welcome to Albatross18 Welcome to Cloud Werkema.com: Software: SpaceMonger WhosYourDaddy ~ Gaming Resource Center Windows Downloads Wing Commander CIC Wing Commander CIC Files WinSite: TRIUMPH! WAR 2099 xu4 - Ultima IV Zauron's Lair ダークヘルカンパニー ダウンロード -EndEffector- Thangorodrim - The Angband Page ToME: Troubles of Middle Earth Eternal Daughter PC Guitar Hero Clone GogglesBeta09 GalaxyMage Rubicon X Idinaloq Plasma Pong Hero Online Client Freeciv - Freeciv C-evo, Empire Building Game Owen Piette's wxSand Welcome to Flow in Games Scorched3D The official Soldat home page And some inclusive lists: XP Games 101 Free Games: The Best Free Games on the Web from 1UP.com 102 Free Games from 1UP.com Free Lunch Design - Free Downloadable Games For Your PC Exefind Concise Freeware - Best Freeware, Firefox Extensions, Online Services & Special Sites Top Drawer Downloads - MediaBlab.com - Software Downloads My Blitz Creations UtilityGeek SynergyMX Download Free Software List Dismount™ Games Freeloader: Free Games on the Web from 1UP.com reloaded Shoot the core! FOGDB Download Free Software List Freeware List Essential Free Software Acid-Play Download Freeware List Gratis gaming Freeware Home Vector GAMES If anybody can actually sift through all that, I'll be amazed. It should be enough to keep you busy, anyway.
  23. Here ya go. Have fun. DISCLAIMER: I haven't validated that all of these links work, or that the games included are any good, or that the websites are safe (aka no spyware/malware), or that all of the links are games. In fact, I make no claims whatsoever about anything included in this post. Abuse SDL Akalabetho1 Abuse Akuji akuji english translation Blip and Blop Kenta Cho's ABA games Beneath a Steel Sky mono Afterburner 3D Albatross 18 Armagetron Abandonia Reloaded axionquake atomicelbow Ancient Domains of Mystery Angband (and variants) seiklus Beatball blazing trails Battle for Wesnoth agdinteractive 5 Days a Stranger 7 Days a Skeptic Ben Jordan 1-5 BogoZone - Lyle in Cube Sector Bytonic Software Castlevania: the Legacy =-Cave Story-= Cerulean Studios: Creators of Trillian and Trillian Pro Instant Messengers CHO_REN_SHA 68K Classic Doom for Doom 3 - Home Crimsonland official website Cube SourceForge Web Page DARK NEW WORLD DeliPlayer Homepage Die Slave - MegaGames freegames Doom Depot - Doom 64 TC - Download Download Beneath a Steel Sky @ Abandonia Reloaded Download White Chamber, The @ Abandonia Reloaded Dragon Wars Embodiement of Scarlet Devil - MegaGames freegames Every Extend - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com F-1 Spirit Remake Furcadia - Let your imagination soar! GameHippo.com : ACTION Games by Ville Mönkkönen GameStone - Gradius Home World - Downloads GearHead - Mechanical Fantasy Construction Kit GeneRally Ghosts 'n' Goblins GunZ The Duel: International Edition HeroQuest Hex-a-hop Home of the Underdogs - Entry: Humans 1, The Home of the Underdogs - Entry: Schiffbruch HT's Web Page http://agtp.romhack.net/doukutsu.html http://www.ysflight.com/ http://zara.verge-rpg.com/games.htm Imphenzia Games Infamous Adventures IRPinball JESPER KYD PRODUCTIONS Junkman Games konjak.org Latest ZDoom News Laxius Power Games Lemma Soft Little Fighter 2 Official Website LOADED Studio Main Page - www.digipen.edu Mark Sachs's Game Programming Portfolio Mechanical Valkyrja G-cube N : Puzzle-Platformer with Physics and Style Namikaze Project - Idinaloq Narbacular Drop NAVYFIELD Community Site News - EDuke32 News - Gaim News - Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold NONSTER(Windows95/98/Me/ゲーム) NZ Lab Orbiter - A free space flight simulator PC shooters database Pekaro Software Penumbra - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com Project: Starfighter Random Thoughts ~ Home Red Alert: Archive - The best place for all your Red Alert needs. RogueSynapse rRootage Rumble Box Scorched 3D - A 3D Remake Of Scorched Earth Scramble - downloads srb2.org Straβe Neun [ GUN ARMS ] Studio Trophis - News SubSpaceDownloads.com - Free Online Multiplayer Action Game Super Mario War Super Mario XP - MegaGames freegames Sysinternals Freeware - Process Explorer T R E M U L O U S T4 Funeral Homepage The Daily Click The Elder Scrolls The GLtron Homepage The Sect of Homokaasu - The Rasterbator The Spirit Engine - Official Site
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