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  1. I could probably learn any brass instrument in a matter of months, but I don't have anything except what I stated before. Also, I sing baritone/low tenor. Not sure if that's useful.
  2. ROCK OPERA!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but this is the closest thing there is to my favorite genre of music. I can *maybe* help out some with the project by offering my voice and my euphonium (provided it's not rusting in the closet). However, I don't have anywhere to record, so if someone could help me set that up (and hopefully if it involves computer equipment it is around $50 or less, because I'm poor), I would be happy to get involved. My Skype is "joeldmills", but I don't have a headset so I can't make calls. EDIT: By the way, I can play acoustic guitar, too, but mostly rhythm, and I doubt we'll be needing any more guitar players. Actually, if that is useful, it would be preferred, because I can record guitar to PC much easier than vocals or euphonium.
  3. Awesome stuff guys! I'm not a huge trance fan, but it's hard to deny that this song rocks. Congrats.
  4. Come to think of it, I can probably mirror too, depending on the amount of traffic. Someone would have to help me set it up, since I've never done it before.
  5. I can seed, but I'll probably have to cap it at about 40k. I don't know if that's fast enough to be worth it.
  6. Sounds good to me. Here are the sig badges from Doulifee: EDIT: I just realized I screwed up the vote tallying a bit. I didn't put in the new scoring system, and gave Imagery's vote the same weight as everyone else's, even though he didn't submit anything. It doesn't change the results, but if you want me to re-tally I will. Otherwise I'll leave it.
  7. I joined in the phpBB days, before the mass exile of the UnModders. I like the design the way it is, but it's too quiet around here now.
  8. RESULTS ARE IN! Runner-Up: Barnsalot 1st Place: Antonio Pizza Votes were cast as follows: AP: 8 Barnsalot: 3 Leon K: 1 Kholdstare: 1 G_D: 0 Apparently you guys like the minimum wage . I will be putting up the sig badges as soon as I get them from Doulifee. Once again, congratulations to all entrants. - - - - - - - - - - Nobody outside the competition got involved with the voting this time around, but I will try to make the next competition a little more public. I apologize for how sloppily everything was run; I have been extremely busy the last few weeks, and especially last week. Our next competition will be either poetry or short story, but I thought I'd ask what you all want. Since it will be around the time school is starting, I was leaning towards poetry again, even though we've done it recently. Thoughts?
  9. Eh, I extended to the 12th, but I just realized that all the votes are in. I'll try to have the results out asap.
  10. Durr, votes? I've only received one so far...
  11. Heheh. I like that. Anyway, I agree with others about varying up the weapons. I was really hoping for Hector, Ephraim, or Soren/Pent. One of the beasts from Path of Radiance would be cool, too. I've never played it, though, so I don't know their names.
  12. That's what we do at the Writing Competition Thread, and it seems to work out. Granted, the number of submissions has still been trailing off since I joined, but that started happening before the move to a new forum. Actually, the interest seems to have picked up in the last couple of rounds, even though several people missed the submission deadline.
  13. Ok, so neither of you finished? Bummer. Well, anyway, submission is over now, and we will be tallying votes soon. I will put all entries up on the first post in about a minute. EDIT: Done, the entries are in the fourth post. Remember, you only until August 5 to vote. NOTICE: I have changed the voting procedure so that anyone who has submitted to a competition in the past may vote. Votes by people with entries now will be worth 3 and 2 for Winner and Runner-up, respectively, and votes by past submitters will be worth 2 and 1. Also, if you feel so inclined, you may attach some criticisms or advice to your votes in the PM, and I will post those when I post the vote spread. Happy Voting!
  14. Well bugger. I was hoping at least one other person would benefit from the time extension. Oh well. Here is my submission. I want to apologize in advance for subjecting you to my political mumblings, and warn you that this is more of a news article than an entertainment piece. However, hopefully it is at least somewhat informative. EDIT: Whoops, didn't see you there, PP. Technically, submission ends in 10 minutes, but if you get it in by morning I think I can let it slide.
  15. Well we're only taking submissions for TWO MORE DAYS! So, if you missed out the first time, HURRY IT UP!
  16. Yay, Eternal Legends. I actually started reading chapter 8, but I'm kind of in the middle of LotR for the first time, and it kinda trumps EL. Sorry. So, yes, I am pushing back the deadline a week. I don't know yet what day submission will actually end, but you can check the first post, which I'll be updating in about thirty seconds.
  17. Do you guys want to extend the submission deadline a week, since at least three of us simply missed it? We don't have to, just wondering. Depending on the responses I get by tomorrow, I will either extend or leave it, so don't vote yet, just tell me what you want to do.
  18. Wow. Am I a horrible person for not entering my own competition? Anyway, I'll get everything fixed up for voting tomorrow afternoon. Right now I'm off to bed; it's been quite the busy week.
  19. G_D

    Sony PS3

    Sarcasm, anyone?
  20. G_D

    Sony PS3

    Heh, I remember when Oblivion was coming out for the PS3. There was an article about how the developer had worked hard using various creative methods to get it to load as fast as on the Xbox 360, and many people credited that to Sony, saying "See, everything is fine." Oh, the lulz. Oh, and by the way, come March we're going to see a fancy paradigm shift in the current console race.
  21. By the way, you should submit that awesome improv essay here.
  22. Great essay. I have to say, I'm still taken aback when I hear anything about my neck of the woods on the Internet (Crossroads Mall? I've been there!) Anyway, you'll be in my prayers, and God bless!
  23. Well, obviously my handle is somewhat common. Typically it comes up with references to how some Jewish people refuse to write "God", and instead write "G_d" or "G-d". Oh, but after checking just now I come up on the first page as a Kotaku commenter. That's new. Anyway, all of you snobs can pretend that Google doesn't find you (I'm looking at you, analoq), but my other handle - Faro Castiglo - really isn't found by Google. I don't use it on any forums, but at least I know that nobody else is using it. I came up with that handle quite randomly, and it serves me well every time I use it, having never been previously taken.
  24. Hey guys. Sorry for the silence, but I've been on vacation for the last two weeks. Just so you know, this competition is officially started, focusing on the Freeform category. By definition, I can't really stop you from submitting poetry or short stories, but I encourage you to think outside the box and be creative. And no, Jam Stunna, only one entry will be allowed, as usual. Nice to have you back, btw.
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